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Dr. Chaos FAQ/Walkthrough v1.02
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Dr. Chaos FAQ/Walkthrough

by MASTERNO   Updated to v1.02 on
Dr. Chaos (Jigoku no Tobira)

Dr. Chaos/Jigoku no Tobira is (c)1987 Marionette/Pony Canyon
Dr. Chaos: Jigoku no Tobira FAQ is (c)2012 by Louis Boiko (MASTERNO)


In order to skip to a specific section, use CTRL+F and copy the
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[2]..........Gameplay Basics
[2.2]....Navigating The Menu
[2.3].......Basic Techniques
[2.4]....Advanced Techniques
[2.5]........Item Compendium
[2.6].......Enemy Compendium
[2.7]............Mansion Map
[3.1]...........Starting Out
[3.2]..Warp Zone 1: Jungle 1
[3.3]..............Back Home
[3.4]....Warp Zone 2: Cave 1
[3.5].....Water We Doing Now
[3.6]..Warp Zone 3: Sea Cave
[3.7]........Jungle 2 Jungle
[3.8]..Warp Zone 4: Jungle 2
[3.9]...........Free to Roam
[3.10]..Warp Zone 5: Dungeon
[3.11].......Halfway to Hell
[3.12]...Warp Zone 6: Cave 2
[3.13].............Sea Level
[3.14].....Warp Zone 7: Lake
[3.15]..Jungle 3: The Return
[3.16].Warp Zone 8: Jungle 3
[3.17]........All Jungled Up
[3.18].Warp Zone 9: Jungle 4
[3.19]..From Chaos With Love
[3.20]Warp Zone 10: Jungle 5
[3.21]...The Final Countdown
[3.22]Warp Zone 11: Jungle 6
[4]......Version Differences
[5]......Version Information


Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough of Dr Chaos: Jigoku no Tobira, known in
the US as simply "Dr. Chaos".  While perusing the available FAQs and
walkthroughs for this game, I noticed that they only had them
available for the NES version.  Having played the Famicom Disk System
version to completion, I felt obligated to write a completely new FAQ
for it given that there are a few very significant differences
between the US and Japanese releases.  In saying that, this guide is
not meant to be used with the US release of Dr. Chaos as there will
be inconsistencies between the two, however there are enough
similarities that this guide can be of some help to the NES players.
Notably, item locations, mansion and room layouts, and the beastiary
should be the same.  See the Version Differences section for details
on the differences between the two versions.


Paraphrasing the US manual, as the story between the two versions is
the same:

Dr. Ginn Chaos is a leading researcher specializing in warp zones.
He spends time alone in his home laboratory conducting experiments on
these potentially dangerous warp zones, sending his brother Michael
research reports every month.

After a few months of research, he wrote to Michael saying that he
had successfully created a warp zone, and that he was going to
conduct experiments on what they could do to living organisms.
During one fateful experiment, Dr. Chaos lost control of the warp
zones and the creatures inside abducted him and the parts of a
machine he had created to destroy them.

Michael, having not heard from his brother in more than a month,
decides to investigate his brother's mansion to learn of his
brother's fate.  As he steps in, he notices a journal left on a
nearby table.  Reading it, the doctor's last message indicates that
his experiments have gone horribly wrong and that the creatures from
inside the warp zones have begun taking over his house.  He also
mentions having designed a weapon to dispose of them, but had not yet
completed it as of the last entry.  His last words were to Michael:
"You are the last hope."

------Gameplay Basics-------

Dr. Chaos: Jigoku no Tobira is a simple game to pick up and play, as
were most classic console games.  The controls aren't very
complicated and there isn't a whole lot to figure out item-wise.
Most of the challenge comes from the game's maze-like structure and
the ferocity of the warp zone denizens, including the bosses.
Generally speaking, I find this version to be significantly easier
than the NES port.  The differences are explained in the Version
Differences section.


The standard Famicom/NES controller has five buttons: A, B, Start,
Select, and D-Pad.  There are two different sections in which
controls differ in the game.

Side-Scrolling Controls

A Button: Jump
B Button: Attack
Start Button: Pause
Select Button: Cycle Weapons
D-Pad (Up/Down): Climb/Descend Stairs, Enter Doors, Crouch
D-Pad (Left/Right): Movement

Room Exploration Controls

A Button: Confirm Action
B Button: Hold + D-Pad (Up/Down) to Select Action
Start Button: N/A
Select Button: Cycle Weapons
D-Pad: Move Cursor

Special Note: In the Room Exploration sections, you cannot move the
cursor to the top of the screen and do a 180-degree turn.  That only
works in the NES version.

====Navigating the Menu=====

The menu is used in the Room Exploration sections of the game in
order to denote actions you can take.  The menus are the same in both
versions, though it is in Japanese (Katakana) in this version.  For
those unfamiliar with Dr. Chaos, the commands are as follows:

"Open" - Opens closets, doors, windows, and cabinets that contain
items and warp zones.
"Get" - Acquires the targeted item, usually weapons or vitamins.
"Go" - Attempts to enter the targeted space.  This doesn't always
"Hit" - Punches the targeted area, possibly revealing hidden items
and passageways.

======Basic Techniques======

As stated before, Dr. Chaos is an easy game to pick up and play.  It
doesn't take much to master the basics, so let's review them so you
at least have a refresher course.

Side-Scrolling Sections

These are the most common sections in the game and also the most
important, so you'll have to get well acquainted with the controls
here.  This is also where you get to use your weapons, since they
aren't available in the Room Exploration sections.

1) "Attacking" - This is the most basic of basic skills.  Use the B
Button to attack and the Select Button to cycle through your weapons.
The weapons are described in more detail in the Item Compendium
section, but keep in mind that some enemies are invulnerable to or
may even grow stronger depending upon the weapon you use, so be
careful when choosing a weapon!

2) "Jumping" - Used primarily for movement and overcoming obstacles,
you may also need to use jumping to avoid enemies and/or their
projectiles.  Michael jumps about as high as he is tall.  This will
change in the Warp Zones after acquiring a certain item, but doesn't
change when navigating the mansion.  You can change the direction of
your jump in mid-air and not lose any speed, but you will still face
the direction you originally jumped.  You can also attack while
jumping, but if you're using the Knife or Grenade, you will stop
sideways movement.

3) "Doors and Stairs" - In order to enter doors, you will need to
press Up on the D-Pad.  Likewise, you can use the Up and Down buttons
to ascend and descend stairs.  Keep in mind that when entering a door
to a room, you are still vulnerable to the monsters' attacks.  It's
sometimes a good idea, especially if you're low on life, to kill
the enemies around a door before safely proceeding in.

4) "Water" - Water appears in several warp zones.  At first, it can
be particularly deadly - you'll take damage while being in it without
a certain item.  After you get the item, it's relatively harmless.
Something else to consider is that your movement speed is slowed down
while in water, but your jumping ability is very high.  Descending
from a jump while in water is also fairly slow, so be sure to
calculate that when there are enemies around.

Room Exploration Sections

The rooms are an integral part of the game, for without them, you
can't find the Warp Zones and save Dr. Chaos.  As well, the rooms
contain all your basic items, such as weapons and vitamins.  Learning
to explore these is every bit as important as mastering the side-
scrolling sections, though is a bit more tedious due to the lack of
reactive gameplay.

1) "Open Everything" - While I'll describe the locations of all the
items in the walkthrough, if you're playing generally by yourself
with a few hints and tips from this guide, you'll want to open every
door, window, closet, and cabinet in the game.  There are lots of
items to find and places to explore.  In addition, ANYTHING can be an
entrance to a Warp Zone.  If you see the Ultraspace Sensor going off,
open each object on screen and try to go through it.

2) "Take Only What You Need" - There is a lot of stuff to collect in
the room sections, but don't waste time getting more of something
you're already pretty good on.  Maximum ammo for weapons is 99 and
maximum life is 99 plus another 100 per bottle.  The other thing to
keep in mind is that you may be attacked between rooms, so you'll
want to keep some spare vitamins around to fill your life back up
before heading to the next Warp Zone.

3) "Go Where One Man Has Gone Before" - There is a particular order
you should go through warp zones according to the way they're
designed.  However, feel free to challenge them out of order.  You
can utilize some advanced techniques to finish zones you wouldn't
normally be able to finish until after you completed a different one.
One of the big draws of Dr. Chaos is the exploration factor.  Of
course, the only other one to have explored these places is Dr. Chaos
himself, but you obviously can't rely on the good doctor's word now,
can you?

4) "Hit Me Here" - Truth be told, there are only a handful of spots
where you actually need the "Hit" command.  However, you can also hit
picture frames and possibly acquire some weapons.  Be sure to do this
as it's your primary source for one particular weapon which you'll
want in decent quantity later on.  Using the hit command can also
find you some shortcuts to save on time when navigating the various

====Advanced Techniques=====

The basics cover all you need to know to finish the game, but it's
the advanced techniques that make it loads easier to do so.  It will
take some practice to get many of these techniques down, so just be
patient and keep trying no matter what.

