Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days Uber Character Creation Guide v1.00
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Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days Uber Character Creation Guide

by vinheim   Updated to v1.00 on
Disgaea 2: Uber Character Creation Guide

Created by: vinheim3 (vinheim3@yahoo.co.uk)
Version 1.00

Table of Contents

-Early Post-game to Late Post-game................(ETL)
  *Creating IW Runners............................(CIW)
  *Farming Specialists/Specialist Overview........(FSO)
  *Making our chosen character level 3000.........(LVT)
  *Pirate hunting.................................(PHT)
  *Excalibur and, finally, a level 9999...........(EFN)

-Uber Character Creation Guide....................(UCC)
  *Necessary Specialists..........................(NSL)
  *Item Perfection................................(IPF)
  *Storing levels/Getting 25 lovers...............(SLL)
  *Skill level mastery............................(SLM)
  *M-Change monsters..............................(MCM)
  *Maxing stat and dual-stat specialists..........(SDS)



(TRM)                            Terminology

This section will discuss briefly terms used in this FAQ. For those terms 
that you still do not fully understand, please read the Max Stats guide in 
the Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories FAQ section.

Item World – (IW) Item World is an alternate dimension within each item. 
Contains a number of randomly-generated stages within each item filled with 
enemies and geo symbols, sort-of like the normal stages you see in story 
mode. Common items have 30 of these stages, rare items have 60 and legendary 
items have 100.

Dimension Gate – Every Item World stage has these. It allows you to go to the 
next floor. For gates that appear in boss stages (every 10 floors), these 
give you the option to return home or go to Innocent Town, a safe haven where 
you can rest your characters up before delving further within the item.

Item bosses – A stronger enemy found every 10 levels in any item’s Item 
World. There are Item Gods which appear on the 100th floor, Item Kings which 
appear on every floor that is a multiple of 30, and Item Generals which 
appear on every other multiple-of-10 floor.

Gency Exits – In Item boss stages, if you look at the bonus list, the first 
item should be a Gency Exit. This means that you will always get it when you 
clear the floor, even if you use the Geomancer skill Bonus Change. Gency 
Exits are items you can use in the Item World to exit the item. The floor you 
were on will be the floor you will return to next time you go back in the 
item. Whenever I say “gency out”, it means to use a Gency Exit to leave the 

Specialists – Units that reside within each items. They come with a level 
that measures their effectiveness. For example, a Sentry is a specialist 
which boosts the DEF of the item it’s on, its level is 210 meaning it adds 
210 DEF to the item’s current DEF. They are either unsubdued (red, angry 
face, another way of saying “not yet captured”), or subdued (yellow, happy 
face, another way of saying “captured”).

Cave of Ordeals – (CoO) A set of useful stages used for a number of different 
purposes. CoO1 and CoO4 are used for powerleveling, CoO2 is used for raking 
in the case, CoO3 is used to annoy people with its warp panels, and CoO5 is 
used for getting legendary Arcadias, the best accessory in the game.

Land of Carnage – (LoC) A mirror world of Holt Village. It contains the same 
necessary NPCs, although all inhabitants are Prinnys. Every stage has higher-
leveled enemies with the exception of Cave of Ordeals. It is unlocked by 
finding 15 pirate maps which drop off pirates who are found randomly in Item 
World stages.

Dark World – Dark World stages are sort of like story mode stages, only the 
enemies are usually stronger, some stages are puzzle-based, and there is the 
influence of the Dark Sun. The Dark Sun makes all sorts of crazy effects 
happen every turn like turning all your characters into Dragons or destroying 
the base panel, etc. It is unlocked by finding 5 switches around Holt Village 
or in Axel mode.

Felonies – Characters can have a number of Felonies up to the maximum of 300 
that are primarily used for boosting the exp gain gotten from defeating 
enemies. 300 Felonies is +300% to exp gain which means 4x experience.

Subpoenas – There are Bailiff Specialists in these items. The level of the 
Bailiff will tell you the Item World floor that a Dark Court gate will appear 
at. Going into these Dark Court gates give you Felonies.

Stronger Enemy Bills (SEBs) – An important bill that can be passed at the 
Dark Assembly. You can pass this bill up to 20 times for maximum effect. Even 
Stronger Enemy Bills are equivalent to 5 SEBs so you need 4 of them to max 
out SEBs. Strongest Enemy Bills are equivalent to the whole 20 SEBs needed 
for max (hence why they are called Strongest Enemy Bills).

(ETL)                 Early Post-game to Late Post-game

The first step to creating an Uber character is getting at least one of your 
characters to level 9999. This is because at that point, with the equipment 
and attributes your character will attain in this section, you will have a 
character easily capable of plowing through the Item World and killing all of 
the Item bosses within it with ease. This is done in order to perform an 
extremely important, in my opinion the MOST important, process known as Item 
Perfection. For now, just know that this process greatly boosts the 
statistics of the item you have perfected, especially for one stat of your 
choice. You can read the Item Perfection section for more information.

I have defined Early Post-game as the stage after you have beaten at least 1 
cycle each of Adell and Axel mode, and Late Post-game as the stage described 
above, when you have a level 9999 character. The next few paragraphs detail 
what steps are needed to get you to late post-game, and after that a list to 
summarize it all and to use as future reference.

One important thing to always note is that you will most probably spend the 
majority of your post-game career in the Item World, whether you are in early 
or late post-game. Even if you do stray away from it, the times that you are 
in the Item World, you will be spending a lot of time travelling in it and 
resetting your game a lot for a certain purpose. For this reason, we need to 
identify what can make our travels through the Item World a lot easier. The 
solution is simple: having characters that have a far range in movement (MV). 
They will be referred to as “IW Runners”. The first part of this section will 
guide you through creating these characters.

The next part of this section, after creating our IW Runners, will already 
start us on gathering any necessities required for our level 9999 character. 
With our IW Runners, we will be able to farm specialists known as Armsmasters 
and Mentors which speed up leveling weapon mastery and skill mastery 
respectively; useful for cutting down work that would normally be 20 hours 
into just 1 hour.

