Disney Universe (Xbox 360) Cheats

Disney Universe cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Saviour of the Universe! (90)Complete all of the worlds.
Hero of the Sands (15)Complete the Aladdin world.
Time for Tea! (15)Complete the Alice world.
It Means No Worries! (15)Complete the Lion King world.
Scary Feet! (15)Complete the Monsters, Inc. world.
Swash Buckler (15)Complete the Pirates of the Caribbean world.
Returning to Earth (15)Complete the WALL-E world.
World Beater (30)Get a Gold Grade for a world.
Champion of the Universe (90)Get a Gold Grade for all worlds.
Collector (15)Collect all of the World Collectables within one level.
Serious Collector (15)Collect all of the World Collectables within a location.
World Set Complete! (30)Collect all of the World Collectables within a world.
Compulsive Collector (90)Collect all of the World Collectables in the game.
Suit Up! (15)Purchase a costume.
Dressed for Success! (30)Purchase all of the costumes.
Four Star Costume! (15)Fully upgrade a costume.
World of Hurt! (30)Fully upgrade all of a world's costumes.
Ultimate Cosmic Power! (90)Fully upgrade all of the costumes in the game.
Challenge Addict (15)Play 50 Challenges.
For The Win! (30)Win 50 Challenges.
The Bigger They Are... (15)Defeat the Brute.
Dizzy! (15)Defeat Roto.
Time for a Diet! (15)Defeat the Spawner.
Bad Dog! (15)Defeat the Bulldog.
Gold Hoarder (15)Store 1,000 coins in the bank.
Richer than a McDuck! (30)Store 10,000 coins in the bank.
Along for the Ride (15)Complete a level in multiplayer.
All Together Now! (15)Complete a level with 4 players.
Playing to Win! (15)Defeat 5 players in a single level.
To Infinity... and Beyond! (15)Defeat another player by throwing them.
Keep 'Em Coming! (15)Defeat 100 enemies.
Anti-Virus! (30)Defeat 500 enemies.
Giddy Up! (15)Defeat an enemy whilst riding an animal.
Freeze! (15)Defeat 5 enemies using a single Snowman power-up.
Boxing Clever (15)Defeat 5 enemies using a single Power Punch power-up.
Bad Hair Day (15)Defeat 5 enemies using a single Medusa power-up.
Rapid Fire (15)Defeat 5 enemies using a single Shooter power-up.
Tag! You're it! (15)Transfer a curse to another player.
Unstoppable! (15)Complete a level without respawning.
Old School (10)Complete a level without using help arrows.