Side-Scrolling Sections

1) "Run and Gun" - When using the Handgun and Machine Gun weapons,
you can move freely even while jumping.  Use this to your advantage:
you can get rid of an annoying enemy hovering over a difficult jump
as you're jumping so you can land safely where you need to be.  As
well, when dealing with some of the more mobile enemies, you need to
be able to move while you're attacking to avoid getting hit.  By
combining the jumping mechanics along with the guns, you can easily
handle some of the more aggressive monsters in Warp Zones.

2) "Knife-point Jumping" - On the flip-side of the "Run and Gun"
maneuver, you may have a need for more precise jumping so you don't
overshoot a small ledge.  In these cases, it's wise to switch to the
Knife so you can stop yourself in mid-air and just float down to the
foothold.  This is especially useful after you acquire the jumping
upgrade.  Normally you can't adjust how high you jump, so you have to
practice calculating for the distance.  Using the knife makes this

3) "Bombs Away" - Avoid using the Grenades until after you pick up a
certain protective item.  After you acquire that, using them in Warp
Zones will no longer harm you.  They can still hurt if used in the
mansion section, but you generally won't need to use them there since
the monsters are weak and easy to dispatch with the Knife or Handgun.
Also keep in mind that Grenades typically don't harm bosses, so
you'll want to avoid using them in most boss battles.

4) "Stairs for Hares" - In sections that contain stairs, keep in mind
that you can attack and jump on stairs.  Jumping allows you to climb
or descend them faster while attacking gives you a point of leverage
(try attacking while walking up and down to avoid projectiles and
small enemies).  You can combine these skills to make for a pretty
effective strategy against some enemies.

5) "One Small Life, One Big Step" - For the truly brave and
challenging, there are a few Warp Zones where you can advance before
you would normally be able to.  This is generally accomplished by
using the game's knockback mechanic in order to jump a little higher
than normal to reach an otherwise unreachable ledge or platform.  Do
this by having a monster (typically a Flying Skeleton) attack you at
the apex of your jump when the enemy is attacking you in the
direction you want to jump over.  Oftentimes, if you get it just
right, you will be knocked onto the ledge you couldn't previously
jump onto.  This is mostly meant to be used for those who wish to
tackle the various zones out of order as a challenge to themselves,
but it could be used in rare instances where you miss your jump and
there happens to be an enemy right there.

6) "Thou Shalt Not Pass" - Using the terrain to your advantage is a
really good idea.  Some monsters cannot pass through walls and
platforms, so you can sit above or below them and attack them from
safety.  This is particularly handy against the lumbering Elephant
Men in Warp Zones, but is also practical when you're assaulted by a
Room Monster on the mansion's first floor.  Also remember that most
monsters cannot climb or descend stairs (Elephant Men can jump up
stairs, but not down them).  This may prove advantageous or
disadvantageous at times.

7) "High Road or Low Road" - Usually it's better to take the higher
paths when you can.  There are some enemies that float down to the
bottom of the screen and crawl along the floor very quickly.  These
are annoying to deal with and can make dealing with other enemies
more difficult.  As well, most of the time, the higher path is the
correct path to take.  In times where it isn't, it's usually minimal
backtracking to get back on the right path.

8) "In and Out" - Unlike many platforming and adventure games,
enemies do not drop items, give points, or anything.  They simply
serve as obstacles to stop you from reaching your goal.  That said,
there's no reason to backtrack to kill enemies, unless you're doing
it to avoid being attacked by another monster (Flying Skeletons are
pretty notorious for causing this).  They also respawn infinitely in
some spots, so get in, kill the boss, and get out as quickly as you

9) "Taking One for the Team" - While the vast majority of the game
can be taken on using only the Knife, some players may feel over-
whelmed by certain hordes of enemies in a few sections.  In these
cases, it's best to just lob a grenade or two to clear out the
screen.  You'll take some damage unless you've acquired a specific
item, but it's better than making a mistake and losing most or all
your life.

Room Exploration Sections

While there isn't much past the basics for the room sections, there
are some additional things to know.

1) "Dr. Chaos's Secret Stash" - All items in rooms restock upon
completing a Warp Zone.  This means that you can restock on Life and
any used weapons easily during the course of your adventure.

2) "The Boogeymen" - If it opens, they can pop out.  Who's "they",
you ask?  Three powerful monsters that only appear in rooms that come
out and try to kill you in the side-scrolling mansion stage.  One is
a Frankenstein-like monster, which happens to be the biggest and
strongest.  He's also very slow.  When he comes out, your movement
speed will be reduced by about half.  The second one is a feminine,
bird-like creature.  She's about the same height as Michael and
shoots fireballs at him kinda slowly.  The third one is a lizard-like
monster that's about half Michael's size and hops around a lot.  He's
pretty difficult to maintain a continuous attack on, so be sure to
dispatch him as quickly as possible.  Do note that while any one of
these monsters is out and about, you cannot enter any doors, even on
a different floor.  Defeating them is necessary, and the sooner you
do so, generally the better.

3) "The Lion, The Witch, and The Door" - You'll quickly learn to
recognize the difference between the doors that lead to other rooms
and doors that serve only to hold items, monsters, or Warp Zones.
One looks like a typical door while the other looks almost like a
telephone booth door.

4) "Death Reaps Rewards" - Should you find yourself on the short end
of the stick in a side-scrolling section, explore all the rooms again
and restock on weapons and items.  As long as you continue your game,
you'll still have bottles of Life to refill and ammunition to
recover, so if it looks like you're fighting a losing battle, just
let yourself die and go restock on items before trying again.

5) "North is Up, South is Down" - Some people have complained that
navigating the rooms can be confusing.  One thing to remember is that
the entrance/exit to the hallways is ALWAYS to the south.  East doors
will move you "right" in relation to the hallway, west doors will
move you "left", and northern doors will NEVER take you anywhere but
to a Warp Zone.  Ladders are the only things that will take you up or
down a floor, and those are only found leading to either the basement
or one of the two attic areas.

=======Item Compendium======

Vitamins are restorative items and come in four colors: Orange,
Pink, Blue, and Red.  The instruction manual for the NES version
lists three colors: Yellow, Blue, and Red.  When looking at the in-
game sprites, however, I have a hard time seeing "Yellow", so it is
replaced with Orange.  The manual also doesn't seem to account for
the Life expansions, so I've taken the liberty to do so.

Orange Vitamins: Restores 25 Life
Pink Vitamins: Restores 50 Life
Blue Vitamins: Restores 100 Life
Red Vitamins: Adds 100 Maximum Life; Restores 100 Life

There are technically five weapons in the game, but you may only
collect three in the room sections.  The fifth is collected
throughout the course of the game.

Knife: You start out with this weapon.  Deals 1 damage; infinite use.

Handgun: Long-range, modest-speed bullets.  Deals 3 damage; fires up
to five bullets at a time with limited ammunition.  Found in room
scenes by opening doors, windows, closets, and cabinets.

Machine Gun: Long-range, modest-speed bullets.  Deals 5 damage; fires
up to five bullets at a time with limited ammunition.  Found in room
scenes by opening doors, windows, closets, cabinets, and by hitting a
specific picture frame.

Grenade: Delayed-blast thrown weapon.  Deals 5 damage to enemies and
5 damage to you; affects whole screen, including yourself.  Found in
room scenes by opening closets, cabinets, and by hitting picture

Restored Laser: The final weapon constructed from the parts obtained
by defeating the bosses in each Warp Zone.  Deals unknown damage; can
only be used against the final boss, Canbarian.  It is long-ranged.

There are several miscellaneous items to collect during the course of
your adventure.

Ultraspace Sensor: Looks like a little castle in the upper right
corner of the room screen, underneath the items display.  It will
flash two boxes at you whenever there's a Warp Zone on the screen.
Open doors, windows, closets, and cabinets to find warp zones.  You
cannot enter any Warp Zones outside of the first without this item!

Air Helmet: This item, collected from the boss of a certain Warp
Zone, will protect you from damage while under water.

Jump Boots: This item, collected from the boss of yet another certain
Warp Zone, allows you to jump much higher while in Warp Zones.
Doesn't work outside of Warp Zones.

Shield Suit: This item, also collected from the boss of a certain
Warp Zone, will reduce the damage you take from enemies by half
(truncated, so 2.5 damage is just 2) and make you invulnerable to the
effects of your own Grenades while in Warp Zones.

Parts Bottle: This item is left behind by defeated bosses and
contains a component for the Restored Laser.  There are a few oddly-
colored ones that contain other items.