With all the necessities at the ready, we will start getting our level 9999 
character ready. The first part is obviously creating it; the character I 
recommend you create is a Thief. This is because you are killing two birds 
with one stone as not only will you have the required level 9999 character, 
but you will also have the required thief character that will be used to 
steal high-ranked weapons and accessories. After making the character, we 
will use the Armsmasters and Mentors to level up our Thief’s weapon and skill 
mastery as well as using these boosted stats to get our Thief’s level to 3000 
with the aid of store-bought equipment and Felonies. From here on, whenever I 
say Thief, you can replace it with the character of your choice (after Thief, 
I would recommend the Samurai class as they have a 130% ATK aptitude).

The place we will train in order to level our Thief to 9999 is the stage Cave 
of Ordeals 4 (CoO4) in the Land of Carnage (LoC). LoC is just like Holt 
Village, as in it has all the important NPCs of Holt Village, except all of 
its inhabitants are Prinnys, and all of the stages, even Item World, contains 
much more stronger enemies (which is the reason we will be leveling here, 
stronger enemies = more experience points). In order to unlock this place, we 
have to collect 15 Pirate maps and talk to the gunner character in Holt 
Village who will take us there.

In order to collect these Pirate maps, we have to find 15 different pirates 
in the Item World and defeat them. They appear randomly and it WILL take a 
long time to find them so the next section will deal with any extra tasks you 
can perform while pirate hunting. We will beat all the Dark World stages, 
unlock some extra characters, give one of our extra characters (Zetta) the m-
change 2 ability and hunt for better equipment for our Thief.

The last step in preparing our Thief is to get it a level 99 Excalibur 
(leveling an equipment is part of the Item Perfection process which makes it 
stronger), which should be enough to defeat the enemies in LoC CoO4. Doing 
this, and with 300 Felonies on our Thief, we can level our Thief to 9999 in 
less than 20 battles. Zetta and Raspberyl, 2 characters that will m-change 
with our Thief in order to clear LoC CoO4, will also be level 9999.

So the summary of this section goes as follows:

   1. Creating IW Runners
   2. Farming Specialists/Specialist Overview
   3. Making our chosen character level 3000
   4. Pirate hunting
   5. Excalibur and, finally, a level 9999

1. Creating IW Runners (CIW)

Before we go through the process of making a character that has the highest 
MV possible for running through Item World stages, let’s imagine a typical 
run. We go in the item, in each stage the dimension gate can be seen easily 
and because of our runner, we can run to it in one turn. In the rare case, we 
will need one thrower to reach that far-off dimension gate, simple enough.

But then you come across a stage with a gatekeeper on top of the dimension 
gate. You can run your runner over there and maybe kill it if you are strong 
enough, and if your runner is human, use fist moves to knock it off the gate, 
but then that is one turn wasted for getting rid of the gatekeeper. In most 
cases in post-game, you are likely to be killed by the enemies the next turn. 
In order to remedy this situation, we will still keep our IW Runner, but in 
addition to him/her, we will have an IW Runner created solely for removing 
gatekeepers. We will call it the Gatekeeper Remover.

A couple things to decide regarding our IW Runners are: 1) What 
unit/class/character must it be? And for Gatekeeper Removers, 2) What 
weapon/skills must I use for getting rid of the gatekeeper? For Question 1, 
we need to choose between flying characters (characters that can fly can walk 
through enemies). The best choices for monsters are Tink and Mothman since 
they both get Movement bonuses. The only human who can fly is the Angel, so 
let’s keep that in mind.

For Question 2, our 2 options are to either use fist skills to push the 
gatekeeper off the gate with fists or to use magic to kill it from afar. 
We’ll walk through both:

 - Killing it is better as you have a farther range to target the gatekeeper 
than with fist skills, and you can use magic in any situation. The downside 
is that you need to be strong enough that you are certain to OHKO all 
gatekeepers with magic that come your way. Usually, this only happens when we 
have an equipment perfected towards INT, but if you level your character 
enough, level its weapon mastery and magic skill level, you may be able to 
pass off using weaker equipment like the level 99 Excalibur we’re about to 
get in this section.

 - If we want to use fists, it is not as long-ranged, in some cases, other 
enemies and the stage might block the gatekeeper from being pushed onto a 
certain panel, but all you need to do to prepare it is to have your character 
have enough weapon mastery to learn all the fist skills that push a character 
which is level 15. You get Rising Dragon here and it “pushes” the enemy 
behind you (I know, the logic there makes no sense).

Note that both fists and staves can only be equipped by humans, so we will be 
using an Angel as our Gatekeeper Remover.

Now that we have those questions out of the way, we have to see all of the 
things that boost MV. Here is a list of the things we can do:

   a. Increase the character’s MV by 1 at the Dark Assembly
   b. Give our character equipment that boost MV
   c. Pass MV bills at the Item Assembly Chicken inside each item
   d. Get Lovers for characters whose innate ability already boosts MV

a. Increase the character’s MV by 1 at the Dark Assembly

The first one is easy enough. For the second one, we’ll get the equipment 
that boosts MV the most which is Accelerator (6 of them for the accessory 
slots of the 2 IW Runners); the last point (Lovers) will also be discussed 
here. Third point is also easy, though we’ll have to prepare a running team 
that is less efficient than IW Runners first.

b. Give our character equipment that boost MV

To get Accelerators, we have to beat a stage that is unlocked via the Dark 
Assembly once we have gathered and used 3 Defender of Earth (DoE) cellphones 
(in separate stages). We can get 1 Accelerator per cycle, so to speed up the 
process we will lose to Axel in stage 1-4 after we have gotten our 
Accelerator for the cycle to start a new cycle.

Now, how do we get these cellphones? There are 2 common places that pop up in 
mind where you can easily get cellphones. One is the Cellphone Store in the 
Item World which you can get to from Mystery Gates, and the other option is 
clearing one of the first few stages and hope the Cellphone is the prize you 
get from the bonus gauge. The Cellphone Store is random and rare; you may not 
be able to get to it and they may not even sell DoE cellphones, not to 
mention you have to go through the travel of navigating the Item World with a 
weak running team. So we’ll be repeatedly doing stage 1-2 for the cellphones 
since it is the fastest beginning stage to beat (just throw 1 Prinny forwards 
to beat it). We’ll need 18 cellphones as 3 will give 1 Accelerator so we will 
have our desired 6.

