Donkey Kong 3 review
Another great classic despite no Mario

The good:

Arcade-perfect graphics, sound, and gameplay. 2 difficulty levels.

The bad:

No Mario!


The 3rd game in the Donkey Kong series, DK 3 took a dramatically different turn in plot. This time, DK & Stanley the Bugkeeper (looked like Mario but was not named that) had to work together to clear a greenhouse of bugs, done by Stanley helping DK climb by shooting him from underneath with a bug sprayer. It's funnier than it sounds and looks.
If you played this in the arcade, almost nothing has changed in the conversion. The graphics, sounds, and controls are exactly the same. Controlling is very simple-mainly left and right and spraying up, but different altitude levels to jump up and down from do add more depth to the game. A fun touch is DK makes a lot of different facial expressions during gameplay, which adds a lighter touch to the otherwise frantic gameplay. All the stages are included as well, along with 2 skill levels and an alternating 2-player option. And yes, there's no Mario...although back in this game's time he still hadn't been named Mario yet despite the similar looks.
This game definitely added a great touch of originality ot the franchise, much like Donkey Kong Jr. before it. Like all the other NES arcade classics, it's worth digging through bargain bins for, or hoping Nintendo brings it back as part of it's new Classic NES Series for Game Boy Advance.

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