Donkey Kong Country Cheats

Donkey Kong Country cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see Code Breaker Codes for more Donkey Kong Country cheat codes.


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Bonus Level in Millstone Mayhem
When you first start the level, you will see a tire. Instead of jumping right, jump to the left and you'll land on top of the entrance. Go all the way to the left and jump straight up; you'll jump into a bonus level.
frog in Bouncy Bonanza
when you get to the half-way barrel go past the bee and then you will see a tire jump on it and go left while doing this go trough the cave jump on the box and you have a frog.
Hero Mode
Beat the game with 100%. Start a new game and select Two-Player mode to activate the "Hero mode" option.

In Crazy Kong's fishing, once in a while a crab will walk on the bottom of the ocean floor. Catch it and you will recieve a scrapbook.
Snow Barrel Blast Extra Life
on the level "Snow Barrel Blast" once you shoot donkey onto the top of the mountain with the cannon barrel jump across a three vultures when you jump on the third one you will bounce up and up there will be a life balloon
Stop and Go Station
If you have trouble beating the Stop and Go Station (or you just want to) then simply go left as soon as you appear in the level. This should take you to the middle of the level!
Warp Barrells
In The level of 'Trick track trek'(2nd level of the 5th world) walk right to the end of the platform and do a barrell roll/cartewheel and the jump. To do this, press B then A as fast as you can. You will then be in a warp barrell.
You should come outtright next door to the exit.


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Bonus level in Tree Top Town: "Stop The Barrel: Kong Edition" Cheat
Okay. You must be slick and fast to do this right. Wait until you see a single banana in the first barrel. Jump onto the banana, and you will spell "K000". The zeros are the barrels still waiting for you. Go to the next barrel, aware of your new challenge. Do the same thing as you did for the first barrel, but jump when you see the K. Do the same thing over again, but as if you were spelling KON with a banana at the start. Don't get it? Firt barrel, jump at the banana. Second barrel, jump at the K. Third barrel, jump at the O. Fourth barrel, jump at the N. KON! You have now completed this -stank-darned bonus! Your reward is an Expresso coin. Use this cheat three times to get another bonus.
Easy Lives
every one knows that on the very first level you can get a rhino and there is also a "find the exit" bonus. well but u didnt know you could do that bonus over and over until yuo get 99 lives?
here's wat u do, obviously u go to the 1st level, then u get the rhino in theat level. then go to the bonus and find the ext (dont foget the ballon). then instead of falling down and getting the "G" press left and go back in to the bonus. this cheat does actually work i've done it hundreds of times
Funky's Fishing: Gorilla Glacier
Getting 50 quidges may seem difficult. It doesn't have to be. Enter Funky's fishing and do not panic. Pay attention, and while the screen is fading in, look if there are many Squidges below you. If so, immedietly press A to pull up 2 or more squidges. If you hear Diddy say a quote about your fantastic catch, repeat this cheat as fast as possible many times. No Squidges? No Quote? No Kombo? Try again. And again! Eventually this cheat will work. If you get mad, just think. "This is not neccesary! This game is just a couple pixels on a screen."
Get more Points/Lives while having fun!
When you get on an animal like a rhino, look for some rock walls, some you may be able to break through!

Also look for some gold coins of animals, collect 3 of the same animal for a bonus game to get more lives!
Have more lives
To begin the game with 50 lives, go to Start. On the Select a Game screen, highlight Erase. Then hold SELECT and press B, A, R, R, A, L. When you begin the game, you'll now have 50 lives!
Hidden Bonus Level in Tree Top Town
Okay. This is very simple. at the beginning of Tree Top Town, you will see a hamster. Jump on it, do not roll it! Walk a couple steps and when you see a vulture flying, run after it. Go to the beginning of the level, when you see the vulture jump on it and attempt to fall into the pit. You will enter a bonus "Stop the Barrel" level which you need to spell out Kong. The next cheat will be how to do so in an easy way. Enjoy!!
Level Warps
MINE CART CARNAGE!-In the level "Mine Cart Carnage!", the second level of the second world, throw the DK barrel out of the way. Then run and jump over the white starred barrel. As soon as you are past it come back and hug the wall while you are falling. You will land in a warp barrel that will take you close to the end of the level.

STOP AND GO STATION-In this level, just walk into the entrance of the level.
Make Move like a Pro!
Hey, when you play this game, you want to do is fast, easy, and professionally, right? Well, when you jump, move just push tons of buttons on the control pad, and then you'll spin in the air! It's cool!
Sound Test
1.Go to the file selection place.
2.Hold select and press B,A,L,L,A and down.
3You'll hear Diddy say "Not Bad!" and You'l be in the sound test place.
Warp Barrel In Millstone Mayhem
In Millstone Mayhem, go to the first gap. Drop in it. Ypu will shoot up. As you are shooting up, hold the control panel left. You will warp to the end of the level.
XD Roll Cheat
This is hard to do, but worth it. When you start falling, roll, and jump. You will jump on a platform!