======Enemy Compendium======

Enemies are crawling everywhere in Dr. Chaos's mansion.  Here is a
list of them with official names when available.


Mouse: Common enemy that crawls along the floor.  While its movements
are restricted to left and right, it is unpredictable as it can go
either direction at any time.  They are weak, so just kill them when
they get in your way.
Life: 1  Damage: 5

Vampire Bat: Common enemy that also appears in Warp Zones.  It flies
in the air in an erratic, but predictable pattern.  Be careful as it
can fly above your Knife and come down at you for some quick damage.
Sometimes it's best to use a gun against these monsters, but they are
generally weak so it's just a matter of hitting them with any weapon.
Life: 1  Damage: 5

Smork: Rare enemy that appears in the hallway sections.  When it
appears, the screen flashes white to make you aware of its presence.
It flies in a predictable circular pattern, but is very fast making
it difficult to avoid.  What's worse is that you can't actually kill
it, so you can either expect to take damage or hope that you can get
out of its way fast.  You can also try dodging him by quickly jumping
into a room and popping back out.  In the NES version, he doesn't
actually appear in the hallway despite what the instruction manual
says.  In the FDS version, however, he does, so be careful!
Damage: 7

Big Lady: Uncommon enemy that appears in the rooms.  She follows you
while spitting fireballs from time to time.  Her fireballs are a bit
difficult to dodge, so try to kill her before she fires one off.
She's a bit tougher to kill than Mice or Bats, but it doesn't take
too much more.
Life: 5  Damage: 10, 5 (projectile)

Omen: Uncommon enemy that appears in the rooms.  He jumps around
trying to hit you with his body.  He is very agile, so it's quite
difficult to hit accurately.  You're probably better off using a gun
against him, or even a grenade if you're having real difficulty.
Life: 5  Damage: 15

Franken: Rare enemy that appears in the rooms.  He is the most
powerful of all monsters outside of the Warp Zones.  He's so powerful
that he bends the very fabric of time and space around him, slowing
your movements until he is defeated.  He is also quite tough, taking
a lot of damage before succumbing to your assault.  Not to worry too
much, though - he doesn't fire off fireballs or anything, so try to
find a safe point from which to launch an attack (the stairs or the
awning at the entrance of the mansion are good places, depending on
the floor you meet him on).
Life: 9  Damage: 10

Warp Zones

Slime: Common enemy that crawls along the floor and sometimes hops
up at you.  Weak and easier to kill than the Mouse, it should give
you minimal problems.  Kill it with the Knife or Gun when necessary.
Life: 1  Damage: 5

Fish: Common enemy that either swims about in a predictable side-to-
side pattern or leaps out at you vertically.  It exhibits the former
behaviors while underwater and the latter while you are crossing
bridges in certain Warp Zones.  They are easy to kill regardless, so
just kill or dodge them and be on your way.
Life: 1  Damage: 5

Skull: Uncommon enemy that drops from the ceiling and crawls along
the ground towards you quickly.  They are fast, but easy to kill or
Life: 1  Damage: 5

Exploding Skull: Rare enemy that is similar to the Skull, but
explodes in mid-air making movement difficult.
Life: 1  Damage: 5, 3 (projectile)

Flying Skeleton: Uncommon enemy that flies around erratically.  It is
among the most annoying enemies in the game since it flies across the
screen quickly and semi-predictably, both horizontally and
vertically.  It has a pattern, but it still homes in on you.  It's
best to take them out as quickly as possible since they will follow
you all the way to a boss if you don't get rid of them (even through
walls).  They have decent strength and are a bit tough to kill to
boot, along with being quite fast.  While quite possible to kill them
with the Knife, it is strongly recommended that you use guns whenever
possible, and grenades if you find yourself missing them a lot or
overwhelmed by several of them at once.
Life: 5  Damage: 7

Elephant Man: Rare enemy that is the strongest monster inside a Warp
Zone outside of the bosses themselves.  He is quite tall and moves
around solely by jumping at you.  Unlike Flying Skeletons, he cannot
move through walls, making it easy to find good spots to attack him
from with any weapon.  You should be able to take it out with the
Knife, but if necessary use guns or grenades.
Life: 12  Damage: 15

Note: The only boss explicitly named is Canbarian.  The others I've
had to name myself.

Insectisaurus Rex: Looks like a weird cross between some insect and
a T-Rex.  All it does is crawl towards you extremely slowly.
Life: 5 to 30  Damage: 25

Rampede: Looks like a centipede trying to be a ram.  All it does is
charge you whenever you attack it or every few seconds if you stick
around a safe spot for too long.
Life: 60  Damage: 30

Split Tortoise: A large sea turtle that moves slowly and splits into
smaller turtles that float around aimlessly.
Life: 30, 12/spawn (90)  Damage: 30, 3 (spawns)

Armordillo: An oversized, armadillo-like creature.  It curls into a
ball and charges you at high speeds similar to Rampede.
Life: 60  Damage: 50

Ghostlypuff: A puffy ghost that flies across the screen at fast
speeds while spitting fireballs.  He likes to disappear and reappear
Life: 60  Damage: 20, 10 (projectile)

Skelebite: Looks like a huge skeletal trilobite.  It spins for a
period of time, homing in on your position as it skims across the
floor on the lower level.
Life: 30  Damage: 20, 10 (projectile)

Sea Wurm: Looks just like a wurm creature you'd see on any sort of
RPG.  It crawls along the floor slowly as it spits out miniature
clones that home in on you.
Life: 60  Damage: 30, 5 (projectile)

Flame Wyvern: Looks like an orange dragon with red wings and eyes.
It flies around at high speeds while spitting fireballs at you.
Life: 35  Damage: 20, 10 (projectile)

Skull Dragon: Looks like a skeletal Eastern dragon.  It attacks in a
wave pattern and splits into clones of itself when you hit its tail.
Life: 25  Damage: 60

Bone Legion: Looks like a pile of bones until you hit it, where it
then turns into a Skull protected by a circle of bones.  It flies
around the screen quickly trying to hit you.
Life: 25  Damage: 25

Canbarian: A lion-faced creature.  It doesn't attack until you strike
it with your Knife, at which point it will start spitting fireballs
in a semi-predictable pattern.  It is invulnerable to all weapons
except the Restored Laser.
Life: 10  Damage: 120, 80 (projectile)

=========Mansion Map========

Below is an extremely basic map of the mansion.  If it doesn't line
up correctly, it's due to some issues while viewing this on GameFAQs.
To view it properly, download this as a text file (an option given at
the top and bottom of the page) and view it in Notepad with the
Fixedsys 10 pt. font.

There are fourteen rooms across the two main floors of the mansion,
with seven basement rooms and three attic rooms for a total of
twenty-four rooms.

Letter/Number - Room #
- - Rooms are connected by doors or holes.
|| - Ladder going up/down between rooms indicated.
/ - When different Room #s are given, one room cannot be accessed
from the hallway.  When the same room number is given, one room has
two exits/entrances.
^ - Staircase between Floors 1 and 2.

         A3       A2/A1
         ||       ||
         14-13-12 11-10/10-9
    8   7/7-6-5    ^4/3  2-1
         ||          ||
B7/B6-B5 B4          B3 B2/B1

Items Found

(14) Orange Vitamins: 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, A3, B2, B5
(4) Pink Vitamins: 14, A2, B3, B7
(10) Handguns: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
(6) Machine Guns: 7, 9, A2, A3, B2, B6
(13) Grenades: 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, A1, B1, B3, B4, B5, B6

Totals: 550 Life, 100 Handgun, 60 Machine Gun, 26 Grenade


This section will completely detail everything you need to know to
win the game.  Everything from room details and boss strategies is
described here.  Use the search function to find a specific section
of the game you'd like help with.

Please keep in mind that the order in which I take you through the
Warp Zones is only one possible route and that there are many, many
different routes (including using the knockback trick I pointed out
earlier to get through more advanced Warp Zones before you're
supposed to).  My route focuses on getting all three items first so
you have the most freedom to explore from that point on.  It is a
little more challenging in that you won't have additional life until
at least the end of the fifth Warp Zone, but the bosses are generally
easy enough to dispose of that you won't need the extra life for

========Starting Out========

For most of the first part of the guide, I'm going to walk you
through the entire mansion.  This is to not only acquire plenty of
ammunition, but to familiarize you with the layout of the rooms since
they can be quite confusing and mapping them accurately is a bit
difficult.  It's also easy to get lost, so being familiarized with
the layout from the onset is a tremendous advantage for you.  If you
are already familiar enough with the game to jump right in, feel free
to skip to the first Warp Zone section after taking a few minutes to
max out your Life and acquire a little ammunition (you will probably
want about 20 Handgun bullets just to be safe, but won't really need
that many).

