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Easy Bomb Grab
You may have noticed in the some of the games, you will need to pick up bombs to stun your opponents. Keep one thing in mind, there's alot of lag time in picking up and throwing the bomb! In mini-games that have your ability to push, disabled (Ex. Chaos Castle), if you press A, your character will track a bomb and pick it up. Try it!
Fast card collecting!
I am sure that with the scarcity of cards approaching, it gets rather bothersome to collecting them. Well, here's the quickest way to get cards. One thing to keep in mind, is that the amount of cards you get in the end is not in anyway altered by anything, (Ex. not how many humans played, or how long the game was). You get cards just for completing a game. So here's a good procedure!

First go to Pairs mode or Game board mode (towards the end when you are past 110 cards, you might want to stick at every game mode until they reached their final drops, once they do, stick with pair mode). Select characters, set length to short (1 row to complete!). Try to get as many human players as possible, so you are always about every time going the right direction.

You will start off with 4 stars, once you get to your first mini game and complete it, form a row in either direction on a board. In Game Board mode, use one person's game board, and put all 4 stars IN a row on that board. In Pairs mode, just form a row on the one board there is. One of you should have 1 star left, since somebody one the Star Fountain game.

Try to get a Game Board time as best as you can, Wild Garden is the best place to start, since when you arrive, you already have the choice of going to game board time. Be sure to at least win one mini game as you progress. So by now, with the one star left, you can use it to fill in the last space of the board you are using to get a Bingo so early, its actually really funny, so continue doing this method, since its probably the fastest known.

Limits to card collecting
As you have progressed, you may have noticed that the ammount of cards you get from a card pack, once the credits are finished, gets lower and lower. This is because you are getting closer and closer to the Maximum. Here are the lowest they will get.

Game Board Mode- 2 cards each completed game

Pair Mode- 3 cards each completed game

Mini-Games Mode- 2 cards each completed game.
Purpose of Collection Cards!
The purpose of collection cards, is just to take a gander at the nice picture, and the small description. The description includes history, and sometimes includes info on what's happening in the pics. That's what they are for.

Do not assume anything of something going to happen when you get all 234 cards. All it is, is just for viewing, and there are no unlockables in this game whatsover, but just the cards to look at. I guess you can learn bit by bit of Disney just by playing this game.
Rigged Wheel Spinner
When you first start a Pairs mode or Game Board mode game, you first choice in the Magical Square, is to choose between going to the Information Desk, an Item present, and the Star Fountain mini-game. Choose the Information Desk, and nothing else, so you win a prediction at a Wheel spin. This is because, always on this spin, it is rigged to always stop on the Information Desk. This is due to the fact that Scrooge Mcduck MUST give you Power notes, stars, and crystals to start with, it is inevitable to avoid this happening, even if all 4 players are on the other choices.
Skip dialouges and Info!
There will be times in which you will get tired of reading the same text. This is due to the fact, that each time you play, the game treats you like if it's your first time. At least if have completed the game once, you can press start when Scrooge Mcduck explains something. (Sigh...we love our Uncle Scrooge...but we have to press on the quest for taking the win, no time to talk). Thus you can speed through the game slightly faster.

NOTE: This does not work for when Uncle Scrooge gives out awards, or when the credits roll!
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