Donkey Kong Country 3 Cheats

Donkey Kong Country 3 cheats, Passwords, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Donkey Kong Country 3 cheat codes.


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Menu Passwords
From the options menu,enter the codes menu found on the sound and music loudness screen,and enter the following passwords(only one may be used at a time).

PasswordWhat it does
aquaGet all 98 Bonus Coins
ExtrasAllows you to play Funky's, Cranky's, and Swanky's Mini-Games from Main Menu.
musicMusic Player
harderNo Midpoint Barrels
TufferRemoves DK and Star-Barrels (only works when you start a new game) Use it to gain 105% done
MonkeyStart game with 50 more Lives
kreditsView Credits


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To get to Krematoa, circle around four rocks in a cicle faster and faster until a giant volcano comes out from there. Now you have found the lost world Krematoa!
Squirts Showdown/ Cotton Top Cove
Squirt can be very hard but if you know the right buttons to push, he is easy. First, you start off as Ellie. In order to suck water from the waterfall you have to hold down, down A and L. Then when his eyes pop out, you squirt his eyes. You have to squirt two times on each eye. Each time you do that, he opens his eyes again. You repeat this process until he dies. You squirt him 6 times in total.
Tips you NEED to know.
Ok first of all (after you started a file and saved) press pause when you are not on a level and select quit game. Next on the main menu go to options. Go down to "cheats" and type in "monkey" to obtain 50 extra lives and "aqua" to obtain all bonus coins needed to pay boomer in the lost world.

Now that you have done that defeat that HUGE spider (EWW!) in the forest. Take the patch to Funky. He will then create a boat that can go over those rocks. You will then be able to go to the four rocks that will become the lost world after you circle clockwise around it, as well as the island, and Cotton Top Cove. Also on the beaches press "A" in front of them to find some secret caves (there's one in the forest past the second bridge. you have to swim to it.) There are 13 secret caves. I found this out after wasting money talking to Bazaar. So dont spend any money asking about the caves and the castle b/c all he says about the castle is "I dont know. I saw a keep away sign so I left." (Man, was I ticked!!)

Also after you pay Cranky to train you will NEVER have to pay him again when you vistit that dojo. But w/ Spanky you have to pay every time you visit.

Oh and another thing you CAN go up waterfalls. you just have to find 2 ski's. (one you get after beat that robot on that island. i havent found the other one yet)

I hope all of this helps!! good luck!! Have fun!!!
Warp Barrel in Barrel Shield Bust-Up
Hello, I'm gonna tell you where to find a warp barrel in the level Barrel Shield Bust-Up.
I do not know exactly where, but somewhere in the level is a place where you can get a invisible bear coin and when you get that coin, you will be shooted back to the place where you standed before going in the hole. This is the location of the warp barrel:

Jump inside the hole and instead of going back inside the barrel, go to the left and you will be warped to the exit.