After turning on the game and starting a new file, you will find
yourself standing near the awning over the entrance to Dr. Chaos's
mansion.  You won't have much time to take in your surroundings since
a Smork will quickly come around to meet you.  Your best bet is to
just jump right in and head to the first door you see, but you can
try to dodge it if you want to take some time to look around before
getting down to business.  Either way, once you're inside the first
room, you'll notice you're facing north, as indicated by the little
compass in the lower-right hand of your screen.  This room will be
labelled Room #1 (for a run-down of rooms and their labels, see the
above section for maps).

In this screen, you see a table up front, a closet to the left of the
table, and a picture frame to the upper-right.  There is nothing on
this screen, so just move your cursor to the right edge of the screen
to look east.  In this screen, you'll find a cabinet to the far left,
a table to the far right, and a window above the table.  Open the
cabinet to find Handgun ammunition.  Use the "Get" command (the
second from the top) to obtain any items you find in the rooms.  Be
careful now: until you clear a Warp Zone, this cabinet will remain
open.  It is possible for a Room Monster (Big Lady, Omen, or Franken)
to appear from any doors you leave open if you return to the screen
at a later time.  Since cabinets are too small for Franken, you'll
only get a chance to meet with Big Lady or Omen if you return to this
screen.  The window contains nothing, so just ignore it.  Move your
cursor to the right side again to face south.  You'll first notice
the open door that you came through.  Hopefully you didn't also
notice a monster popping out of that door!  If so, just deal with it
by heading straight for the platform under the awning and stab which-
ever monster came out at you to death.  Once that's dealt with,
return to Room #1.  The southern face of the room has a couch on the
left side, the door in the center, and some shelves off to the right.
There's nothing noteworthy about this part of the room except the
door, so just face west for now by moving your cursor to the right
side of the screen again.  Here you'll notice a smaller set of
shelves to the left, a small chair next to it, and a door leading to
Room #2.  Open the door and head into Room #2.

In front of you is two cabinets side-by-side on the left and a small
chair to the right.  Open only the right cabinet for some Orange
Vitamins.  Get them to recover your life by 25 units.  There's
nothing more here, so face north.  You'll notice just two things: a
window to the left and a door to the right.  This door looks
different than the one you opened a bit ago.  Take note: these doors
will only ever hold items, Warp Zones, or Room Monsters.  For now,
open the window to reveal more Handgun ammunition.  Facing east shows
only an empty table to the right and a door to Room #1 on the left.
Face south.  Another unremarkable screen.  Just a couch in the center
and some shelves to the right, along with the door to the hallway on
the left.  Go on out to the hallway.

Head straight for the third door and walk on in.  When you get in,
you will see a window to the left and an empty table to the right.
Open the window for more Handgun ammunition.  Now things are about to
get a bit fun!  Select the "Hit" command at the bottom of the menu.
Move your cursor directly above the right-most corner of the table
and knock on the wall.  A ladder is revealed!  Pop right in that hole
and let's go explore the basement for a while.

When you arrive in the basement, you'll be facing south in Room #B3.
What, there is no door?!  No worries - we've got some items to
collect here.  You will see some shelves off to the left, a small
chair off-center to the right, and a closet next to the chair.  Open
the closet to reveal some Pink Vitamins.  If you haven't been hurt at
all, you should be at 75 Life right now, so just leave it for later.
Fighting in the basement isn't nearly as safe as fighting on the
first floor is, so you'll want to save some recovery power in case
you get into a tangle or two.  Face west for now.  You'll notice a
couch to the left and two closets in the middle.  Open the right
closet for your first pair of grenades.  Facing north, you'll find
the only point of interest is the ladder back up to the first floor.
Neither the door nor the picture frame next to it contain anything,
and the chair beside them is just a bit obnoxious.  Face east.
Another empty section of room with just a table in the middle and a
door to the left.  Open the door and go through to the next room.

Room #B2's east wall just has three tall stacks of shelves.  Face
north.  The door to the left contains nothing. There's a small table
in the center and some shelves to the right.  Face west.  There's a
small table to the left, a picture frame off-center to the left, a
closet off-center to the right, and a door heading back to Room #B3
beside that.  Hit the picture frame for some Machine Gun ammunition.
There's nothing in the closet, so don't worry about that.  Face
south.  There's a cabinet with Orange Vitamins to the left, beside
the couch off-centered.  Go ahead and grab that to max your life out
at 99 units.  Open the door to the right and exit this room.

In the hallway, fight through the Mouse and Vampire Bat to get to the
room on the right, Room #B1.

The north wall has short shelves to the left and tall shelves to the
right with a door in the center.  The door has nothing of value, so
face east.  The east wall has a lone picture frame, so take a swing
at it for some grenades.  Face south.  There's a couch to the left,
the entrance/exit in the center, and a closet to the right.  Nothing
important here, so face the west wall.  Err...don't do that.  That
wall is completely bare - no items, no holes to punch through,
nothing.  Just go back out through the door to the south and make
your way back to Room #3 on the first floor.  Be sure to pick up the
Pink Medicine on your way back if you got attacked and hurt by a Room
Monster or two.

Assuming you didn't get attacked right as you got back up (I was!),
you should see an open door to the left and a picture frame to the
right.  Hit the frame for another pair of grenades.  Facing east only
reveals a couch and small shelves to the right side, so face west
instead.  You'll find a door to the left, a picture frame in the
center, a small table a little off to the right below it, and a
closet beside the table.  The closet contains Orange Vitamins, which
you shouldn't need unless you were pretty badly hurt by some Room
Monsters in the basement and were caught back up here before this
point.  Just leave it there for now and open the door, walking
through to Room #4.

In Room #4's west wall, you'll find a small table off to the right
and two cabinets in the center.  Open the right cabinet to get a pair
of grenades, then face north.  This screen is VERY IMPORTANT!  It is
the entrance to the first Warp Zone, which we will be visiting later.
There's a couch in the center with two small shelves on each side of
it and a window above it.  The window is the entrance to the Warp

If you feel you're already equipped well enough for the trip there
and back again (which you definitely are, if you read the opening
paragraph in this section), feel free to skip to that section of the
guide and jump right on in.  If you'd like to stock up on more
ammunition and take advantage of the restock after the Warp Zone,
continue to follow along.

Face east now.  You'll find the door you came through on the right
side and a closet on the left.  Open the closet for more Handgun
ammuntion.  There's nothing but a pair of chairs and an empty picture
frame on the southern wall, so just head through the door back to
Room #3.  Once there, face south and exit back to the hallway.

By now you've probably already noticed the glaringly-obvious stairs
sitting right next to you.  Go ahead and...ignore them for now.  Bet
I had you fooled there!  Anyway, continue on left until you find
the fourth door and enter it.

Room #5's north wall has a door on the left, a window to its right,
and a chair off in the right corner.  There's nothing of interest
here, so just face the east wall for now.  Here you'll find a table
to the right and two cabinets separated by small shelves to the left.
Open the right cabinet to get more Handgun ammunition.  If you
haven't used any Handgun ammunition up to this point, you should have
about 50 bullets for it - halfway to max!  Face west by crossing by
either the north or south walls (the south just has two tables and
the door you entered from).  The west wall has a cabinet with some
Orange Vitamins to the left, an empty picture frame above and to the
right of it, and a chair off to the right.  Use the Hit command to
punch a hole in the wall above and to the left of the chair and go
through it to Room #6.

The west wall of Room #6 has a door to the left, a chair in the
center, and tall shelves to the right.  Face south for now.  You'll
find a pair of grenades just sitting on the couch to the left (hey,
isn't that a bit dangerous?), small shelves to the right, and a door
in the center leading out.  Open the door and head on out after
picking up the grenades.

Once you're out in the hallway, you'll notice that you're stuck in a
room with only two doors.  Well, you came out of one, so logically
you should check out the other.

Room #7's north wall has small shelves to the right that have some
Orange Vitamins lying about, an empty picture frame in the center,
and a door containing nothing to the left.  Face east for now.  The
cabinet to the left has some Machine Gun ammunition inside.  The
table off-center to the right is just another decoration.  You can
choose whether or not to open the door to Room #6.  Face south.  Holy
crap, two doors?!  Well, one of them is at least open.  This screen
can be a bit confusing to some people, so make sure you orient
yourself a bit here before proceeding.  Once you think you've got
how this maze of rooms works, open the door on the right and walk

You're now standing to the back of the mansion, leading out to a shed
out in the yard.  Go to the shed and enter Room #8.

The north wall is pretty unremarkable right now, so face east.  If
you were attacked by a Room Monster on the way here, there's some
extra Orange Vitamins here to heal up with.  If I weren't any
smarter, I'd say Dr. Chaos was running more of a pharmacy than a warp
zone research facility around here.  Anyway, make your way to the
west wall to open up a closet with a pair of grenades inside.  After
taking those, face south and exit the room.  Make your way back to
Room #7.

