Doom 3 review
Welcome Back to Hell

The good:

- A welcome return to a franchise that should have spawned far more sequels than this.
- Maximum use of today's advanced technologies to create a realistic world.
- More scares than you could ever cram into a Resident Evil game.
- Some of the most horrific looking monsters you've ever pointed a gun at.
- Quite long.
- Excellent level design.

The bad:

- Can get slightly predictable after a few levels.


Picture the scene. You're edging along a corridor with faulty lighting, you can hardly see where you're going and as if you're not scared enough as you nervously approach a steel staircase to climb to a brighter area, a monster about 1.5 times the size of you bursts out through the steps and chases you down the corridor as you run blindly backwards, firing frantically to save your life.

Welcome to Doom 3. After years of hard labor in their offices, iD Software have re-emerged as the leader in the FPS market with a resurrection of their hellish franchise, Doom, not seen for ten years on the PC platform and regarded by most as the game that started it all. Forget Far Cry, Soldier of Fortune or Quake, this is the game that put us where we are today.

Featuring quite possibly the most blood splashed round walls since Silent Hill, more darkness than a worldwide powercut would cause and thousands of the most foul, disgusting monsters you've ever seen in your life, Doom 3 does not do things in small measures. You once more play a wet behind the ears Marine thrust into battle as your entire base on Mars is wiped out by invading fiends from the darkest bowels of Hell.

Using weapons ranging from your trusty 9mm handgun all the way up to the BFG (Remember it from the previous games?), you'll be fighting your way through hordes of creatures ranging from the fireball throwing imps to Hell Knights, huge 10ft tall monsters that take nearly 50 rounds of plasma to down, as you try to figure out where these guys are coming from and how to stop them.

The game boasts an endless cast of voice actors, which I don't believe are celebrity but certainly do a fine job of making the situation seem ever more believable and frightening. Most are encountered on small PDAs you collect around the base, containing voice logs recorded by their former owners, but you do meet the occasional human still hiding away in a back room. I remember at one point opening a door to be met by a scientist, and I think I jumped more than I'd ever done encountering monsters. The shock of meeting a human after endless exploration of the base encountering room after room of blood and death is overwhelming and impossible to describe in black and white.

At the time of writing this review, I'm almost at the finale and I got to say, I've enjoyed this game so much, it's been so refreshing to get back to killing thousands without motive, and to be able to do it in a modern retelling of the classic Doom story is a bonus in itself.

Doom receives a few lost points scorewise due to being slightly predictable. Once you've encountered most of the scare tactics, you can enter a room knowing where and when you're going to be jumped - maybe a good thing?

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