Dog's Life Cheats

Dog's Life cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Different collars
When Jake bathes, he also gets a new collar, and a new J to match it.
Finale in Boom City
To save Daisy, have Jake run down the first ramp and push the button. Then, back up the ramp and around the path. Down the next ramp are two buttons to push. Back up the ramp and go around the path then down another ramp. Pull the lever and follow the arrow up the next ramp across the round object and down. Pull on that lever, then run over to the crates. Hop up them and back down onto another ramp/path. Go past the turn slightly and push that button. Then, go back and down the path across another round object down another ramp. You will see a U-turn sort of arrow on the ground. Turn around and run past the crate of cat food. There is another button just past that which is easy to miss. Then, keep going forward and up yet another ramp. Follow the path around all the bends until you get to a square area, a big machine, and a small pile of wrenches/screwdrivers. Have Jake toss three of these into the machine and it will break.
Finding Scents
Press r1 in SOV, and Jake will turn to the closest scent. If you have one scent left and you are going crazy, just use this!!
Fix antenna in Mountain Top
To fix the antenna at the mountain top, take that pigeon feeder off the mall landing on High Street. Toss it close to the antenna on Mountain Top.
Free food
In some areas there is a slot machine called "Lucky 7". Have Jake pull the handle. If the rows match up, Jake will get some food. If it lands on all "7"s, he gets a bunch of food.
free food
in front of the the butchers at clarksville in the centre stand in front the the window then press the grab button to grab the food off of the window seel with out breaking in
Getting Clean, without the Poodle Paurlor
If there is a body of water, just jump in and swim for a while, then, shake! shake about 3 times to get as clean as possible
Getting the bone in the butcher shop in Centre (Clarksville)
Take the kids basket someplace where there are chickens and have Jake bark at them. Then, carefully pick them up. When Jake is directly next to the basket, gently tap Circle so that he will drop them in. If you press Circle to hard, he will pitch them and they will break. Then, take the basket to the kids. Once you regain control of Jake run into the shop, you can also get something to eat while in there.
High Street helicopter in Boom City
Have the Husky run up the steps by the mall. (where the bath is) and up and across the roof and down onto the platform the get the helicopter.
More bones
In Clarksville, Jake can pkay a game of basketball to win a bone. A glitch activate when you do this for the fisrt time, allowing you to do this, once every day.
Move list
Note: Unlock the extra moves by winning Doggy Doo games:

Sit down: Press Down.
Lie down: Press Down while sitting down.
Sit up: Press Up while lying down.
Stand up: Press Up while sitting down.
Shake body: Press Left, Right, Left.
Beg 1: Press Left, Right, Up.
Beg 2: Press Right, Down, Up.
Beg 3: Press Left, Up, Down.
Beg 4: Press Left, Left, Right.
Beg 5: Press Left, Down, Up.
Fart or poop: Press Left, Right, Down.
Pee left: Press Left, Down, Left.
Pee right: Press Right, Down, Right
Regain health
Use one of the beg moves near a human and they might give you a treat.
Scare The Horse
In Clarksville farm house there is a Clydsdale horse bark at him and he will rear up on his back legs and winne.It's funny.
Scarecrow In the Field In Clarksville
When the man asks for you to help him fix his scarecrow in the field, all you have to do is run around him barking. When he gets to the scarecrow, also bark around the scarecrow.Now you will not fail the job. Pretty easy.
Secret Platform
In Boom City Station, there is a secret platform above the station. Go behind the trains (to the area with lots of boxes) and jump up the boxes. You will find a platform at the top that is very long and there are three scents up there.
Snowball fight in Ski Slope
When the kid tells you to throw snowballs at him, go into Smellovision after picking up a snowball. Back away from him a few steps, aim for his chest, and throw. A sound will indicate when you have hit him correctly. After the third one, he will drop the bone. Once you are doing it correctly, the kids will throw snowballs at Jake.
Snowman parts in Ski Slope
The coal is in the house/shack up there by the snowman. The arms are in the trees north of the snowman. The nose (carrot) is in a trash can next to the ski lift where the people come out. The hat is on the decking of the cafe up the stairs where the ski lift is located.
Treats from animals
To get a free treatm grab an animal (chicken, cat, or skunk). A treat will fall from it. Press Square and Jake will shake most of the feathers or fur off it. If you grab a skunk, press Circle hard. Jake will pitch him in the air. Giving you time to bolt without being sprayed.
unlimeted health
when playing the game shake shake shake bark and beg2
Zooming In
I found this out not long ago. Incase you don't know this, there are 2 'View' buttons that you can use.
By hold L2 you zoom into Jake.
By holding R2 you keep the Camera focused on Jake's back, so even when you turn the camera will turn so you always see behind Jake.


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Super Jump.
Did u know jake can jump really far?But this only works in Clarksville.Ok just go to the dock beside the guitar player aim at the other side of the river move back a few steps and run & jump u will see he jumps right across the river to the other side!
unlimited treats
ok so, in Clarksville more specifically the center, there in a man who with headphones on, blue shirt and a backpack go to him an use beg5 over and over again and he will just keep giving you snacks. (it doesn't work with the other begs only BEG5.)


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Get away from the Dog Catcher Easily in the Clarksville Centre
When the Dog Catcher chases you in the Clarksville Centre, run towards the road leading to the village houses. As soon as Jake hits it, the Dog Catcher will leave him alone! (This may work in other places where the dog catcher is, but by the time you get there you will probrably already have escaped)
unlimted bones -change dogs -change map
This really works ok first during game play bark(square) three time then growl(hold down square) three times then push left right down then go to select menu and you will see cheats and there ou have it!