While farming these cellphones, I would recommend starting on Lover farming. 
Lovers spawn on a character’s equipment and boost their innate ability, but 
there are conditions for this. For one, the character and the equipment you 
want to spawn Lovers on must have gone through 35+ stage clears, the number 
is random, you may get your Lovers after 100 stage clears. The second 
condition is that while clearing these stages, you must NEVER take off the 
equipment you want to spawn Lovers on. If you do, the stage clear counter 
goes back to 0. Just a note, running Item World stages does NOT constitute as 
a stage clear, defeating all the enemies in one, however, does.

Remember that Lovers are specialists so you will be able to see them on your 
equipment’s statistics screen if you’ve spawned one. The type of equipment 
affects how many Lovers you spawn. Legendary equipment spawns 3 unsubdued 
Lovers, rare spawns 2 and common spawns 1. Subduing a specialist (going in 
the item, finding the specialist in one of the stages, then killing it), 
doubles it level so you will get 6 from legendary equipment. 25 is the 
maximum total level for Lovers. If you have many Lovers on your equipment 
whose total level is greater than 25, your character will be affected as if 
it only had 25 Lovers. You need 4 legendary pieces of equipment to get 24 
Lovers, so farming Lovers on a common item should be enough to get your last 

Note that Lovers are specific to the character whose equipment it spawned on. 
Spawning Lovers on a thief will give it thief Lovers and it will only be a 
benefit for thieves of any tier. Unique character also follow this with their 
name being the name of the Lover, Adell gets Adell Lovers, for example.

So while farming 18 cellphones in 1-2, we now know to farm Lovers as well, 
but for which characters? I would recommend bringing out the following every 
time you want to clear 1-2: A skull, Rozalin, your IW Runners (Tink/Mothman & 
the Angel) and the Thief. If you think this is too much for you, you can 
reduce the number of units; just know that the skull is there to maximize 
magic leveling speed, Rozalin is a good buffer with its innate ability and 
the Thief’s chance at stealing increases with Lovers.

After you have attained your 18 cellphones, the next step is to farm 
accelerators. This is done by simply using 3 of the cellphones in 3 different 
stages while clearing them, passing the bill that appears in Adell’s list of 
bills (Rescue the Defender), and then clearing the stage that appears after 
this bill is passed. After that, tada! One Accelerator acquired! All that’s 
left to do is get 5 more of these. Restart a cycle by bringing 9 weak newly-
created characters into 1-4, killing them all with one of your strongest 
characters, switch this character with another weak newly-created character 
the next turn and have this character get pawned by the enemies. Axel’s 
ending will start and you will start a new cycle.

c. Pass MV bills at the Item Assembly Chicken inside each item

This next step is pretty easy, the preparation isn’t, however. What we will 
be doing is simply travelling within each piece of equipment for our runners, 
get to Innocent Town and hope for the Item Assembly chicken to be there. This 
chicken is a Roc monster who allows you to pass bills like for the Dark 
Assembly, only these bills affect the equipment. The one we are looking for 
is the bill to pass MV. The Item Assembly chicken can appear a maximum of 3 
times per item so we will be going through each of the 6 accelerators, the 
fist for the Angel and whatever monster weapon you choose for Tink/Mothman, 
and we are going to run the Item World for Innocent Towns to visit the 
chicken 3 times.

In the above paragraph, I said we would be running through the Item World, 
but we haven’t gotten our IW Runners fully prepared yet! This is ok, just 
make sure you have Tink/Mothman, the Angel with fist mastery at level 15 and 
a fist, both have their MV boosted by 1 from the Dark Assembly, Tink/Mothman 
preferably has Lovers and they are all equipping their accelerators. Remember 
the Mothman gets an extra MV at low health so equip and unequip a weight onto 
it and then do no heal it from then on.

To maximize the MV we maintain during these runs, we will first pass the 3 MV 
bills for the weapons, and then swap them for the accelerators. Last thing to 
do is to make a bunch of Heavy Knight throwers. Since your IW Runners do not 
yet have maxed out MV, there is more of a chance of not being able to reach 
the dimension gate, and with Heavy Knights having the best throwing 
capability; it helps to have a bunch of them around. I would recommend 8 
since they are pretty easy to create even if it is overkill.

Ok now that we have our 2 semi-maxed IW Runners, we are ready to run the Item 
World to max the MV of these items as well as to farm the Lovers we acquired 
when we were farming DoE cellphones, remember that if you see a gatekeeper, 
throw/run your Gatekeeper Remover to it first to push it off the gate, and 
then proceed as normal with your main IW Runner. By the end of this process, 
your main IW Runner’s MV should be 31 and your Angel’s one should be 26 as 
shown in the following table:

              |                     | Tink | Mothman | Angel |
              | Base Movement       |    5 |       6 |     4 |
              | Innate ability      |    2 |       1 |     0 |
              | ^ boost from Lovers |    2 |       2 |     0 |
              | Accelerators x 3    |    9 |       9 |     9 |
              | Equipment bills x 4 |   12 |      12 |    12 |
              | Dark Assembly bill  |    1 |       1 |     1 |
              | Total MV            |   31 |      31 |    26 |

d. Get Lovers for characters whose innate ability already boosts MV

You should have gotten these while doing the second point and subdued them in 
the third point, but if you haven’t, read up on the second point again to see 
how to farm Lovers for Tink/Mothman and run your current IW Runners through 
Item World to subdue them.

With the stats from the above table, you are now finished with this section 
(Creating IW Runners). Along with our 8 Heavy Knight throwers, we are now 
fully prepared for running through the Item World whatever the purpose may 
be. The next part of this section will detail one way of using these runners, 
so you check out how fast you can run these stages, and that way is by 
farming specialists within items. You’ve had some practice already doing this 
when subduing Lovers, but now we will also look into other useful 

Note that even with the current IW Runners, the best setup for the Gatekeeper 
Remover is still by having your Angel equip a staff and kill gatekeepers with 

2. Farming Specialists/Specialist Overview (FSO)

Although we can already start working on preparing our Thief for leveling by 
leveling his weapon and optionally his skill mastery right now, the process 
will be slow, tedious and boring. For example, leveling a character’s weapon 
mastery to 255 which is the max, could take over 15 hours depending on how 
you go about doing it. You will most probably decide to give up and not 
continue this process after a few hours, maybe even just one. With a 
specialist known as Armsmasters, you can cut this process to about an hour 
which doesn’t sound too bad when compared to 15 hours. This part of the 
section will discuss Armsmasters as well as any other useful specialists.

