Disney 's Extreme Skate Adventure (GC) Cheats

Disney 's Extreme Skate Adventure cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Special tricks
By getting 25 medals for a character you will unlock a special trick. There are 25 medals per character in each level. Each character has a total of three special tricks.


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All created skater items
Submit the case-sensitive code sweetthreads.
Every skater
Submit the case-sensitive code friendsofbob.
FMV Sequences
Lion King FMV sequence:
Submit the case-sensitive code savannah.

Toy Story FMV sequence:
Submit the case-sensitive code marin.

Tarzan FMV sequence:
Submit the case-sensitive code nugget.
Get all costimized skater items
First go in "options" then "cheat codes. do not space the words and do not capitalize, otherwise this code won't work. punch in exacly like this. trendytrickster.
How to get Jessie?
In Andy's room save the soldiers from the toy chest. Exit from Andy's room into the bathroom. Save the Hamm from off the toliet and walk back out.Find the Hamm again talk to him,but don't do his chalenge yet.. run as fast as you can to the open toy chest jump into it,do a grind al the away around the ledges only once.Jump out go back to the Hamm under the bed will be jessie appearing under.Now if you do this all under 1 minute you will get two extra minutes to do the Hamm's challenge.
Level select
Submit the case-sensitive code extremepassport.
Special meter always full
Submit the case-sensitive code supercharger.
Unlock Stuff
Note:All codes must be put in in the cheat section of the main option menu.

All skaters:entourage

Level Select:ambassador

All Created Skater Items:trendytrickster

Unlimited Special Meter:inthezone