Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat review
Bang it Hard with Donkey Kong!

The good:

Awesome Graphics, Sweet Control, Sweet Controler, Kicking Boss Fights

The bad:

Uber Short, No Multiplayer


Donkey Konga came out in late 2004 for the Gamecube. It introduced a controller that was two plastic drums together to form bongos. The game was fun, and gamers assumed that only music games would be used for this. I mean, do you really think you could go through diffrent enviorments as Donkey Kong only using the bongo? If you said no, it's time to be inlightened, my friend.

Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat is like the old-school Donkey Kong games we all loved from the SNES era. Except better. In most parts. The first thing unique about this game is that you use the DK Bongos to control Donkey Kong. This seems akward at first, but after the first couple of levels, you dominate the control. Smack the bongos to run, clap to attack, and bash both bongos to jump. Sounds easy, but those couple of moves can do a hell of alot in the battlefield.

The graphics in this game are unbelivable. It makes Starfox Adventures crawl into the fetal position. The sound is also very good. But you don't want to hear that, do you? No. You wanna know about the game.

You go through diffrent kingdoms, each named after a fruit. The first two levels, you do whatever you can to collect as many bannanas, called beats, as you can. This game is all about the beats. The more you get, the stronger you will be at the final boss fight at the third level and the more crests you will get. The more crests you have, the more kingdoms you can unlock. And that is something to be happy about.

But of course, it's not all perfect. Is anything? The first big problem I had was the length. Really, really short. I'm talking under two hours and you're done with the main part. Secrets will add another 3, if you're lucky. But the replay is so high, that you really won't mind. Hopefully. Also, this game screams 'Multiplayer', but no one hears. That would have made this game perfect.

All in all, you get off your computer and buy this game. Sure, you can use a regular controler, but why would you? The Bongos are the way to go. Why haven't you left? BUY THE GAME!

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