The specialists we will not look into are stat and dual-stat specialists who 
raise 1 or 2 stats respectively for a certain piece of equipment based on the 
specialist, Lovers since we have already looked into them, Bailiffs which are 
specialists that are used to collect Felonies and finally, Collectors which 
raise the rarity of a piece of equipment. This is useful for matching 
rarities. 2 matched boost their stats by 10%, 3 matched gives a boost of 20% 
and all 4 matched gives a boost of 30%. Just store Collectors separately 
somewhere whenever you get them. Matching rarities on equipment boost their 
stats depending on how many are matched.

Status ailment-inflicting

First up, we have specialists who add status ailments to a character’s normal 
melee attack. Their level determines the chance of having the status ailment 
being inflicted with the maximum level at 100 which means the status ailment 
will be inflicted 100% of the time (does not apply to any unit who is immune 
to status ailments). From here on, unless specified, a specialist will have a 
max level of 100 denoting a 100% chance:

   Amnesiac – Adds amnesia chance to melee attacks
   Alchemist – Adds poison chance to melee attacks
   Hypnotist – Adds sleep chance to melee attacks
   Witch Doctor – Adds paralyze chance to melee attacks
   Gangster – Adds deprave chance to melee attacks

These are useful for any strong enemies/bosses you wish to cast sleep on, for 
example. You might not want to collect these as Thieves and Kunoichis already 
have skills that can inflict these status effects.

Critical hit-chance increaser

Next up is an important specialist for making an uber character as it boosts 
the damage you make:

   Professional – Adds critical chance to melee attacks

Status ailment-protection

Thirdly, we have specialists that allow us to resist status ailments:

   Psychologist – Resists amnesia
   Medicine Man – Resists paralysis
   Coffee Maker – Resists sleep
   Pharmacist – Resists poison
   Social Worker – Resists deprave

Elemental affinity

Fourthly, we have specialists which are important if you want your uber 
character to use elemental magic. These specialists increase the elemental 
affinity of a character by up to 100% which increases their resistance to the 
element and boosts the damage they make with that element:

   Aeronaut – Increases affinity with wind
   Cryophile – Increases affinity with water/ice
   Firefighter – Increases affinity with fire

HL/Mana/Exp increasers

The fifth group of specialists speeds up a process. The level at which they 
max is provided. Their level indicates how much faster the process will go. A 
Mentor at level 300, for example, will speed up leveling skills by up to 4 
times (+300%):

   Broker – Increases HL per kill, Max: 300
   Mentor – Increases skill EXP gain, Max: 300
   Manager – Increases Mana per kill, Max: 300
   Armsmaster – Increases weapon mastery rate, Max: 1900

It would be useful to collect Brokers as soon we will be buying Rank 38 
equipment from the store which cost a whole 55M HL! Mentors are one of THE 
most important specialists in this part of the section as the lengthiest 
process out there is leveling a skill to level 99. Managers aren’t necessary, 
though if you are unlocking secret characters, you have to pass a lot of 
bills, so these will be helpful in gaining mana. Armsmasters, like Mentors, 
are also extremely important as weapon mastery plays a huge role in 
increasing a character’s stats. The weapon mastery rate is actually sped up 
by around 20.2 times rather than 20 times, but that is something not to worry 

For Specialist-maxing

The last 2 specialists are helpful for the process known as “Maxing stat or 
dual-stat specialists”. Mediators are needed to make dual-stat specialists 
and Teachers speed up the process at which your specialists are leveled. 
Their level denotes the chance they appear at the Innocent Town to perform 
their respective function:

   Mediator - Adds chance for the marriage of two regular specialists into a
              Dual-Stat specialist when visiting the Innocent Town.
   Teacher - Adds a chance to boost the level of another specialist by 5%
             when visiting the Innocent Town.

The specialists I highly recommend getting right now are Armsmasters, 
Mentors, Professionals, Mediators, Teachers, and if you’re desired uber 
character is a mage, get the elemental specialist whose element you prefer. 
Brokers and Managers are also useful. If you think you’ll lack in HL, focus 
on Brokers first, then Armsmasters, then the rest when you have your level 
3000 character. In order to find these specialists, the following are good 
equipment to buy from the store to get them and their prices in HL. The more 
expensive the equipment, the higher the specialist level will be:

   Armsmasters – 100 Fists: 36M, Bruenack: 8.4M
   Manager – Sunrise Sword, Gaea Spear: 36M
   Mentor – Seraphic Bow: 55M, Heroic Gun: 36M, The Awakening: 8.4M
   Professional – 7 Year Kill: 8.4M
   Firefighter – Dragon Buster, Dragon Mail: 4.2M
   Broker – Infernal Spear: 17M

Mediators have a random chance of spawning on rare equipment and Teachers 
have a random chance of spawning on legendary equipment. For Cryophiles and 
Aeronauts, it’s much better to search random pieces of equipment for them.

Once you have equipment with the specialist you want to level in it, go in 
the item, subdue the specialist and keep it stored somewhere. Then keep 
hunting for that specialist, combining it with your stored ones until it hits 
the max level. 

This section was more of an overview of the specialists we are going to 
gather during the next few steps. It does not have to all be done now. 
However, for the next part, Armsmasters are a great help so stock up on those 
Brokers and start farming cash in CoO2 for Armsmasters (destroy the geo 
symbols in that stage and you should have instant full bonus gauge). Once you 
have them, we can start on the next part of this section.

