Disney Sing It: Party Hits (Wii) Cheats

Disney Sing It: Party Hits cheats, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Transition from easy to hard
Because this game has a difficult display screen (especially in harder modes), a few things should be done before tackling a difficulty out of your reach. A) Be sure to start with an easy(ier) game mode. Making sure to memorize the lyrics, rythm and beat is essential to getting a good score. This helps you because you can focus on one thing instead of the lyrics, precision, etc. B) Make sure to begin with Normal Mode; you'll be able to learn the song much quicker. Karaoke should only be attempted by very experienced players! C) Lastly, always sing into the mic. It may sounds like an obsolete tip, but the mic's not very powerful, so distancing yourself even slightly has its effects!