Donkey Konga Cheats

Donkey Konga cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Donkey Konga cheat codes.


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Easy Coins
Do a song that has many rolls (for example, We Will Rock You or the Pokemon Theme). Those songs have lots easy rolls, and on only Monkey Mode you can at least rack 300.
Go through a drum roll easier!
Once you get to the drum roll just blow on the mic so DK will clap REALLY fast... (This is only for those who have DK bongos, if you have the GC controller i can't really help you.)
Gorilla Mode Songs
The following Gorilla mode songs can be bought at the Jungle Jams store at DK Town:

All The Small Things: 1313 coins
Bingo: 25 coins
Busy Child: 800 coins
Campfire Medley: 580 coins
Dancing In The Street: 1745 coins
Diddy's Ditties: 365 coins
DK Rap: 6800 coins
Donkey Konga Theme: 100 coins
Hungarian Dance No.5 In G Minor: 1848 coins
I Think I Love You: 99 coins
Kirby: RIght Back At Ya!: 848 coins
Like Wow: 1898 coins
Louie Louie: 1990 coins
Mario Bros. Theme: 4900 coins
On The Road Again: 1600 coins
Oye ComoVa: 2250 coins
Para Los Rumberos: 380 coins
Pokemon Theme: 250 coins
Right Here, Right Now: 1200 coins
Rock Lobster: 980 coins
Rock This Town: 644 coins
Shining Star: 1005 coins
Sing, Sing, Sing,(With A Swing): 12 coins
Stupid Cupid: 1599 coins
The Impression That I Get: 1399 coins
The Legend Of Zelda Theme: 4900 coins
The Loco-Motion: 2060 coins
Turkish March: 331 coins
We Will Rock You: 69 coins
What I Like About You: 590 coins
Whip It: 707 coins
Wild Thing: 580 coins
You Can't Hurry Love: 3395 coins
Lots Of Coins
When you come across a star drum roll (Clap over and over) blow into the DK bongos (Or scream) and you will get rapid fire coins, my estimate about 70. and normally you would get 15.
Never Miss Bongo Beats
Whenever a red, yellow, or pink barrel appears, just hit both bongos. It will show up as a yellow, red or a pink. This helps for the Gorilla songs.
Soft Clap
Instead of having to clap loudly or take your hands off the bongos, just snap your fingers or give the right side of the bongo (side not surface; the plastic part) a good tap. This will respond as a tap. Also, instead of clapping or hitting the side of the side of the Konga, you can just yelp a small but loud noise.
You only have to memorize clapping!
Here is a way on Monkey/Chimp/Gorilla JAM mode that you can get all of them right.

1.Go through the song you want to play and memorize where clapping is.

2.Once you think you're ready,go to wherever JAM mode you need to go to and select the song.

3.Since you know where the clapping is,you won't have any trouble on the notes. Just hit both bongos at the same time! I will count as either one.


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Control Title Screen
Clap at the title screen to move the letters in the "Press Start Button" message.
Easier Clap Roll & Be aware of the Bannana Juggle Mini Game

If you see a clap roll, make a lot of noise into the sensor. Try saying something. Try (simotanuelously) make a screeching noise.

To be aware of the bannana juggle, you musn't hit the drum hard. If you hit it hard, then Diddy will keep giving you new bannanas. If your juggle amount is very high and you hit the drum hard, Diddy will give you a new bannana when it is not needed. Well there you have it. Look for more cheat updates from me.
If you get 500 coins or more, you will see (at the end of the song) a whole bunch of coins will appear. The song I prefer is The Legend of Zelda song.

HINT: If you see a drum roll and it's either yellow or red, (NOT PINK) use both of your hands on 1 drum. You'll get more coins doing that than just using hand.
Unlock Donkey Konga mini-games
To unlock all the mini-games found within Donkey Konga, you must go to DK Town and then to Monkey Shines and pay the following coin totals:

100m Vine Climb: 4800 coins
Banana Juggle: 5800 coins
Bash K. Rool: 5800 coins