Facing the north wall again, this time we're going to use the Hit
command.  If you recall, there wasn't much special about this screen
other than the vitamins.  Well...let's just say we had to finish
exploring this floor first.  Punch a hole into the wall directly
above the shelves with the vitamins and a ladder will appear going
back to the basement.  Head back down there to finish exploring that
area of the house.

Facing south in Room #B4, you'll see a door leading out to the left
and three small shelves to the right.  Face west for now.  Open up
the cabinet and pick up the pair of grenades inside.  There's nothing
more to this room, so head into the hallway through the south door.

Much like the room directly above you, you're stuck with only one
other door option.  Open up for Room #B5.

The northern wall has three doors next to each other on the right
side.  Open the center one for a pair of grenades and leave the other
two alone.  Face west.  Open the cabinet for some Orange Vitamins
(handy if you got attacked down here already - I was twice in the
same room!  Man, talk about your bad luck.), then open the door to
the left and head into Room #B6.

The west wall of Room #B6 is unremarkable for now, so face north to
grab a pair of grenades from the table there.  The east wall has some
Machine Gun ammunition sitting on a chair on the left side and the
door to Room #B5 is open on the right.  Turn back to the west wall
and use the Hit command on the space above the small shelves on the
left.  Go through the hole you just made.

Open the cabinet on the west wall of Room #B7 to find some Pink
Vitamins.  If you're pretty well on Life still, leave it be.  If
you've had a lot of bad luck with running into Room Monsters so far,
you might want to pick it up if you're low.  The room is otherwise
unremarkable for now, so make your way all the way back to Room #7 on
the first floor.

Once you're back on the first floor, make your way back to the stairs
beside Room #3.  This time it's no joke - climb or jump your way up
the stairs.  Enter the first door on your right to enter Room #10.

If you're low on Life still (or again, in case you keep running into
Room Monsters as I do), pick up the Orange Vitamins on the table.
Neither of the doors hold anything, so face east.  Hit the picture
frame for another pair of grenades, the Hit the wall just above the
trim along the wall on the left side to reveal a hole leading to
Room #9.  If you'd like, take a look to the south side to reveal the
same kind of trick used in Room #7.  You'll know where it leads when
you pop back out to the hallway again.  For now, head through the
hole into Room #9.

The right window on the east side of Room #9 has Machine Gun ammo, so
pick that up.  The other window is empty.  Make your way back to the
west wall and open up the closet for more Orange Vitamins.  I wasn't
joking earlier when I suggested Dr. Chaos ran a pharmacy here.  It
might be how he keeps his research funds going for all these zany
Warp Zone experiments.  Anyway, head back to Room #10.  Once there,
open the closet on the west side to reveal some Handgun ammunition.
Grab it, then punch a hole in the wall above that closet.  Go through
it to Room #11.

Neither the closet nor the cabinet here have anything, so face north.
Open the window here for some Handgun ammunition and the cabinet for
more Orange Vitamins.  Use the Hit command in the top-left most wall
to reveal a ladder leading to the attic.  Head on up to the attic so
we can get that out of the way.

We're now facing the south wall of Room #A2.  Open the cabinet for
some Machine Gun ammunition.  Face east and open the door to Room
#A1 and walk through.  Open the left cabinet to reveal some Orange
Vitamins.  Facing north, open the left closet to reveal a pair of
grenades.  There's nothing more of interest here for now, so face
west and head back through to #A2.  Open the cabinet to the right for
some Pink Vitamins.  Face north and head back down to Room #11.  Open
the door leading back to the hallway and exit through there.  Once
there, head immediately into the door to your left, leading to Room

Neither the door nor the window contain anything, so face east and
pick up the Handgun ammunition there.  Face south and hit the picture
frame for a pair of grenades.  The west wall has some tall shelves
with some Orange Vitamins on them and a door leading to Room #13.  Go
through that door.

Once facing Room #13's west wall, use the Hit command to open up a
hole to Room #14 above the small shelves to the right.  There's
nothing in the closet, and we should explore the rest of the room
before moving onto Room #14, so face north.  Open the door on the
right for some Handgun ammunition.  The door on the left is empty, so
avoid it unless you're looking for a fight from a Room Monster.
Facing east, open the cabinet for even more Orange Vitamins.  Believe
me - you think it's ridiculous now, you'll be referring back to this
section later for all these vitamin locations unless you're good at
memorizing item locations.  We're done with this room for now, so
face the west wall again and go through the hole to Room #14.

Open the left window to find some Pink Vitamins.  The right one is
empty, so don't bother with it.  Facing east, open up the cabinet to
reveal a pair of grenades.  Take them and face north.  The right
window has some Handgun ammunition behind it, which should place you
at 99 Handgun bullets if you haven't dispensed a few dealing with
Room Monsters.  Now use the Hit command above the table and to the
right of the windows.  You'll find a ladder leading up to the second
part of the attic, Room #A3.

This is just a one-room venture, so it'll be brief.  Open the cabinet
for some Orange Vitamins, then face west.  Open the left closet for
some Machine Gun ammunition and leave the right closet alone.  Face
north and climb back down to Room #14.

Save for some useless walls in some rooms, you've now explored the
entire mansion!  Whew, that was quite a long trek!  Unless I missed
something (in which case I'll have to correct this guide, but seeing
as I literally went through every room myself as I was writing it, I
don't see how I could have), you should have the following ammunition
totals:  99 Handgun, 60 Machine Gun, 26 Grenades.  This is also
assuming you haven't used any ammo at all to deal with Room Monsters,
which if you had to deal with as many as I did, you almost certainly
had to pull out the Handgun at least a time or two.  Nevertheless,
now that you know where everything is at, you can restock on what you
need whenever you complete a Warp Zone or unfortunately manage to
succumb to the whims of Death (which is not uncommon for this game,
so don't get too frustrated when it happens).

Now that we've finished acquiring everything we can item-wise, it's
time for us to go and explore our first Warp Zone!  If you've been
following along this whole section, you might want to take a quick
five-minute break or something.  It's a lot of running around ad
tedium, and if you got a bunch of Room Monsters, you could probably
use a drink to bring your game back to awesome.  Once you feel ready
to continue, go back to the Warp Zone entrance in Room #4 and jump
through.  If you need to stock up on Life on the way back, remember
where you left vitamins lying around and pick those up along the way.

===Warp Zone 1: Jungle 1====

Once inside the Warp Zone, you'll notice the scenery is quite
different than Dr. Chaos's bland old wallpaper.  It really does
resemble more of a jungle.  More importantly, you'll immediately
notice a Vampire Bat and a Slime spawning nearby.  Ignore the Slime
and jump to the bridge, then the grassy ledge the Bat is hovering
over.  As soon as you get there, you should see a Flying Skeleton
pop in from the right.  Be careful around these - they are fast and
annoying, generally knocking you back at the worst times.  Dispatch
this one as quickly as you can using one of the guns.  Another Bat
should appear as the ledge turns into another bridge.  Kill it, then
jump onto the next ledge, being careful of the third Bat.  You may
need to shoot the third Bat down before crossing, but make sure
you're as close to it as possible, otherwise it'll instantly respawn.
At this point, Fish will start leaping up from the water below.  Time
your jumps carefully to get from bridge to bridge.  After another
couple of bridges, you should encounter more Bats and another Flying
Skeleton.  Dispatch these and make your last couple of jumps before
reaching the boss room.

Boss: Insectisaurus Rex
Life: 5 (up to 30 if shot)
Damage: 25

Rexy here is a literal pushover.  As soon as you enter the room, jump
down, run up to him, and stab him until he dies.  That's all you have
to do.  Don't be tempted to kill him any faster with the guns; it
only serves to make him stronger and to lengthen the task.  He
doesn't actually get any more difficult from it, so thrill seekers
looking for more of a challenge aren't going to get one here.  Be
sure to pick up the Ultraspace Sensor either during or after the
battle.  It's necessary in order to enter the other Warp Zones.

After the match, you'll get your first Restored Laser component, Part
#4!  Climb back up the stairs, trek back across the Warp Zone, and go
back into the door leading to Room #4.

==========Back Home=========

Welcome back!  Despite being short, our adventure into Warp Zone 1
was pretty fun, wasn't it?  Well, we don't have a lot of time to
waste.  All the items in the rooms have been restocked, so take the
time now to gather up what you would like.  You can restock Handgun
ammunition to its maximum if you used any to dispatch Bats or Flying
Skeletons, and you can collect enough Machine Gun ammunition to max
that out for the next Warp Zone.  You'll still only be able to amass
about half of your Grenade capacity, but you probably won't need too
many Grenades to begin with, so it's up to you to decide if you want
to stock up on those.

