Donkey Kong Country Cheats

Donkey Kong Country cheats, Tips, and Codes for GBC.


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hidden sticker packs
Hidden sticker packs:
Hidden sticker packs are found under, near, or around green banana bunches. To obtain these hidden treasures, find a green banana bunch, and use Donkey Kong to slam the ground (hold Down and press B). You should see a tiny rectangle bouncing on the ground. Collect it,( this is a extra sticker pack) and then turn off the game. Turn the game back on, select the "Print" option at the main menu, then go to "Sticker Book". You should find a small picture (what you collected) on one of the pages. Press A on one to print it.

Note: This requires a Game Boy Printer connected to the Game Boy Color via a link cable.

Stop & Go Station Level Skip
Just as in Donkey Kong Country SNES, when you enter the level go back to the entrance. You will be warped to the end of the level.


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Expert Mode
Get an 81% or higher completion by completing all levels(including bonus levels) and getting all the coins at Candy's. Enter the options menu and turn off the DK barrels. This will allow you to increase your percentage by playing the game againat a harder difficulty.
infinate (gameshark)
Note: You must have a 2.1 or higher version of the Game Shark to use these codes on a Game Boy Color system:

Infinite Lives 01991DC3
Infinite Bannanas 01991BC3