Downhill Domination Cheats

Downhill Domination cheats, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes for more Downhill Domination cheat codes.


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These are entered while playing, so do them fast:

Unlock Code: up,triangle,down,X,left,O,right,square
(enable this first to be able to use the others)

Super Bounce: left,square,X,up,triangle

Anti-Gravity: down,triangle,square,square,up

Mega Flip: right,up,up,right,right,square

Super Bunny Hop: up,X,left,square,up

Adreneline Boost: down,left,left,right

Stoke Trick Meter: down,left,left,right,right

Combat Upgrade: up,down,left,left,right

Upgrade to Bottle: up,down,left,left,right,right

Energy Restore: down,right,right,left,left
Extra Smack Time at Finish
To enable this cheat enter, Left, Right, Down, Down
Infinite Water Bottles
Press Up, X, Left,[x2], Circle[x2]
More Cash
To enable this cheat, enter Right, Up[x2], Circle[x2], Square.
Speed Freak
To enable press, Down, Triangle, Right[x2], Square.
Unlock All Fantasy Bios
To enable this cheat enter, Left, Right, Right, Up, X