3. Making our chosen character level 3000 (LVT)

If you have not done so yet, create your character. Again, I recommend a 
Thief so you can steal stuff later, but you can go for any other character. 
Samurais are a good choice too with their 130% ATK aptitude (the last rank of 
Samurais). Next step is to collect Felonies for this character. Just get the 
subpoenas for Too High, Way Too High and Mastering: if you have them. You can 
also get the Reincarnating subpoena if you have any characters that have 
reincarnated 10+ times. When you get Felonies, throw a tower of 9 characters, 
1 Thief, 1 Gatekeeper Remover and 7 other random characters, onto the dark 
court gate so they all get the Felonies. Gather Felonies until all of your 
characters have 300 of them.

A good way to gather Felonies is by focusing on getting the Mastering: Weapon 
subpoenas. Simply level all of the unit’s weapon level mastery to level 15 to 
get a Mastering: Weapon subpoena. You need 25 of these subpoenas to get 300 
Felonies or 3 units. Read on in this part of the section to find out how to 
level weapon mastery fast using counter weapons in the second point of 
leveling weapon mastery.

IMPORTANT: If you ever see the M-Changing Self subpoena in the Everybody 
category, get it, go into it, exit at the stage before the Dark Court gate, 
save, and then reset until the reward from the subpoena is a legendary M-
Change scroll. Another subpoena to look into is the M-Changing Others 
subpoena which rewards you with an M-Change Weight, which is useful no matter 
what the rarity is.

After your Thief has 300 Felonies, the next step is to reincarnate him 
character into the highest tier. For leveling, a good choice is to grind in 
Dark World 1-2 with the sword skill Winged Slayer. Remember to give your unit 
good equipment for this. Just give him the best R38 sword in the shop and any 
accessories which has the same rarity as the R38 sword.

Leveling Weapon Mastery

Last step before doing any leveling is to max out our sword mastery level to 
255. We need a stage where we can repeatedly bash a unit, most preferably an 
ally, without killing that unit. 11-3 is a good place for this with its 
Reverse Damage panels. Now all you have to do is throw your Thief and another 
character up there and have your Thief hit the other character until you’ve 
maximized your sword mastery level. Once you have Winged Slayer, spam that as 
you will be leveling both your weapon and skill mastery at the same time. Do 
not forget your Armsmasters and Mentors if you have any.

Now this process can get a little tedious and in case you have any future 
characters you want to level weapon mastery on, you might want a faster way 
to level weapon mastery. There are 2 ways to level weapon mastery fast:

   1. One way is to find Attack+ and Invincibility panels in Item World and 
      go with that, but it may take you a much longer time than the second 
      strategy I’m about to provide.

   2. The strategy does not allow you to level your skill mastery as it 
      involves using “counter weapons” to have your 2 characters hit each 
      other multiple times per turn using normal melee attacks. What we will 
      do is get our 2 characters the maximum Counter they can have and have 
      them attack each other. You could be performing 5 melee attacks in one 
      turn which is not too shabby.

      There is a Dark Assembly bill to boost Counter by 1. For the Counter 
      weapons, we will go into the sword’s Item World and boost its Counter 3 
      times at the Item Assembly Chicken. For the other character, we first 
      have to decide what character it should be. Of course, we are going to 
      pick the character with the highest Counter which is Taro. Give Taro a 
      Counter monster weapon and you’re set (If you are gathering Mastering: 
      Weapon Felonies, the other character should be a unit that needs weapon 
      mastery leveled). Go into the stage and level your weapon mastery like 
      there’s no tomorrow. Again, and because this is important, do not 
      forget your Armsmasters.

After you have your maxed weapon mastery, we are ready to grind your Thief. 
Hopefully, you had brought out your Thief while farming cellphones as 
suggested so that you have some lovers on him. If not, that’s ok, it’s not 
necessary. Prepare 5 Clerics with Braveheart in case you think you are not 
strong enough for CoO4. For reference, you need 27k ATK to handle CoO4 with 
no Stronger Enemy Bills (SEBs) and 80k ATK to grind there with max SEBs.

Go into CoO4 with no SEBs and use Winged Slayer on the enemies. If you think 
the 2 enemies you didn’t target will kill you off, either carry them with 2 
other characters or have them thrown into Winged Slayer’s AoE before you use 
it. Whatever you do, grind, increasing SEBs as you get stronger, to at least 
level 2000 with my recommendation being level 3000. After you have your level 
2000-3000 character, you are done with this part of the section.

4. Pirate Hunting (PHT)

By now, you should have a level 2000-3000 character. The only thing stopping 
us from having it at level 9999 is a good weapon, good magi-change monsters 
and the inability to powerlevel in the Land of Carnage. This section will 
deal with finding the pirates that drop the maps required to enter LoC as 
well as the miscellaneous things you can do during the whole process (which 
includes getting those good magi-change monsters).

Some pirates can appear on any floor of the item while some pirates can only 
appear after certain floors. Here is a list of all the different pirates, 
what enemies they are comprised of, their description and what floors they 
appear at. Those with * before their name indicates that they do not come on 
a pirate ship:

Floors 1+

  *Ambling – 1 high-leveled Sinner. He WILL annoy you as he appears very
             commonly, more than any other pirate. Comes riding on a tree 
   Dancing - 1 Archer. She can come with up to 2 unsubdued specialists. 
             They will either be specialists in the item that you have not 
             yet subdued or new specialists you can subdue if you have enough 
             POP on your item. Whether or not you subdue them, they will show
             up in the item’s list of specialists.
   Bashful – 1 of each elemental Skull and 1 Prism Skull.
   Chicken – 1 Roc. Can come with a mix of up to 6 rare or legendary chests.
  *Prinny  - 1 Prinny. Rides on the giant dish Prinnys can throw at you.
   Orc     - 5 Orcs.

Floors 21+

   Animal  - 4 Mystic Beasts, 1 Beastmaster. If you have previously gotten an 
             M-Change scroll, there is a chance the Beastmaster will carry 
             one with him.
   Gate    - 2 Dragon, 1 Holy Dragon. On their ships are 2 gates. One is a
             dimension gate that takes you to the next Item Boss stage, and
             the other is a normal mystery gate.
   Hunter  - 1 Heavy Knight. Same with Dancing pirates, but he can come with 
             up to 4 unsubdued specialists.
   Jolly   - 2 Felynn, 2 Flora Beasts, 1 Succubus.
   Monk    - 5 Geomancers. This pirate can annoy some people as they know a 
             skill that can remove one item from the Bonus List. This means 
             that every turn they can remove up to 5 items. Make sure you 
             have a geomancer with Bonus Change in case you plan on clearing 
             the Item World stage for the bonus list.
  *Wealthy – 1 Rune Knight. All of this pirate’s equipment is legendary. She
             rides on a legendary treasure chest.

