Doodle God (iPhone) Cheats

Doodle God cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for iPhone.


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Game Center Achievements
Complete each achievement to get Game Center points! The numbers in brackets are the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Good Start (5)Create 6 elements.
Creator of Diversity (5)Create 10 groups.
Creator of Life (10)Create life.
Creator of Humanity (20)Create humans.
Creator of Civilization (30)Complete Episode One.
Creator of Technology (40)Complete Episode Two.
Creator of Modernity (50)Complete Episode Three.
Creator of Magic (60)Complete Episode Four.
God of Fun (10)Create games.
Brilliant Inventor (50)Complete Episode One without hints.
Deity of Darkness (30)Create all the bad things.
Doodle Bar (20)Create all the drinks.
Half the Kingdom (30)Complete the 'Save the Princess' quest.
Practice Makes perfect (5)Create an element three times.
Similar to Similar (5)React similar elements together.
Master of the Worlds (100)Complete all episodes without using any hints.
Reviewer (60)Write a review on the game.
Honorable Santa (30)Complete the 'Run, Santa, Run' quest.
Heavenly Virtues (30)Complete the 'Sins Vs. Virtues' quest.