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It has been one of the most anticiapted games of the new millineum, and it's finally here. Thats right, Doom 3 is here. But, is it everything you thought it would be and and a basket of muffins. Yes, and no. Okay, so there's no basket of muffins, but it is a good game. So let's get the stuff we already know out of the way first. The game looks fabulous. No doubt about it, even at the lowest settings, it is still one of the best looking pc games out there. The attention to detail, especially in the character models is especially pleasant. You may spend the first part of the game running around the base just looking at the tv's, watching the news reports, as it shows character models doing the news reports and their lips actually moving in sync with their speech. Ok, so it isn't that big a deal, but it is just one example of the amount of detail put into the game.

The game's lighting is also good, but I think it was overhyped. Detailed lighting is all too common nowadays, so having this detailed lighting and shadow is not all that new. The environments are also exceptionally detailed, and do infact look realistic. It is true that you will need a good system to play this game.

Unlike other reviews, which will go on and on about graphics, we all know that they only carry you so far. In Doom 3, it can carry you further than most games, but when it comes down to it, Doom 3 is a typical shooter. It's action is very old fashioned like, with elements of some of the newer games in it. There are elements of Halo, Half-Life, Quake, and of course, the original Doom and it's sequel, Doom 2. The action is straightforward, having you run and gun from one point to another. In between the shooting action and the running from place to place, you will have to collect card keys, special items, and get codes for doors. Codes, and even pieces of the story, are strewn about in PDA files. These are transfered to your own PDA system, which you then look up.

Unfortunately, you will have to sit through many of these pda files, reading or listening to messages, trying to find codes or bits of story. It can be tedious at times, but when you realize that most of it isn't very interesting or helpful, you can skip a lot of it.

Okay, so what is this game about now. Well, you play an un-named Marine in a Mars research base assigned to protect the base and it's projects. Shortly after you get there, all hell breaks loose and you are forced to fight it. And when I say all hell breaks loose, I mean it, as you literally face the legions of hell, alone. As far as the story goes, it seems interesting, but it is only a motivation to keep blasting demons away. There are several plot holes and things that don't make a whole lot of sense. For example, you will witness almost everyone around either dying or becoming possessed, yet you remain intact armed with average weapons like the shotgun and machine gun, all the favorites from the original game. One would think that if everyone around you were dying or being possessed, there wouldn't be anything that makes you special, but apparently you are.

But, in the long run, none of that matters. What matters is that the game is the same old Doom that you knew from back in the day. There is the nice added touch of fear in the game, something that was always missing. In this game, it is to dark to see anything 80% of the time, and you must rely on a flashlight to see. Unfortunately, this flashlight must be held seperatly. Not to worry. When it comes to the action, you pretty much point your weapon in the direction of where your enemy is attacking and you fire. Enemies will get the best of you at times, as they will pop out of no where, pop up behind you, or crawl out of some unseen corner. You will have to keep a very keen eye and ear to not get snuck up on.

So, there you have it. One of the most anticipated games of the new millinium. If you're expecting an incredibly innovative game, you might be let down. About the only innovations here are the graphics, which are as good as they have been amped hyped up to be. As far as the rest, it is a typical shooter. This makes it far from bad, as it is extremely fun to play. Heck, just taking a walk around the base is fun. If you were ever a fan of the older Doom games, definately pick this one up. If not, this might be a way to get you interested in the Doom games of days gone

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