Doom review
My favorite shooter, a VERY slik game

The good:

: Great sound, great weapons, cool monsters, NICE and long. Personnalyi REALY like it.

The bad:

Too dark, repeptative, no storyline and the aiming is usuall a little off.


"If it bleeds we can kill it"
"The reveiw will now begin, please enjoy". I'm a bit of a Solid Gear fan lol. This game is basically the same as the Doom game on PC! Thats right! Your very own copy of Doom on GBA! Doom pretty much uses the same game engines as Wolfenstein and Dark Arena on GBA. In Doom there really isn't much of a focus on the story line and there are no mission objectives apart from colllecting the Red, Yellow and Blue keys so you pretty much search every nook and cranny to find the keys so you can progress through the next level. Activision have done a great job converting this gem from the PC and trust me on this , If you are looking for a good FPS on GBA you will NOT be dissapointed, read on.

"BOOM!" "MOAN!**"
Like I mentioned earlier the whole point of the game is travesing through the levels getting the Red,Yellow and Blue keys and going through the Red, Yellow and Blue doors until you get to the exit. Along the way you will be fighting hordeds of enemies and trust me they aren't pretty. Stuff like these huge red mutants which lunge at you and you gotta pump 5 shotgun rounds into them before they die. Stuff like these brown monsters that haurl fire balls at you. And the classical hordes of shotgun weilding men and many more NASTY foes. The gameplay is excellent and you will find yourself stuck at times through the levels wondering what to use the Blue key on or where is that Red key? But its nothing along hard search of the map won't resolve. Activision has packed in a devastating arsenal, of your classcial pistol, shotgun, and fists to rockets and this cool chainsaw that tears enemies to bits. Althrough the downside is the gameplay wil get fairly repetative. This is the main problem. But if you seriously do not mind getting keys every level for the objectives and making to the exit then you shouldn't have a problem. Alos the game is fairly long including three episode called "Knee Deep In Dead", Shores of Hell and the Infoerno which each pack ebough gob smackinglevels to keep you playing for a long long time and also 5 difficulty levels to add replayibiblty. The levels get REALLY cool by the 2nd Episode.

"My Eyes!!! My beautifull eyes!"
Alright it aint that bad. The graphics are fairly good. Every creature has a small "limited" death animation in wjich you watch them fall back after you killed them with green blood spilling. Its kinda cool. But the darkness in the game is really intense. No its not scary it just plain annoying. You really have to swich to a different lighting mode to see well enough.The walls, stairs, etc etc in most levels are fairly clearand easy to play but nothing special. Some detail has been included such as a little skulls sign here and there. There are a few different type of doors. The enemies if you get up close loom fairly good but nothing special. Games like Rayman and Advanced have a much beter "feel" than this games graphics but still the games graphics can be coped with but don't expect a light show.

"The sounds of war"
Alright this may very well be the best aspect of the game. The sound is really cool. The sound of your chainsaw groggily humming, the moans of enemies as they are shot and the meaty sounds of the shotgun along withe the chaingun. Not to mention when your walking you here "ALL KINDS" of background noises which really adds a really cool aspect. The sound is truly well made.

Summing it up the game this game is long, packing lots of gore, evil weapons and enough monsters to satistfie even the most hardcore FPS fans. A EXCELLENT GAME!

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