Floor 41+

   Ninja   - 1 Kunoichi, 10 Ninja.
   Prism   - 5 Prism Rangers.
   Red     - 1 Wood Golem, 1 Spirit, 1 Rifle Demon, 1 Dragon, 1 Aqua Demon, 1 
             Mystic Beast, 1 Undead. These pirates are in their tier which is 
             coloured red, and they have shoes in all accessory slots so they 
             all have high MV.

Floor 61+

  *Z      - 1 high-leveled Majin. He is in the tier that gives him yellow 
            hair and he rides on a Nimbus cloud, all of which are reference 
            to Dragonball Z.

Always refer back to this list whenever you are curious to see what other 
pirate maps you are missing so you know what floors to search. Pirates appear 
in IW stages, and there is a chance they appear during the first 3 turns. So 
wait 3 turns in each IW stage and if no pirates appear, run to the dimension 
gate. If a pirate does appear, check if it is in the following list of 
pirates and also kill it if has a map to offer.

Dancing, Hunter – If you see any specialists on their ships that you like and 
     you are strong enough to subdue them, go ahead and subdue them.

Chicken – It is important to collect as many legendary items as you can
     throughout the post-game, so if there any green chests on board, destroy
     them. Go ahead and destroy the blue chests for rare items if you want as
     well, they can give you Mediator specialists.

Animal – If you had gotten the Felony for Magi-changing Self and got an M-
     Change scroll, but it wasn’t legendary, the only other way to get a 
     legendary M-Change scroll is by getting it off Animal pirates, though 
     this is a rare chance.

Gate – If you are hunting for Mystery gates for some reason, or you want to 
     skip to the next boss stage, go ahead and use those gates on the Gate 
     pirate ship.

Wealthy – Make sure to steal all of her equipment.

Red – If you fancy some shoes and you can’t be bothered to farm more 
     Accelerators, you can steal them from these pirates.

One piece of advice which is given commonly is that if you are searching for 
a pirate that isn’t the Z pirate, it is recommended you search the 20 floors 
after it starts appearing. So for example, if your last pirate map is from 
Hunter pirates, search floors 21 to 40 instead of running through floors 21 
to 100. The reason behind this is because you will have a lower chance at 
seeing, for example, the Hunter pirates, as seeing Ninja, Prism and Red 
pirates are now possible past Floor 41 and Z pirates can also be seen past 
Floor 61.

Here are the 10 magical steps I suggest you follow for hunting pirates. Enter 
mystery gates whenever you can, it’ll buy you an extra floor. If you get the 
mystery gate with Mao in it, give the M-Change 2 ability to Zetta first, then 
other unique characters, then generics and do not reset after. If you get the 
mystery gate with 7 enemies you cannot escape from and cannot kill, bring out 
one weak unit per turn as the enemies will leave you alone after 2 turns.

   1. At first I’d suggest running through a low ranked legendary item like 
      Subpoenas, killing any pirates you encounter, then saving at level 60.

   2. After that, go in the item, search for the Z pirate for the first 10 
      floors (61-70).

   3. If you do not see it or you did not see a new pirate, reset. If it was 
      a different pirate, run through to Floor 70 and save, then go back to 
      step 2 using Floors 71-80 (then after 81-90, then 91-100).

   4. If you had gotten to Floor 100 already, then go back to step 1.

   5. Once you have beaten the Z pirate, if you have any Floor 41+ pirates 
      you haven’t beat yet, start running through rare items killing all 
      pirates you encounter until Floor 40, which is when you should save.

   6. Repeat the same process from when you were hunting for Z pirates, 
      although this time you can only search Floors 41-50 and Floors 51-60 
      for a Floor 41+ pirate or any other different pirate.

   7. Repeat until you’ve gotten the maps from the Ninja, Prism and Red 

   8. By now, you should have a whole load of maps from the Floor 21+ and 
      Floor 1+ group from all the resetting, especially Ambling pirates. If 
      there are Floor 21+ pirates you haven’t beat yet, go in a common item 
      and run to Floor 20, then save.

   9. Again, we will repeat the process of running through the next 10 floors 
      for a new pirate, repeating step 8 until there are no more Floor 21+ 
      pirates to hunt.

   10. With all the Floor 61+, Floor 41+, and Floor 21+ pirates found, if 
      there are any Floor 1+ pirates to find, just run through common items 
      hunting for them in Floors 1-10, then 10-20 so you do not see Floor 21+ 

The process of collecting pirate maps is more tedious than it sounds. For 
one, enemies get stronger the deeper you go into it. Z pirates are naturally 
strong, but past Floor 60, they are killer. It is recommended to search for Z 
pirates, as well as any other pirates, in subpoenas as some of them are 
naturally legendary and the enemies within subpoenas are weak. Also, you 
won’t just find the pirate you’re looking for in just one run of the item.

Now here are a couple things you can do while collecting pirate maps so you 
don’t get bored:

   a. Collect legendary items & Excalibur
   b. Clear all the Dark World stages.
c. Unlock secret characters.
d. Unlock generic characters and new tiers for these characters.
   e. Level up our Thief’s current sword.
   f. Max some specialists.

a. Collect legendary items & Excalibur

It is a good thing to do to collect as many legendary items as possible when 
delving through the Item World. Legendary items give you more specialists, 
more POP spaces for storing your specialists and you can use them later for 
getting the Rank 40 equipment. The most important items to collect are the 
rank 39 weapons, Infernal Armour, Cosmos Muscle and Universal Orb. You only 
need on each of the R39 weapons and Infernal Armour, but you should collect 
as many Cosmos Muscles and Universal Orbs as you can.

