Doshin the Giant Cheats

Doshin the Giant cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Bonus Levels
After the villagers build all sixteen monuments an intermission sequence will begin and a new level will start. Fulfill the villagers wishes and the credits will start after they build their monument. Several bonus levels will now be unlocked at the main menu.

Build the good and bad variations of the fifteen monuments in the museum. Then, destroy one of the monuments. The villagers will build a mystery monument, followed by an intermission sequence and bonus levels.
Easy hearts
If you pick someone up and throw them down you will get a heart easy
Jashin Warning
Do not turn into Jashin too frequently, as it may cost you the trust of the villagers.
Lowering Ground Easier
If you want an easy way of lowering the ground fast,simply turn into Jashin and fire some fireballs at a mountain or high peice of land,the fireball will tear through the land and flatten it much more rather than wasting minutes lowering it by hand.
Save your villiagers !
save your villiagers from fire by surronding the viiliage by water and save them from tornadoes by build mountain ranges near by.
the easy way to get people
to get easy people, stick to the building a house and when it's finished, 5 people will withdraw from the house. it depends on the colour of the tribe
top tips to complete the game.
here are some easy tips to complete the game:

1) put different coloured people in the red group.

2) if you think your turning to big and your just going to crush you village then just try and leave it for a game day

3) when people need stuff like to lower ground, but are surrounded by people and villagers, then leave it.

4)put pople in the yellow zone when your red village is too full then, with the blue

5) repeat in the yellow and blue zones.

by this time you should have a good couple of monuments

6)now there is an island on its own somewhere so build a path by raising land from there to the big island

7) carry 2 people from each village there.

8 put a mountain there and dont make the island too big as you still want it covered by water.

8) when that gets too populated build another island not too far from there and repeat.
Turn Giant Quickly
Turn into Jashin and go on a rampage in a good size village. Get the skulls to increase to giant size.


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Extra trees
When trees die they don't grow bak!to get more trees you can either kill villagers creating a purple flower which with time(a day)will turn into a tree or you can gather seven trees together(witherd or healthy)this will create 8 trees but kill your old trees(an extra tree!)