Creatures Docking Station review

The good:

DS is a totally free online game that will inpress any virtual pet fan, and did I mention it was free?!


This game is not only great for virtual pet fans but its also been greatly discussed in the academic world due to it's ground breaking artificial life. If you haven't seen this game on tv, or had it shown to you at school or university then you should download it now. The game allows you to guide a species known as norns around their world, teaching them to find food, learn to communicate with you and avoid any nasty species they might encounter. You can also connect the game to the Internet and send your norns through the online warp to other users, then chat with your friends through the in-game chat rooms to see what your norns are getting up to in their new homes. Be warned though, as your creatures breed you may find some unexpected norns hatching in unusual colours or with traits such as immortality. So download and enjoy DS, and then consider buying some of the addon packs and the Creatures 3 game that expands the gameplay further. It's well worth it!

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