Drakengard FAQ v1.0
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Drakengard FAQ

by Furny   Updated to v1.0 on
Drakengard FAQ
Version 1.0


Table of contents

	1.Version Updates
	2.A word from the author
	3.The Characters
	4.The Controls
	5.The Battle System
	6.The FAQ
	8.Battle Strategies and Tips



Version 1.0 March 11, 2004
Started writing the structure of this FAQ. Added some secrets
And the basics and some tips. A later version will include the FAQ.


2. A word from the author

Hey there Square-Enix fans, the names Peter. I am an RPG hardcore 
Gamer whose been looking out for a while for decent RPGs as I
Finished all recent Fantasies (FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX,) though
I haven't finished Unlimited Saga and Final Fantasy X-2 I
Went on looking and found a new Square-Enix masterpiece
Called Drakengard. Remember that this is my first time 
Writing a FAQ so lets just continue on with the FAQ. Tanks
For reading this text.



Any Sqauresoft, Square-Enix game must be accompanied with 
Characters that will be remembered for generations (I am not
Mentioning Kingdom Hearts here) so here are the characters
You will be seeing throughout the game. Remember that this is yet
To be completed.

A.	Caim
Ummm did I see Squal or did I see Caim? In my opinion, Caim
Really look like Squall in many ways. One way is that he is
Main character you'll be controlling through most of the game.

B.	The Dragon
Dragons do exist. This little fella here can shoot fireballs
And can cause Armageddon. Caim finds him at the castle wounded
And near death. That is when they both form a pact.

C.	Furiae
The sister of Caim and also the goddess that guards the seal. 
A Dragon killed her parents in the past. I still can't
Find more information about her.

D.	Inuart
A guy who accompanies Furiae and protects her but he knows deep
Inside that he can't. He also plays the Harp that somehow makes
Furiae happy or in other words lets her forget the burden she
Has. Remember when I said that Caim resembled Squall so Seifer
Must be around somewhere... you guessed it, Inuart turns against
Furiae in Chapter 4 and kidnaps her.... I am not going to spoil
The story.

E.	Veldentel

Also made a pact with a dragon and is also the guardian of the
Four seals of the world. He is captured but is saved by Caim
And joins Furiae.

To be continued...


4. The Controls

Drakengard also looks and feels like a replica of Dynasty Warriors
Game but with the same old touches of Squaresoft, errr Square-Enix.

	Default In game controls


Directional pad - Not used
X - Jump
o - not used
square - attack
triangle - weapon magic
L1 - Dash left
R1 - Dash Right
L2 - Guard
R2 - change stocked weapons
L3 - Display enemy HP
R3 - Display the Map
START - pause
SELECT - Summon the Dragon / Disembark the Dragon
L3 - move around
R3 - Change camera angle

X - speed up
O - not used
square - Fireball attack
Triangle - Armageddon Attack
L1 - dash left
R1 - dash right
L1 + R1 - 180 degree turn
SELECT - Disembark Caim
START - pause
L3 - move around
R3 - change camera angle
L2 - not used
R2 - not used


X - speed up
O - not used
square - Fireball attack / Multi-Fireball attack
Triangle - Laser Beams Attack
L1 - dash left
R1 - dash right
L3 - move around
R3 - change camera angle
R2 - Lock on enemy
L2 - not used

	World Map controls

X - confirm
O - cancel 
triangle - return to mode selection
Directional pad - move around the map

	Menu controls

X - confirm
O - cancel
Directional pad - toggle between options

Thats it for the controls but don't get confused because of the
R3 and L3 because when you press R3 when your playing a stage,
the Map menu will appear otherwise if you MOVE the R3 then you
will change the camera angle.That also implies for the L3 button.


5. The Battle System

Once again Square comes up the a new game in the genre ACTION/RPG
this game looks like KH but has the same old idea of DW 4 but 
tweaked with new ideas and enviroments.

So here we go, the battle system is in Real-Time which I think
all of you are asking... Is there a battle screen? or is it on the
field? well the answer is no and yes, the game is like Dynasty 
Warriors and Kingdom Hearts. how? I will show you the how...

