Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors Cheats

Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Almost Always Hit
Against Game enemies, this trick will always work. At the beginning of a battle, before it starts (after the characters land) hold R, B, and A and your special should activate before the opponent can move or guard, though somethines, some characters do dodge by changing charatcers, but that is a rare event. This trick should also suprise some human opponents as well.
Cell's A & B move
If you want to see something sick once in a while in Dragonball Z Super sonic warriors choose Cell and anyone else with him in Training mode. Then choose Andriod 18 for an enemy then start the battle. Go near 18 with Cell and then press A & B. He will do something really sick to her. (Note:this works wid everyone)
Hints to win!
At the beggining of the fight dash towards the opponent (double tap D pad) and do a weak attack. Your weak dash attack is rarely blocked by computer controlled opponents, especially at the start of a fight. This works best with Trunks.

Gotenks's Strong Punch (the windup punch when beside and slightly above the opponent) does a lot of damage, especially if you're LV3 and they're LV1.

If you do Goku's Kaioken (go 100% and press L + R) then do a Spirit Bomb, you're likely to KO a LV1 opponent.
Ultimate moves
Goku level 1:Spirit Bomb in air 100%ki.
Goku level 2:kamehameha 50-100%ki
Goku level 3:Warp Kamehameha in air with 100%ki

Vegita level 1:Ki bomb at 100%ki
Vegita level 2:Final Flash at 100%ki
Vegita level 3:Ki wave at 100%ki

Frieza leval 1,2,3eath Ball in air with 100%ki

Ginyu level 1,2,3:Change ki on ground with 100%ki

Picollo leval 1,2,3:Special Beam Cannon at 100%ki

Majin Buu leval 1,2: Blow blast in air 51-100%ki
Majin Buu leval 3:Human extintion in air with 100%ki

Unlimited Kai Blasts
Remember that Android 18 has UNLIMITED Kai Blasts. Just Press R and B and Fire away!
Unlock Museum
If you want to "win" the museum you must earn 4000 dbz points. The dbz museum is cool!