Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil User Reviews


The show must go on...

The good:

  • Graphics
  • The return of the double barreled shotgun
  • Soundtrack
  • New enemies
  • Finally, McNeil makes an appareance

    The bad:

  • Hell is still an awful passage
  • The Hero isn't charismatic... Give me back my Doom3 guy!
  • Why Trites and Tricks are still there?
  • A little short


    2147. Almost two years ago, Mars City (site 3), an UAC facility, was destroyed by a mechanical incident during a secret experiment. Only a marine survived.

    Back to 2145. Betruger, Delta Labs Director, went mad and decided to invade the Earth with his hellish army. You, the Marine, prevented this plan to be a success. Betruger is gone to Hell, becoming Maledict, a powerful demon.

    In 2146, a signal from the abandoned site 1 was found. A decision was taken: the scientist having asked an investigation two years ago about Betruger and sent back to Earth by Betruger, Elizabeth McNeill, would conduc...

  • 8.8

    Another trip to hell and back

    The good:

    Superb graphics
    Good new weapons and monsters
    Nice challenge near end
    Classic Doom

    The bad:

    Not too long
    Multiplayer ain't great


    Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil is a port of an expansion pack for Doom 3 on PC. Now that we all know that Doom 3 for the Xbox was surprisingly good, Doom 3 : Resurrection of Evil needs to keep it up. Thankfully enough, it has.

    In Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil you once a again play as a nameless, voiceless, nobody space marine and him and his squad were investigating down in some ruins. As they were looking around, the came across the strange artefact, which is this strange heart.....thing and when the nobody space marine touches it, everybody dies and once demons are on loose and it's your job ...

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