Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble Tips

Getting 103% completion
To get 103% completion here is what to do
1.Beat the game
2.find the lost world by circling those 4 rocks at the world select screen (i forget which way if one way doesen't work go the other way)
3.get all the bonus coins and go to the shack in the lost world now do the levels and get all those bonus coins and return to get the last level
4.return all the cogs from the levels and fight K.Rool in his submarine to get a DK coin
5.if you haven't already, get all the DK coins and go to funky
6,in your new helicopter fly to the top left of the screen to see a giant banana bird traped behind a wall.
7.get all 15 banana birds and go to the wrinkly's save cave now watch the ending now have 1035completion