Dracula: The Last Sanctuary review
Bad buy... period


For starters, the graphics in this game are terrible, and there are times when you can't see items you are supposed to collect or use, an example being in the first room upstairs inside the manor, there is a dark corner behind a screen and you can't even see there's a table to put the candle stand on.
Getting around is mindnumbing because even if you know where you want to go, the cursor system only allows you to move one screen at a time.
ALOT of imagination is required if you want to get past the first few minutes of the game. You're equipped with a gun that is all but useless in your first couple of battles, so after dying an eventual death, you need to make your way back and figure out a new way of killing the monsters.
The game definitely has potential though, because the storyline is somewhat addictive and made me want to finish the game, despite all the drawbacks.
My recomendation.. Rent it if you really want to see what it's about, but you're not missing out on much if you don't.

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