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This game based on what is one of the SNES' finest hours has been ported (finally) but when I bought this game I was really shocked. What was once a top of the range side-scrolling platform game, with top graphics pre-rendered wonderfully on some expensive bit of hardware. Well that was "back in the day"
And it hasn't aged well.

Amazingly enough rare have teamed with Nintendo again and made a classic game into a disappointment. The graphics look dark and washed up (even on an SP) on some occasions you get your self killed due to the screen not showing what you want to see or in some cases need to see. You are guaranteed to die even if you can see, as there is some points in each level where you will fail on your first try and maybe even struggle to do altogether.

As I started this review by looking back at what was once great game it now looks like a common platformer by today's standards the game is far from disastrous it's just not as good as it once was. It is out done by most of the platformers for the GBA including the wonderful Mario Advance and Sonic Advance this Port show that Nintendo do make major mistakes (64DD anyone?).

The extras might keep you entertained after you have finished it but it won't keep you busy for as long as other better quality platfomers for you hand held buddy. I would advise that you get a SNES and play the original (and have fun) on it rather than spend some money on a murky version of which will lead to a lot of torment.

Overall: 5/10
Graphics: Very poor for the game that originally relied so on them to dark on GBA too murky on GBASP and to blocky on the GB player for GameCube. Having aged so drastically is both a shock and a shame this will lead to anger on the GBA and SP when you die due to not seeing what you needed to. 4/10
Gameplay: Dated from its original splendor still solid and with the twist's but you will get killed regularly and will often not see why until it's too late due to the graphics. 6/10
Lifespan: It will last for a short amount of time; the extras might keep you attached to the game for a little while longer. If you have played the original you know what to expect and you should be able to rush through it in no time if you haven't the game will last you a bit longer. 6/10

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