Doom Collector's Edition Cheats

Doom Collector's Edition cheats, and Codes for PC.


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All Weapons, Ammo and 200%
Type in idfa to get all the weapons and ammo.
All weapons, ammo, keys and +200% armor
Type in idkfa for all the weapons, ammo, keys and an extra 200% armor.
Berserker Pack
Type in idbeholds to get the berserker pack.
Change level
Type in idclev(1-9) to change levels (depending on number)
Everyone's Position
Type in iddt(twice) to see where everyone is.
Full Map
Type in idbeholda to see the whole map.
Getting the Light Amp Goggles
Type in idbeholdl to get the light amp goggles.
God Mode
Type in iddqd to activate God Mode.
Type in idbeholdi for invisibility
Radiation Suit
Type in idbeholdr to get the radiation suit.
Reveal Map
Type in iddt to reveal the game map.
Walk through walls
Type in idclip to walk through walls.

For Doom 2: Hell on Earth.
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