Once you've finished preparations for the next Warp Zone, head on
over to Room #6 and face the north wall.  Open the door on the right
and walk right in!

====Warp Zone 2: Cave 1=====

This Warp Zone is extremely short, especially compared to the NES
version.  It's also extremely easy since the only enemies you have to
deal with are Slimes, Bats, and the boss.  Jumping can be a bit
tricky though, so just be careful of that.  It's a very straight-
forward level, so just follow the path until you get to a staircase,
then take it up and repeat.  At the end, you'll jump across a few
platforms and access the boss room.

Boss: Rampede
Life: 60
Damage: 30

This boss can be a bit of a stinker if you aren't quick enough or
paying close enough attention.  First thing's first, grab the Air
Helmet item from the pink Part Bottle in the lower left corner of his
lair.  Next, jump onto the lower run of the staircase.  This is your
safe spot whenever he charges you.  Now, there are two ways to really
win this one: first, drop down with one of your guns equipped and
take a pot shot at him, the jump back up.  It's the safest and
easiest of the two ways.  If you'd like a bit more of a challenge,
and are feeling a bit brave, use your Knife, drop down, run up to
him, and stab him once.  After he stops flashing, wait another moment
and then stab him again.  As he charges through you, he'll pass right
through without dealing any damage!  You have to time it just right
though or his back end will catch you as he's coming out of
invincibility.  You also have to be extra attentive since sometimes
he will just auto-charge you without provocation.  He can do the
auto-charge as many times as he likes in a row, but I've never seen
him do more than four or five times in a row.  If you feel extra
ambitious, try to play bullfighter with him and don't use the safe
spot at all.  It takes some pretty precise timing in order to catch
him with your Knife as he's charging at you, but it is possible.

Once Rampede's been taken care of, pick up the Part Bottle for
Component #8 of the Restored Laser!  Exit the boss room and head back
towards Room #6 by dropping down and walking across the Zone.

=====Water We Doing Now=====

As before, restock on Life and weapons as you need to before we head
out to the next Warp Zone.  If you're trying to max out Grenades,
you should be able to get up to 78 of them now, meaning after the
next Warp Zone you should be able to get the max amount of 99.

The name of the section is supposed to be a cute little pun intended
to tell you exactly what we're going to be doing next.  With the
first of three items in hand, we should locate the next item of
importance.  As it so happens, the Underwater Cave Zone is where we
will find our next item, so when you're ready, head on up to Room #A1
and face north.  Open the door on the right and walk right on in.

====Warp Zone 3: Sea Cave===

One of the real challenges of this Zone is having to deal with
reduced mobility and increased jumping.  Fish are also prevalent and
very aggressive, though predictable.

Right from the get go you also get a fork in the road.  Take the
lower road this time.  Kill any Fish that get in your way and try to
keep your Life as high as possible.  The route is pretty straight-
forward, much like Cave 1's.  This boss can be a bit tough to handle
towards the end, so make sure to keep your Life at least above 50.
Any less and you may want to consider turning back for some Vitamins.

Boss: Split Turtoise
Life: 30, 12/spawn (Total: 90)
Damage: 30 (First Form), 3 (Spawns)

First thing's first, lure Tortoise away from the Part Bottle and nab
it the first chance you get.  You'll have acquired the Jump Shoes,
vital for obtaining the last item on our list.  Once you have those,
it's time to take Turtoise down.

His first form has 30 Life.  This is extremely easy to take down
because he attacks exactly like Insectisaurus Rex.  Once he takes 30
points of damage, he splits into five smaller pieces that swim around
and try to kill you.  They aren't very powerful hitters, but they're
small, fast, and tough to hit accurately.  They do have a tendency to
hang around the upper left side of the screen, so stick to the right
nook in the back and blast them with your guns.  This is the best
strategy since getting in close with the Knife is not only difficult,
but dangerous.  They aren't affected by Grenades at all either, like
most bosses.  It's a bit of a challenging fight, but it shouldn't
take much ammo to finish off Split Turtoise and his kids.

When the battle has finished, claim your Part Bottle prize for the
next component of the Restored Laser, Component #9!  Afterwards, make
your way back to Room #A1 and take a breather.

=======Jungle 2 Jungle======

Back out from under the water, you want to be extra sure you stock up
on Machine Gun ammunition as well as Life.  The next boss can take
you out in as little as two hits, so you'll need to be either lucky
or a bit skilled for this upcoming fight.  Once you feel you're ready
to go kick some boss butt, head all the way to Room #B7 and face
north.  Enter the door you see there and you should be in another
Jungle Zone.

===Warp Zone 4: Jungle 2====

Upon entering, the first thing you'll notice is the giant behemoth
coming at you from the right side of the screen.  That is the
Elephant Man - the strongest monster in Warp Zones aside from the
bosses.  If you feel daunted already, don't worry.  He's really easy
to dispose of and here's how: immediately jump between the platforms
to the left so that you're underneath them, then just walk away.
Really, it is just that easy.  Just be sure to avoid the Skulls
falling from overhead and the Slimes that spawn along the floor.  A
little further along you'll find a Flying Skeleton.  Easy enough to
dispatch, so do that and move along.  It doesn't really matter which
path you take either - it's all just a straight shot towards the boss
room.  Speaking of which, you'll encounter just one more Flying
Skeleton on the way there, which again is easy enough to dispatch.

Boss: Armordillo
Life: 60
Damage: 50

This boss is very similar to Rampede, except you are forced to be on
level with Armordillo.  That notch in the center is the only way to
avoid his charge.  Try to grab the Part Bottle on the right side of
the screen as soon as possible.  It contains the Shield Suit, which
reduces all damage taken by half and make you invulnerable to your
own Grenades (handy!).  You might take a hit after getting it, but 
having to work with three hits instead of two is still an improvement
in this battle.  Once you have the armor, go to the center notch and
use your guns as you did against Rampede.  Armordillo should go down
very much the same way.  Your timing will have to be MUCH tighter
though, since he's really fast and there's not a lot of room.

Once you managed to overcome this monstrosity, pick up Component #10
and rejoice!  You now have all three Warp Zone items, so your journey
from here on will be much easier and more free to enjoy.  Quickly
head back to Room #B7 and breathe a sigh of relief!  That was
probably the most intense fight of the game, though certainly not the
most difficult.

========Free To Roam========

From this point forward, the Warp Zones are all open to you for
exploration.  You can take down the rest in any order you choose, but
for the sake of continuing the guide, I'll focus my next efforts on
acquiring the four Red Vitamins for Life upgrades.

When you feel ready to press on (at least with this guide), head to
Room #12 and open the window to find the entrance to Warp Zone 5.

====Warp Zone 5: Dungeon====

Another straight-forward Warp Zone, you'll meet an Elephant Man a
little ways down the path.  Dispatch him, since you'll meet another
one with a Flying Skeleton a little further down.  The best way to
handle this is to toss a grenade just before you jump from the big
platform to the little one (which the Elephant Man should be stuck
against).  This will wipe out the Flying Skeleton and heavily damage
the Elephant Man, which you can now take out by stabbing repeatedly.
Jump up the ledges and dispatch the Bat at the top one, then jump
across to the platform to reach the boss room.

Boss: Ghostlypuff
Life: 60
Damage: 20, 10 (projectile)

This boss can be either a joke or quite tough.  He floats around the
screen tossing fireballs that spiral at you while sometimes
disappearing and reappearing out of thing air.  You should be stocked
up on plenty of grenades still, so if you want this over and done in
seconds (without even needing to grab the Red Vitamins on the right
side), toss three grenades and he's done.  Yep, that's it - just
three grenades.  I guess Smoke Bomb is a super effective move against
a Ghostlypuff!

If you opt to not use the el cheapo method, you've got quite the
fight on your hands.  The best tactic to use is the same one you used
with Rampede and Armordillo - let him float towards you and stab him
so he passes through you harmlessly.  You MUST stab him since neither
of the guns will have any effect on him (I told you this would be
tough, no didn't I?).  Try to avoid the fireballs if you can, but if
faced with taking either a fireball or his body, take his body and
move around the fireball.  If you get caught by the fireball, odds
are you'll be taking two to three hits, whereas you'll most likely
only take one of his.  It'll take 60 stabs to defeat him, so you're
in for quite the long battle.

Either way, once you've taken him out, collect the Red Vitamins if
you haven't already and the Part Bottle for Component #5.  You should
be halfway done with the Restored Laser now, so head back to Room #12
and take a quick break.

=======Halfway to Hell======

We're now halfway done with the regular Warp Zones, so pat yourself
on the back for getting this far!  With the extra bottle of Life,
you'll be much more durable during boss fights, and it only gets
better from here.

