Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Cheats

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness cheats, Trophys, Unlockables, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Universal Recognition (Platinum)Complete all other trophies.
Secret Trophies-
Ultimate Destroyer (Gold)Defeat Pringer X in LoC Mode.
Item Hoarder (Gold)Collect all items (excluding grades).
Pringer X-Terminator (Silver)Defeat Pringer X.
Ordeal or No Deal (Silver)Clear all Cave of Ordeals maps.
God Slayer, Item (Silver)Defeat an Item God.
Special Voyeur (Silver)Watch every Special Skill animation.
The Damage of 100,000,000 Exploding Suns (Silver)Dish out 100,000,000 damage.
The New Disgaea Anime (Bronze)Watch the opening movie.
Please enjoy Disgaea D2A Brighter Darkness!
[b]Statue Connoisseur (Bronze)Clear Episode 1.
Little Angel Wrangler (Bronze)Clear Episode 2.
Group Negotiator (Bronze)Clear Episode 3.
Netherworld Idol (Bronze)Clear Episode 4.
Gate Crasher (Bronze)Clear Episode 5.
Eviland Explorer (Bronze)Clear Episode 6.
Angel Protector (Bronze)Clear Episode 7.
Uniter, Not a Divider (Bronze)Clear Episode 8.
Angel Finder (Bronze)Clear Episode 9.
Story Finisher (Bronze)Clear the Final Episode.
How Asagi Got Her Groove Back (Bronze)Make Asagi join your party.
Porkmeister's II: The Next Stage (Bronze)Make Porkmeister join your party.
There's Something About Petta (Bronze)Make Petta join your party.
Weekend at Darkdeath Evilman's (Bronze)Defeat Darkdeath Evilman.
Valvatorez and Fenrich's Infinite Prinnylist (Bronze)Make Valvatorez and Fenrich join your party.
The Tao of Axel (Bronze)Make Axel join your party.
Artina Get Your Gun (Bronze)Make Artina join your party.
Emizel Almighty (Bronze)Make Emizel join your party.
Red Barbara (Bronze)Make Barbara join your party in the Post-Game.
100,000 Points of Pain (Bronze)Dish out 100,000 damage.
Bringer of Life (Bronze)Create a character.
Baby's First Ride (Bronze)Mount a character.
Plank Walker (Bronze)Defeat some pirates.
Voter Intimidation (Bronze)Use force to persuade the Dark Assembly.
Gimme the Loot! (Bronze)Go to a bonus stage.
The End of the Rainbow (Bronze)Nullify all Geo Panels on a map.
2 Become 1 (Bronze)Use a Mounted Skill.
Game Over...Or Not! (Bronze)Lose all your units in battle and lose.
Public Display of Affection (Bronze)Use a Mounted Skill with two characters that have max likeability.
Buried by Rocks at Night (Bronze)Have ten characters reach Max likeability at any given point.
Attack Interceptor (Bronze)Protect 10 attacks.
Opportunist Extraordinaire (Bronze)Perform 100 Support Attacks.
Battle of Words (Bronze)Watch 100 battle conversations.
Jumping Juggernaut (Bronze)Jump 1,000 times.
Combo Commando (Bronze)Perform 100 Combos.
Team Attack Tactician (Bronze)Perform 100 Team Attacks.
Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater (Bronze)Use the Cheat Shop 10 times.
A Main Character is You! (Bronze)Change the character you control at the base.
Raiders of the Lost Chest (Bronze)Open 100 treasure chests.
Greasing the Wheels (Bronze)Pay out 100,000,000 HL in bribes.
Ooh La Laharl! (Bronze)Pass the Bill to get Girl Laharl.
Prinnies of Mass Destruction (Bronze)Make a 10 Prinny explosion chain.
Save Icon Collector (Bronze)Collect all Save Icons.
Stacking the Deck (Bronze)Make a ten character tower.
As Seen on TV (Bronze)Level up a Demon Dojo Training type.
Great Conversationalist (Bronze)Talk to NPC characters at the base 1,000 times.
Marathon Demon (Bronze)Travel 42.195 km.
DLC Trophy Set 1-
Secret Trophies-
Enter the Demon Hunter (Bronze)Make DLC character Adell join your party.
The Overlord's Daughter's Debut (Bronze)Make DLC character Rozalin join your party.
The Alternate Celestial Angel Descends (Bronze)Make DLC character Lilliel join your party.
DLC Trophy Set 2-
Secret Trophies-
Evil Academy Dean's List (Bronze)Make DLC character Mao join your party.
The Loitering of the No.1 Delinquent (Bronze)Make DLC character Raspberyl join your party.
The Diez Ladies and Gentlemen (Bronze)Make DLC character Salvatore join your party.
DLC Trophy Set 3-
Secret Trophies-
We've Got Badass on Tap (Bronze)Make DLC character Zetta join your party.
Prophecy of an Oracle (Bronze)Make DLC character Pram join your party.
The God of Destruction's Wrath (Bronze)Make DLC character Alex join your party.
DLC Trophy Set 4-
Secret Trophies-
Phantom of the Island (Bronze)Make DLC character Ash join your party.
The Chroma Connection (Bronze)Make DLC character Marona join your party.
Which Swamp Witch is Which (Bronze)Make DLC character Metallia join your party.
DLC Trophy Set 5-
Secret Trophies-
Out of Place Overlord (Bronze)Make DLC character Overlord Priere join your party.
Under Orders of La Pucelle (Bronze)Make DLC character Priere join your party.
Princess of Paprika (Bronze)Make DLC character Eclair join your party.
DLC Trophy Set 6-
Secret Trophies-
Hero Worship (Bronze)Make DLC character Nisa join your party.
Master of Death and Taxes (Bronze)Make DLC character Gig join your party.
Plume: Battle Princess (Bronze)Make DLC character Plume join your party.


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Unlockable Classes
UnlockableHow to unlock
ArcherUnlocked automatically at Episode 5, or get Lvl 15 Warrior/Valkyrie and Priest/Cleric and unit w/ Lvl 5 Bow Weapon Mastery
Armor KnightUnlocked automatically at Episode 10, or get Lvl 20 Warrior/Valkyrie and unit w/ Lvl 7 Spear Weapon Mastery
Beast MasterGet Lvl 30 Warrior/Valkyrie and use Mounted Skill at least once
ThiefGet Lvl 5 Martial Artist/Fight Mistress
GunnerGet Lvl 15 Thief and unit w/ Lvl 5 Gun Weapon Mastery
Lady SamuraiGet Lvl 30 Archer and unit w/ Lvl 7 Sword Weapon Mastery
Magic KnightGet Lvl 20 Warrior/Valkyrie and Magician/Witch
Masked HeroGet Lvl 25 Martial Artist/Fight Mistress
NinjaGet Lvl 20 Thief and Martial Artist/Fight Mistress
Onmyo MonkClear Episode 2 then get Lvl 10 Magician/Witch and Priest/Cleric
ShamanGet Lvl 20 Onmyo Monk
Celestial Host (Female)Clear episode 8, or get Cleric and Onmyo Monk to Lvl 100
Celestial Host (Male)Clear episode 8, or get Priest and Magic Knight to Lvl 100