Super Dodge Ball Advance Cheats

Super Dodge Ball Advance cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBA.

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Super Dodge Ball Advance Cheats

Unlock Dream Team B (Rockets) and Special Championship Mode
Complete Championship mode.

Unlock Dream Team C (Iron Men)
Complete Special Championship mode.

Raise your rank faster
For the fastest way to climb the rankings, always challenge the top team.


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How to change your manager

Everytime you initiate (erase) your save data, your team manager will randomly change. There are four managers in the game: Sara/Ayane (yellow tanktop), Alys/Riho (white tanktop), Jenny/Nanae (blue shirt) and Masumi (white sweater).
Super Combo
While playing Super Dodgeball Advance, you can use assist skill to make your super throw hit your opponent easily, but it depends from AI itself. To use Assist Skill, simply press L button, then one of your Player will run and jump toward enemy's field. But, to do Assist Skill, press and hold L button then press A button. Then, the ball will passed to that player who run toward enemy's field and that player will unleash his/her jumping super throw. You also can chain another Assist Skill by pressing and hold L button then press A button, then the ball passed to the next player and press B button to unleash his/her jumping super throw. You also can pass it to your field keeper (on opponent's field) and he will unleash super throw from the previous player
Unlock Dream Teams
Dream Team A- Beat Special Mode a second time

Dream Team B- Beat Special Mode the first time

Dream Team C- Beat Championship Mode

Dream Team D- Beat Special Mode a third time

Dream Team E- Beat Special Mode a fourth time
Unlock Dream Teams (initial 4)
Dream Teams (initial 4) - Beat the first team twice in 1st place, then keep playing Special Championship Mode to get them.
Unlock Special Championship Mode
Special Championship Mode- Beat Championship Mode.