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Super Dodge Ball Advanced


Playing Super Dodge Ball Advance is pretty much just the same game as Super Dodge Ball, which was released on NES. This time, you can take it with you on the Game Boy Advanced.

Who has never played dodge ball in there gym class? If is the end of the day and you just want to get through the last bell, Phys-Ed. So you stroll into the locker room and change then sit down and wait for your teacher. She quickly tells you in her man-voice that you are playing dodge ball. You divide into teams, then you spread out. Like most people, you hide in the back of the gym talking to your friends, then BAM!!! You get hit in the face. Does this seem all too familiar? Well if you want to throw hard balls at peoples faces, but don't want the hard rubber slamming into your groin then Super Dodge Ball Advance is the game for you.

The more people that you have playing this game, then the more fun it is, so getting a connector and a friend with the same game is a must.

The second you turn on the power, you will be amazed. Remember the first time that you played SNES after playing Game Boy and NES for years on end? Well, then you should have a reminiscent feeling, once you begin to play. The character models are cartoon based, but not overly goofy looking, very well done.

With such a great game, I was quite disappointed when the sound system was based on the NES version of the game, which was in nothing more than the sounds of an Atari 2600 game. Unfortunately, it is, and there is not much to do about it. Do not let the sound push you away from Super Dodge Ball Advance! If you do then you will be missing one of the best games for GBA.

Atlus has done a great job setting up the controls for Super Dodge Ball Advance. For some reason, it reminds me of the first time that I played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. The controls are very easy to learn. But once you learn them, it will take hours upon hours of playing Super Dodge Ball Advanced to master the controls.

With one of the most addictive Gameplay, Super Dodge Ball Advance is one of the best games that you can get if you have Game Boy Advanced. It is defiantly one of the top 5 hand held games ever! You will play Super Dodge Ball Advance for a seemingly endless amount of Biology lectures.

If you have a link cable, then you should defiantly play Super Dodge Ball Advance with as many people as possible. Much like it was in real life, if you only have one or two people playing, dodge ball will not be too much fun. But watch out on your victory celebrations, or you might get hit in the groin, but not by a rubber ball, but instead by a clenched fist, or a shoe. Either way, it is not very good for you.

The contemplation between purchasing Super Dodge Ball Advance, or renting it, should not be too long of one..... Buy! Buy! Buy! Buy!

GRAPHICS: 10 /10
SOUND: 5 / 10
CONTROLS: 10 / 10
GAMEPLAY: 10 /10

Mike Truitt

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