Stock up on supplies as needed and make sure your Life is topped off,
then head to Room #1.  Open the closet you see when you walk in and
enter it to head to our next destination.

=====Warp Zone 6: Cave 2====

We're now in the second Cave Zone of the game.  Head right to the
staircase to find an Elephant Man waiting for you at the bottom.  Let
him leap onto the stairs and all the way up to the top level, then
simply proceed along the bottom.  You'll see another staircase
leading up and another Elephant Man up above.  Ignore both - with the
Jump Boots at your disposal, you can just walk along the bottom path
and jump up to the entrance of the boss room.

Boss: Skelebite
Life: 30
Damage: 20, 10 (projectile)

Skelebite is particularly easy now that you have the Jump Boots.  He
spins along the bottom level and shoots fireballs as he does,
generally homing in on your position as he moves horizontally.  Grab
the Red Vitamins on the right at any time you like.  When attacking
him, wait until he's motionless, then drop down and shoot or stab him
a time or two, then quickly hop back up to the upper platforms.
With this strategy, you shouldn't take much damage if any at all and
he'll go down as quickly as he would otherwise.  He's got half the
Life of the last several bosses, so he should be a literal push-over,
especially if you're patient with his stops.

Once he's defeated, grab the Red Vitamins if you haven't already and
drop to get the Part Bottle for Component #2.  Make your way back to
Room #1.

==========Sea Level=========

Restock on weapons as necessary and make sure both your Life Bottles
are full and ready to go.  Our next area takes place mostly in water
again, so be prepared to move a little more slowly and take out some

When you're ready, head to Room #5 and head through the door to the

======Warp Zone 7: Lake=====

This is an extremely short Warp Zone.  I called it Lake instead of
Sea Cave 2 partially for the Contents section, but also because the
water doesn't encompass the entire level.  You can tell there's a bit
of Jungle foliage across the top, so it's more like a lake than an
undersea cave.  Anyway, it's extremely straight-forward, so just walk
on through and kill Fish when necessary.  You'll reach the boss room
in no time.

Boss: Sea Wurm
Life: 60
Damage: 30, 5 (projectile)

Despite having as much life as most of the other bosses, it's a real
pushover.  It takes a while before it will spit any of its clones and
it moves slowly enough that all you have to worry about is the
clones.  By the time you'd have to jump over (and by the time you
should jump over for that Red Vitamin bottle), you'd have killed it
already.  If you use either of your guns, you'll only have to
dispatch one or two clones, so that is recommended.

Once you've finished off the Sea Wurm, grab the Red Vitamins if you
haven't yet, then grab Component #3 from the Part Bottle beside it.
Make you way back to Room #5 and prepare for the next Warp Zone.

====Jungle 3: The Return====

As usual, restock on weapons and Life, then get ready for another
trip to the jungle for Warp Zone 8.  When you're ready, make your way
to Room #9 on the second floor, face north, and open the right-most
window to enter the next area.

====Warp Zone 9: Jungle 3===

This one starts out with another Elephant Man.  You can kill or
ignore it, whichever you prefer.  If you ignore it, take the top
level to get around him, then drop down and run the rest of the
Zone.  Watch out for and kill any Skulls or Slimes that get in your
way.  You'll reach the boss room pretty quick.

Boss: Flame Wyvern
Life: 35
Damage: 20, 10 (projectile)

His flight pattern is very similar to Ghostlypuff's, but he doesn't
blink in and out of sight, making it somewhat predictable.  His
fireballs also fly straight at you instead of in spirals towards you.
You can try using a similar strategy and it should be generally
effective, just make sure to dodge when you can because he can hit
fast and frequently.  Grab the Red Vitamins up top whenever you like.
I recommend using a gun for this battle since he has relatively low
Life, so it'll be quick, easy, and painless to take him out with
those weapons.

When you've taken him out, grab the Red Vitamins if you haven't
already for your last Life upgrade, then proceed to the Part Bottle
to acquire Component #1.  Exit the boss room, then head straight for
the exit to Room #9.

=======All Jungled Up=======

Now that you have all four Life Bottles and the Shield Suit, you're
as durable as you can get in the game!  Only two more components to
go and we'll be ready for the showdown with Canbarian.  Our next stop
is in yet another Jungle Zone in Room #8.  When you've finished
stocking up on weapons and Life, head to that room and open the
window facing north.  Crawl through to find yourself at our next

====Warp Zone 9: Jungle 4===

And we're back in the Jungle.  Gee, I wonder why there are so many
Jungle Zones in this game.  Anyway, you'll immediately see an
Elephant Man to your right, so dispatch it by either shooting it
with your guns or jumping to the little ledge to your left and
lobbing a few grenades at it.  By this point in the game, if you
haven't died or have been constantly making sure your stock of
weapons is in tip-top shape, you can certainly start unloading
everything you have for these last three zones.  You'll get a chance
to restock between each of the Zones and you really won't need so
much ammunition after you finish Zone 10.

After dispatching the Elephant Man (or perhaps during, if you're
lucky/unlucky enough), you'll notice some blue Skulls dropping down
from about halfway up screen.  These are Exploding Skulls, which will
hit the ground, bounce back up about one-fourth of the screen, then
explode into four shrapnel pieces that arc from its blast point.  Try
to avoid these as best you can since they can knock you back easily
and deal some fast damage.  Fortunately, they don't actually hurt
much, so most of the actual "damage" is from just being knocked back.

Following the route a little to the right, a Flying Skeleton will
come at you from the upper-right.  Dispatch it with a Machine Gun
bullet and press on.  After you cross the little pond, another
Elephant Man will appear.  You can kill it or ignore it.  Killing it
is super-easy: just crouch on the last ledge-step and stab or shoot
it to death.  Ignoring it is a bit trickier thanks to the Bat that
spawns on the other side.  You can try to kill the Bat and then jump
down to the floor, then up to the platform above, avoiding the
Elephant Man's attack.  The boss room is right there, so get ready
and switch weapons if you'd like.

Boss: Skull Dragon
Life: 25
Damage: 60

This boss can either be a piece of cake and an outright nightmare.
Its pattern is extremely predictable and gives you plenty of chance
to dodge and prepare an attack.  Given that, its only weak spot is
its head.  Sounds super easy, right?  Well, it is...until you hit its
tail.  Hit any segment of its tail, and that segment turns into a
perfect copy of the original, just with its tail shortened to where
you cut it off from.  This means that you have to deal with two of
them now, one at full health and the other weakened by however much
you hit it for.  There are nine segments in all, so you can have up
to ten of these things floating on the screen at once!  All in the
same predictable pattern.  The cool thing is, though, that all of
them have really low Life.  Hit any single one with five shots from a
Machine Gun and it'll be gone.  That said, this can be made into one
of the easiest fights in the game.  Carefully aim your Machine Gun
and in five hits the fight is over.

If you do manage to snag the tail and unleash one or more monstrous
clones, there's a Blue Vitamin on the right side which recovers you
by 100 Life units, effectively filling one whole bottle.  Save it for
when you either really need it or for after the battle.

When the fight is over, however short or long it took, grab the Part
Bottle to the right and claim Component #6.  One more to go and we're
done!  Fight your way back to Room #8.

====From Chaos With Love====

It's the last Warp Zone we have to fight through to complete the
Restored Laser, so stock up on what you feel you need (definitely
refill on Life if you take any damage on the way), and make your way
to Room #B1.  Inside, along the south wall, you'll find a closet that
contains our next destination.

===Warp Zone 10: Jungle 5===

We really must be teleporting to the Amazon or something.  Way too
many jungles around here.  Anyway, immediately upon entering, an
Elephant Man will try jumping at you.  If you aren't quick, you'll
get knocked back and take some damage.  Instead, hold left and jump
up to the ledge to avoid its attack.  Kill it if you like, or just
ignore it and jump to the right.  Carefully avoid the Bat that spawns
as you try to jump down to the platforms to the right.  Be ready to
dispatch a Flying Skeleton when you get there.  As you go further
right, you'll spot another Elephant Man.  If you stand a bit to the
left on the platform, he'll jump at you and give you a little bit of
space with which to jump down and back up to the nearby platform.  Be
careful of any Slimes that might be down there as you find a safe
spot to jump from.  Once on the platform, quickly dispatch the Flying
Skeleton that comes at you.  You'll now have to navigate a bit of
water with some Fish inside.  If you don't want to hassle with them
too much, lob a grenade.  Also be wary of the Bat that blocks you
from jumping onto the ledge beside the boss room.

