Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat review
DK: Back with the Bongos

The good:

+Unless bought used, the Bongos come with it!
+Storyline not too overused

The bad:

-Really noisy at night hitting the bongos and clapping.
-A little short
-Boss fights are both short and easy


At first glance, the game looks extremely short with only four levels to choose from. But don't worry, you will be able to unlock a whole lot more! Though not a direct sequel to Donkey Konga, Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat still features basically the same gameplay and controls.

You start off in the intro which actually lets you get a feel for the controls. After that you will be at the main menu screen. Later on in the game there will be a lot of barrels to choose from, each with four levels. In each level you can get up to three crests: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each ranking on how many bananas you collect throughout the level. The graphics are really good, a lot better than most gamecube games.

A few bad things is that it will tire you out. Because the game is so interactive that after a while your hands will hurt from both clapping and hitting the bongos. If you have sensitive hands then I advise you not to play. Another bad thing is that the Boss Fights are way too easy. My little brother and sister play it a lot and easily beat the final boss. The Controls is probably the worst thing though, they are really easy to learn, it is just executing them is the problem. When swimming is the worst, it is as if Donkey Kong has a mind of his own!

Other than that this game is pretty good actually. It has kept me entertained for hours. Here are my final scores:


Control: 2. The controls where simple enough to learn, but unfortunately the timing is always a little hard and sometimes you have to have your hands closer to the receiver for clapping to work.

Story: 3. The storyline really followed Donkey Konga's storyline basically so it had already been used. Fortunatly, though already used, it still was excellent and full of surprises!

Graphics: 4. The graphics are amazing. Everything is clear. You can see where you can and can't go along with what is where.

Sound: 3. The sound is quite impressive, with of course an actual bongo sound omitting from the speakers when you hit the bongos. Everthing is easily heard.

Lifespan: 2. Donkey Kong really has unlimited life basically. Unfortunatly, it makes the game less challenging. You collect bananas for a special event after each level, and instead of DK losing life, he will just lose ten bananas for every time he is hit. But it is easily avoided.

Lasting Value: 3. Though at first glance this game looks short, it is a lot longer than you think. But as all games do, in time you will beat it and eventually just get plain sick of it.

After analyzing all of these scores, I gave it a 3.4 for its graphics and gameplay mostly.

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