An important item to be on the lookout for is the Excalibur. If you find a 
rare or common one, replace your R38 sword with it. If, however, you find a 
legendary one, keep it. It is going to be very useful later on. Here are 4 
different ways you can hunt for the Excalibur:

   1. Stealing from enemies. Always check the enemy’s equipment in the Item 
      World for the items mentioned above and for the Excalibur. Keep hands 
      with you at all time for stealing.

   2. Green chests. If you’ve seen chests around, you’ll notice they come in 
      3 different colours, brown, blue and green. Brown chests usually 
      contain common items, blues contain rare items and greens contain 
      legendary items. Always destroy the green ones, though if you are 
      hunting for Mediators, destroy blue chests too as Mediators spawn on 
      rare items.

   3. Bonus list. The Excalibur can spawn on the bonus list. A good technique 
      for getting it is reincarnating as many 300 Felony characters into 
      geomancers as you can, giving them SP-boosting items (leveling 
      Universal Orbs help here) and going into an Item World stage with 4+ 
      geo colours in it with a gatekeeper or trappable enemy. Kill everyone, 
      but this one enemy who cannot get to you and start a geo chain that 
      will fill your bonus gauge. Use Bonus Change every turn until the 
      Excalibur shows up, clear the stage by defeating the last enemy and 
      rejoice on getting the legendary Excalibur. MAKE SURE YOU CLEAR THE 

   4. Utilizing Item Gods in legendary items. In a legendary item, the Item 
      God will be equipped with a similar item, but 1 rank higher. So the R32 
      sword will have an Item God equipping an R33 sword. You will have to 
      reset until this R33 sword is legendary to continue the chain. Use this 
      technique when you get tired of the others, using the highest-ranking 
      sword you have, continuing the chain until you have your legendary 

b. Clear all the Dark World stages.

Clearing Dark World stages is quite simple. Just use your high-level Thief to 
kill all enemies, use your Angel to push away certain Geo Symbols that may 
annoy you, and sacrifice any high-leveled character you have to destroy the 
Dark Sun. You can make 2 high-leveled characters by having 2 monsters magi-
change onto your Thief during CoO4 kills.

When you have cleared 30 Dark World stages, you will unlock the bill Meet 
Baal The Tyrant!! which unlocks a stage where Baal can be fought. Beating him 
gives you the best accessory in the game, Makai Wars. Equip it onto the 
Thief. Skip the cutscene so that its rarity is 0. Clearing all the Dark World 
stages initiates a cutscene that gives you an Usagi’s Journal (UJ), the 
second best INT item that is very much needed for Uber mages. Skip its 
cutscene as well for it to be rarity 0.

c. Unlock secret characters.

Here is a list of secret characters you can unlock, the conditions you need 
to fulfill to unlock them, and a brief description of them. If a character 
hasn’t joined you after you beat the stage that supposedly unlocks them, 
check Adell’s list of bills when he is a senator:

 - Vyers – I recommend unlocking this guy before doing any Dark World stages. 
Clock at least 20 hours into your game time, have at least 400 mana and his 
stage should appear if you are in Chapters 1-9. This starts a new cycle, but 
passing his bill again next cycle will get him in your party.

- Zetta – The bill for his stage us unlocked by clearing at least 10 Dark 
World maps and having at least 3000 mana on one of your characters. Get this 
guy as early as possible so that if you encounter Mao while pirate hunting, 
you can get this guy the M-Change 2 ability which is necessary for your level 
9999 character.

 - Asagi – You should have her stage unlocked already as it requires 1 of 
your characters to have at least 33 Felonies, and for any character to have 
at least 100 mana. It also requires that you have beaten 1 playthrough of the 
game. You can swap her for her human form once she is at least level 2000 by 
passing her bill with Adell as senator.

 - Flonne – The bill for her stage is unlocked once you have clocked at least 
40 hours into the game and you are in Chapters 12 or 13, which you should be 
if you have done all the Dark World stages.

 - Laharl – After beating Flonne, pass her bill with Adell as senator to 
unlock Laharl’s stage.

 - Gordon – Unlock his stage by first using 3 DoE cellphones in this cycle 
for an Accelerator if you hadn’t yet gotten one in this cycle. Once done, use 
3 more cellphones in 3 different stages to unlock the bill for Gordon’s 

 - Marjoly – The bill for her stage is unlocked by having a character with at 
least 99 Felonies and a character with at least 1500 mana. Remember to steal 
the accessories she has equipped.

 - Priere – Similar to Marjoly, but with 66 Felonies and at least 100 mana. 
You can only unlock her in Chapters 1-9. Skip the cutscene after beating her 
for a rarity 0 Felicitation, the second best ATK accessory, needed for Uber 
warriors. Equip it onto your Thief.

 - Prism Red – With Adell as senator, past Chapter 12 you will get bills by 
Prism Rangers. Pass 5 bills from the different Prism Rangers, then finally 
pass Prism Red’s bill again to get him in your party.

 - Mr. Champloo – The bill for Mr. Champloo’s stage is unlocked by clocking 
at least 50 hours into your game time and having beaten Axel mode once.

 - Raspberyl – After you unlock Mr. Champloo, you can unlock the bill for 
Raspberyl’s map by clearing 30 Dark World stages.

 - Mao – After you unlock Raspberyl, you can unlock the bill for Mao’s map 
once you have unlocked the Land of Carnage.

Make sure to get Raspberyl and Zetta as they are the monsters your Thief will 
use for magi-change during the stage LoC CoO4.

d. Unlock generic characters and new tiers for these characters.

Here is a list of generic characters that you can unlock along with the names 
I refer to them with in parenthesis. I include generics that you SHOULD have 
unlocked during story mode, like Sinners when Tink should have gotten a 
subpoena for “existing”, for aesthetic purposes:

 - Archer – Have someone with a level 5 bow mastery.

 - Beast Tamer (Beastmaster) – Successfully capture a monster (throw a 
monster lower than the current hero’s (Adell/Axel) level into the base panel 
to capture it).

 - Chaos Soldier (Majin) – Finish the game once. That is, Adell mode all the 
way to the end of the final chapter, not through any other secret ending.

