Duke Nukem 64 Cheats

Duke Nukem 64 cheats, Easter Eggs, and Codes for N64.

Easter eggs

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Area 51
Go to the door after you destroy the alien scum. Find the keycard or just access it if the "all items" cheat is on. Go explore a little while until you find the room with the three laser blocked doors. Jetpack on to the little platform and there will be all 3 door controls (3rd is broken). Access 1 and 2. Before you go into 2 to go up the elevator. Go into number 1 look around then you'll find Half of Hulk's mutilated boy behind some glass.
Mutilated People
1.Go to Castle Dukenstein (Dukematch Or Alien If You Don't Want Those Annoying Dukebots In the way cuz there is no enemies in that level in alien mode) Go into the castle go upstairs and then look around you will see 2 shirtless mutilated bodies.

2.Go to the bathroom go under water in the bath and there will be 2 Mutilated Bodys (Actullually they are half duke nukem bodys after it explodes).

3.Go into the other room and through the teleporter and you will see a man dead and a chain (Which Is Duke Nukem Dying Freeze Motion Upside down on a chain).
Death Row
Go to Death Row and into the bed secret until you reach Snake Plissen "I Guess He Didn't Escape From L.A." Then go to the shortcut and go throught the hall of the cells at the end the only prisioner their is Hannibal Lecter!

Lunar Reactor
After you go through the ship and outside jump off until you see a cave the jetpack up and go in it you will find Yoda "Now That's A Force To Be Reckoned With" (In DN3D You Find Luke Skywalker).

Duke Burger
Go Down The Road To The Menu Press A And Butthead's Voice Will Say "Go Away We're Like Closed".

Hotel Hell
Go Into the hotel and in the pool behind the waterfall then activate the door and look around until you Find Indiana Jones "We Meet Again Dr. Jones".

Go To the little factory and go to the door you will find Terminator "Terminated!...".


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Activate All Cheats

All Items
At Title Screen, press R Button, C-right, Right, L Button, C-left, Left, C-right, Right.
Cheat Menu
At Title Screen, press Left, Left, L Button, L Button, Right, Right, Left, Left.
God Mode
Press the R Button 7 Times and Then Press Left on the D-pad. You should hear a sound. Now go to the Cheat Menu and there it is at the very top.
Level Skip
At Title Screen, press L button, L button, L button, C-Right, Right, Left, Left, C-Left.
Monster Toggle
At title screen, press L button, C-Left, Left, R button, C-Right, Right, Left, Left, Right You should hear a sound. There should be a new option in the Cheat Menu.