Boss: Bone Legion
Life: 25
Damage: 25

This battle is probably the most difficult of all the normal Warp
Zone bosses.  The boss has a protective shield of bones that keep it
from receiving damage.  In order to damage it, you have to hit the
shield, then hit the Skull that appears behind them.  It's most
vulnerable just after hitting the shield, as once the shield
disappears, it's replaced by a circle of protective bones.  It's next
to impossible to dodge and fit through this circle of bones to hit
with the Knife, and 12 damage per hit is going to make short work of
you in a fight where you can barely attack the enemy.  It's possible
to win here with a Knife, but unless you're going for that kind of
challenge, simply don't waste your time.

Your best strategy is to take the Machine Gun and fire off two rounds
at a time.  The first will penetrate the shield and reveal the Skull
while the second will deal a swift 5 damage to it.  Since you're
using a projectile weapon, you may get the opportunity to take
another potshot at it as it's floating around with the protective
circle.  Do so if you can, but don't eat too much damage trying to.
After about five Machine Gun rounds, this boss is down and out.  For
having such low Life, it really was a pain in the butt!

After the match, take the Blue Vitamins to recover your strength and
grab the final component: Component #7!  Finally, the Restored Laser
is complete!  Make your way back to Room #B1 using any weapons you've

=====The Final Countdown====

Now that we're at the end of the line, we needn't worry too much
about stockpiling weapons.  Just find and take whatever you can on
the way to Room #A3.  Be sure to stock up on Life if you need to,
since that's the most important thing to have.  Once you're in Room
#A3, face the north wall and open the door.  The last Warp Zone

===Warp Zone 11: Jungle 6===

Before dropping into Warp Zone 11, switch to the Machine Gun.  You'll
need it right away to dispatch the Elephant Man assaulting you.  As
you approach the ledge-stairs, a Flying Skeleton will attack.  Toss
it aside with a single shot.  There's a bridge you'll need to cross
that has Fish jumping up at you.  Patiently wait for the Fish to go
back down or just shoot it and cross quickly.  There will be another
Flying Skeleton and Elephant Man on the other side.  Dispatch the
Flying Skeleton.  If you'd like, throw a few grenades to finish the
Elephant Man too.  Otherwise, just jump from platform to platform
until you get to the boss room.

Boss: Canbarian
Life: 10
Damage: 120, 80 (projectile)

This is it!  The final battle!  Finally, all the Jungle Zones make
sense!  Canbarian is none other than a magical King of the Jungle.
Surprisingly, he doesn't begin attacking you until you strike him
with your Knife.  Once you hit him with it, your Knife turns into the
Restored Laser.  He's also a stationary foe, making targeting a
breeze.  What makes this fight any difficult is that he's constantly
spewing large fireballs and they are fast.  Add to that his only
vulnerable part is his face.  It's not as difficult a fight as some
of the other battles, but it can be over quickly if you're not

His pattern isn't terribly predictable, but it's only semi-random.
If you stand directly diagonal to him, you're safe.  You can't hit
him either, but it's a good point with which you can stand and learn
his shot patterns.  Once you've got a good idea of his shot patterns,
jump through them to the very top platform near the entrance.  From
here, crouch and attack, jumping only to avoid the fireballs coming
at you.  After a mere ten shots from the Laser, Canbarian should

Congratulations!  You've just beaten the FDS version of Dr. Chaos!
Pat yourself on the back, sit back, and sip a cup-o'-awesome.  A job

-----Version Differences----

For those of you who played Dr. Chaos on the US NES console, you've
definitely noticed some pretty stark differences.  Here's a list of
them.  If you notice any that I missed, send me a message via one of
the methods described in the Credits section of the FAQ.

1) Smork appears in hallways instead of Warp Zones.

-In the US version, Smork appears only in Warp Zones.  It's tough to
say whether this was an intentional difference or not.  It may have
been moved to the Warp Zones in a bid to make them even more
difficult, which worked rather successfully.  I saw a few Smorks in
the beginning of my walkthrough, but by the time I really got
rolling, I wasn't out in the hallways long enough for one to really
show up.  Even when I had Room Monsters to deal with, it didn't
really come up but once or twice.  I feel given these experiences,
the facts generally point to an intentional movement from hallways to
Warp Zones.

2) The screen doesn't flash when a Flying Skeleton or Elephant Man

-These are two of the most annoying enemies in the game.  While I'm
not sure exactly why the flash announcing their arrival was put into
the NES version, I speculate that it would have something to do with
making it a tad easier for players.  The NES version makes their
appearances predictable and easy to calculate.  There are also more
of them, so the flash may have been to warn players when they had an
onslaught of Death coming their way.  They did make the game more
difficult for American audiences, so it's not out of the question
they'd include a feature that eases the difficulty ramp a little.

3) Warp Zones are MUCH shorter!

-Indeed, the Warp Zones are so short it almost feels like I'm
cheating just playing this version.  All of the NES version's Warp
Zones were pretty much extended versions of the FDS version's.  They
were also made a bit more difficult with additional Flying Skeletons,
Elephant Men, and more spawn points for Bats and other common
monsters.  The path to Canbarian in Warp Zone 11 was also littered
with Exploding Skulls, making it a fair bit more difficult to reach
his boss room.  They are completely absent in this version of the
game, making the path to the final battle a little more anti-

4) Save files over passwords?!

-The Famicom Disk System's usage of disks allowed many games on it to
use save files over password systems.  Most FDS games that used saves
generally allotted three slots to save on, and this included games
such as Metroid, Akumajo Dracula (known as "Castlevania" in the US),
and many more that used more traditional password systems in their
American releases, if anything at all.  For a game like this, a save
system would have been a great concept for the American release
considering how long the game was compared to the FDS version.
Unfortunately, though, all we got was this crummy password system.
On the bright side, at least the passwords work as given, right?

5) Are Michael and Dr. Chaos in space?

-Haha!  No, they are not adrift in either ending.  It might look like
it in the FDS one though, where all you get is a screen with Ginn
and Michael facing and embracing each other with a flashing chromatic
background, but I just figure that it's really dark where they're at.
After all, where's the light coming from in the NES version's ending?
How could anyone know where or what they're standing on?

6) What happened to the first title screen?

-The NES version has an initial title screen, then quickly cuts to
the actual title screen.  I'm not entirely sure why this is, but it
could be due to the fact that the transition was from the FDS to the
NES, where the NES has no BIOS screen like the FDS does (for those
who are unfamiliar with the term "BIOS", it's the screen you see
whenever you turn on any Game Boy system, with or without a game).
While I don't think a filler screen was really necessary, I think
they just threw it in to compensate for the missing BIOS.  There may
have been a programming reason to do this too, such as delaying the
intro to the game long enough to have the music and title screen sync
up again, but I couldn't tell you from a factual standpoint.

From what I can feasibly say as fact, these are all the differences
between versions (sans the obvious disk changes).  I speculate that
there may be one more marked difference that actually makes this game
more difficult, and that's the higher encounter rate for Room
Monsters.  When I play the NES version, I encounter maybe a handful
throughout the entire game, if any.  While writing this walkthrough,
it became painstakingly obvious (intentionally so) that I was
constantly encountering them.  I think I experienced at least twenty
or thirty encounters throughout the entire run.  I even experienced
an encounter when I opened a cabinet containing Vitamins!  Since I
don't understand the codes these games are written in, I can't tell
you if the encounter rates are truly higher in the FDS version, but
I speculate that they are.  Do some test runs for yourself and feel
free to send me your results: I'll gladly publish them in an update
to this guide.

-----Version Information----

Version 1.02 - Fixed some minor FAQ formatting errors.  No changes to
the body of the guide were made.

Version 1.01 - Updated release to correct some misleading and/or
incorrect information (I was directionally mixed up when pointing out
the East and West relative directions.  Whoops!).  Also fixed some
grammatical errors and edited and added a few statements to clarify
some things.

Version 1.00 - Initial release version; contains all necessary
information; updates will generally be used for clarification and
grammatical corrections, but information found to be missing or
incorrect may be updated to reflect more accurate information.


This guide is (c)opyright 2012 by Louis Boiko (a.k.a "MASTERNO" on
GameFAQs).  Feel free to redistribute this guide any way you would
like, so long as credit is given to me and no money is involved in
the receipt of this guide.  For further inquiries, comments, or
suggestions, please email me at heroman.x.zero.protoman ( A T )
gmail.com or send a message to my GameFAQs account as listed above.

I'd like to thank the various FAQ writers that have used this format
in the past.  I think there are many of them, and I don't really
remember who they are or what they wrote FAQs for, but this writing
format is my favorite and preferred.  Credit goes to them, whoever
they may be, for this style of FAQ formatting.  Contact me for creds
if you know who they are or what games they wrote for.

A big thank you to GameFAQs for hosting a website where knowledge
such as this can be freely shared by gamers everywhere.

Also a big thank you to Nintendo, Marionette, and Pony Inc. (Pony
Canyon) for the creation of the Famicom Disk System and the
development and production of this amazing survival horror adventure
game, respectively.