In the game, once you defeat an enemy by reducing his HP to zero
you will see something like 12 EXP or 18 EXP, note that this is 
not DIRECTLY added to Caim.The Experience Points you gain from
fighting an enemy is rewarded only after the mission and thats
when Caim can level up depending on how many EXP you gained
so far. The EXP is basically is gained from fighting but you 
can get EXP rewards depending on how many enemies you killed
and how much of your HP was left after the mission ended.
combining all of this you get your experience.

The Dragon Status is something else, yes the dragon has 
levels but you can't level him. you can only RAISE his
ATTACK POWER. It doesn't depend on EXP anymore because
when you kill an enemy using the dragon in both 
ARIEAL AND GROUND missions you don't recieve EXP instead
the game will get how many kills you have got and gets
EXP depending on the amount of kills after each mission.

So far I have advanced through the game and at chapter 4
a menu popped out after I finished one story mission 
saying that the Dragon has become level 2. I haven't 
done anything so I suppose its in the game. So want to 
level up your Dragon? then advance through the game
and you'll see your Dragon growing up.

Also the game utilizes deep in weapons, Caim can select up to
seven weapons he can take and change from on mission before
starting  a mission. Weapons also have levels. The maximum
level of a weapon is 4. Once you level up a weapong it gains more
attack power and more combos plus others. The way to level up a 
weapon depends on how many kills you do with that weapon.

say for example, you played through the first mission and scored==
154 kills using CAIM ONLY. Your weapons NEXT LEVEL says that 
after 153 kills your weapon will gain a level. you can check
the NEXT LEVEL UP in the status menu when you press the R3 during
the game. also you can't just level up your weapon like that, you
still have to wait until the mission is over and thats when your
weapon will gain the level if you reach the required kills. Not
only do you improve your weapons parimeters when you level it 
up but it even changes its appearence as you level up. 
An exception to that is Caims Sword, it CANNOT change appearence 
no matter how many levels it has.

The more you level up Caim the more HP he will have. Caims HP is 
represented by a small orange bar beside an eagle like
at the lower left portion of the screen. If your HP bar is 
decreased  to nothing then Caim will eventually die but at the 
game over screen you'll have an oppurtunity to continue or not. 
if you do then you'll start the mission you died in from 
the very start.

Now The bar above your HP is your MP hehehe.... now the MP bar 
or bars don't increase when Caim levels up but when you level 
up your weapon. you can have a maximum of four bars each one 
representing an attack. Its better showing you than explaining....


The above is the MP, I'am assuming that your weapon is at its 
maximum level which is 4. only the ==== are filled so when 
you have a ==== filled that means you can get to use your 
magic attack. so when your level 2 then your bar will be....


The more bars you fill the more devastating the attack will be. 
The magic attacks depend on the weapon you are equiping during 
the mission.To fill your bars just kill or hit enemies, kinda like 
the musou bar in DW except that you can't press O and charge it.

Same thing goes to the Dragon's triangle attack which I call 
Armageddon attack. The bars increase as the Dragons level increase 
so they are similar to the MP bar of Caim.

Oh I think I forgot to tell you that once you unleash your triangle
attack then you will lose a MP bar like this one ==== .

Thats it for the battle system and I hope you really understand
what I wrote above as I did not understand what I wrote myself.

More to be discussed in later versions





7. Weapons

I will explain the weapons Caim can aquire in the game and and how
can you get them and their explanations.



8. Battle Strategies

As you can see in the intro movie once you start a new game, NEVER
EVER give your back to your enemy as they can inflict big combos
which can chip away your HP.


those guys are really resemble the heartless from Kingdom hearts
except that the they are humans. These are basically the weakest
enemies which you can kill in 4 hits at level 1 or 2. at level
9 you can kill them in two blows.



Thanks for myself for writing this FAQ and I hope I will see 
helping hands in the making of this FAQ which I hope will grow to 
become the FAQ you need.Thanks to Square-Enix (I did it!) for 
creating a new revolutionary game for people like us. Please email 
me if you need to but I will not reply crap emails and any 
questions which are already answered hereas you are wasting my time 
which I intend to waste in the writing of this FAQ.
Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy.