Disney 's Extreme Skate Adventure (PS2) Cheats

Disney 's Extreme Skate Adventure cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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All Create-a-Skater Items Cheat
Go to the cheats screen and put in sweetthreads as a cheat.
all of the cheats in the game
Level select
Enter "extremepassport"

All skaters
Enter "friendsofbob"

All created skater items
Enter "sweetthreads"

Special meter always full
Enter "supercharger"

Lion King FMV sequence
Enter "savannah"

Toy Story FMV sequence
Enter "marin"

Tarzan FMV sequence

Enter "nugget"
Special Meter Always Full Cheat
Go to the cheat screen and enter supercharger as a cheat.
Video Cheats
Go to the cheats screen and enter these cheats to open certain videos.
For Lion King Video enter savannah
For Toy Story Video enter marin
For Tarzan Video enter nugget