 - Druid (Geomancer) – Perform a 500+ Geo Combo. This is normally done 
through one of the Colosseum stages which contain a Geomancer in it. This guy 
is important for Excalibur hunting.

 - Female Ninja (Kunoichi) – Have someone with a level 5 fist and staff 

 - Gunner – Have someone with a level 5 gun mastery.

 - Heavy Knight – Have someone with a level 3 spear mastery.

 - Magic Knight – Have someone with a level 3 sword and staff mastery.

 - Male Ninja – Have someone with a level 5 fist and sword mastery.

 - Samurai – Have someone with a level 5 sword mastery.

 - Sinner – Someone in your party becomes a criminal, i.e., they have a 

 - Celestial Host (Angel) – Clear Axel mode 3-3.

 - Entei – Create Axel mode 2-3.

 - Lady Samurai – Have a Disgaea 1 save file. The save file must match the 
region of your Disgaea 2 file.

 - Mass Produced Kurtis (Kurtis Bots) – Unlocked when you unlock Gordon.

 - Sabre Kitties (Deathsabers) – Clear Axel mode 1-2.

To unlock new tiers for these characters, it’s as simple as magi-changing the 
monsters onto the Thief during CoO4 kills. For humans, reincarnate the units 
that have 300 Felonies into these new ones and start with CoO1. You can then 
proceed with Dark World 1-2 once you are strong enough. Alternatively, give 
them good, leveled equipment at level 1 to start with Dark World 1-2.

e. Level up our Thief’s current sword.

We can make our Thief’s sword (and even other equipment) much stronger if we 
level it. While delving through items during pirate hunting and specialist 
collecting, I’m sure you have noticed a statistic called Lv. Going up by 1 
per Item World floor visited. This is the level of the item. Higher-leveled 
items generally have higher stats than lower-leveled items. On a legendary 
item, you can get its level to 100 simply by clearing the 100th floor. There 
are other ways to increase the level of an item to its maximum (level 200), 
but those will be discussed in the Item Perfection section of the guide.

The items you should level include your Thief’s sword, and any other ATK-
boosting equipment you have. If you have a legendary R39 sword or legendary 
Infernal Armour, only go to the 99th floor in them, then gency out. I do 
recommend you level your Universal Orbs if you have any, as the SP boost will 
be necessary when hunting for legendary Excaliburs.

Do NOT level up the Cosmos Muscles unless you are 100% sure you are not going 
to make any HP-based Uber characters (Prinny bombs, for example). Also, do 
NOT level up the Makai Wars, Usagi’s Journal or Felicitation unless you are 
100% sure you will NEVER want to use them. You might not use Makai Wars if 
you are only there to make Prinny bombs, you might not use Usagi’s Journal if 
you are not going to make any Uber mages and you might not use Felicitation 
if you are not going to make any Uber warriors.

f. Max some specialists.

Like for the previous 4 points in this list of “things to do while hunting 
pirates in case you get bored of actually hunting pirates because hunting 
pirates can actually get quite tedious if you hunt pirates for an extendedly 
long time”, another thing you can do is collect those specialists under the 
“Farming Specialists/Specialist Overview” part of this section.

Go max the levels of all the specialists in that section when you get bored, 
even if they are useless to you. Other kinds of specialists you can start 
maxing are stat and dual-stat specialists. You can look them up in their 
respective parts of the guide. They are really useful at this point since a 
level 19,998 stat specialist will make a level 0 R38 sword around 20 times 
stronger, a level 0 common Excalibur around 10 times stronger and a level 99 
legendary Excalibur around 2.3 times stronger, all of which are extremely 
large multipliers.

5. Excalibur and, finally, a level 9999 (EFN)

Congratulations. If you have followed everything up to this point, you can 
now travel to the famed Land of Carnage by talking with the gunner in Holt 
Village. You are only one step away from getting your first level 9999 
character. You may now pat yourself on the back.


Ok if you really did pat yourself on the back, stop. We’re going to get your 
Thief to level 9999 now. Now before, we said the only things stopping us from 
powerleveling to level 9999 was a good weapon, good magi-change monsters and 
the inability to level in LoC. Well now, we have good magi-change monsters 
and we can access LoC, so all we need is the legendary Excalibur.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, I recommend doing the 3rd tactic for getting 
Excaliburs in the “Collect legendary items & Excalibur” part of the section. 
The last thing to do is level the Excalibur to level 99. Make sure you do NOT 
enter the 100th floor. Your Thief should be level 2000+, have a level 255 
sword mastery, 25 lovers, all 300 Felonies, and a level 99 Excalibur. You 
should also have a Raspberyl with an M-Change scroll equipped, and Zetta with 
M-Change 2. Go into any stage and magi-change Raspberyl, then Zetta on and 
see your ATK.

You need 950k ATK to clear LoC CoO4 with no SEBs, so if you can’t Braveheart 
your Thief to that number while having Rozalin around (if your chosen 
character is male), level a bit more or get your M-Change monster and Rozalin 
more lovers. While leveling in LoC CoO4, if at any point you have the 
capability to have 1.2M ATK, that means you can tackle the stage with maxed 
SEBs, so max the SEBs in Holt Village and return to LoC.

In LoC CoO4, after magi-changing Raspberyl, then Zetta on, get yourself in a 
position where you can Zetta Beam every enemy. Again, make sure you have 950k 
ATK. If you need Bravehearts and maybe even Rozalin next to your character to 
get to 950k, do so. Finally, blast the enemies with Zetta Beam. Repeat this 
process until you have a level 9999 character. You may use less Bravehearts 
and maybe even stop using Rozalin the higher the level of your chosen 

Do you have a level 9999 character now? Good. You are now in what I like to 
call “Late Post-game”.

(UCC)                   Uber Character Creation Guide

So what exactly makes an Uber Character? Does it have to be level 9999? Does 
it have to have a level 99 skill? Does it need maxed specialists? Well your 
Uber Character can, depending on how you want it, but this section discusses 
the several things that are commonly used to define an Uber Character.

Normally, we define an Uber Character as being in the last tier of its class, 
being level 9999 and having:

 - 4 pieces of perfected equipment, all rarity-matched
 - Maxed weapon mastery depending on weapon
 - 186k stored levels
 - 25 lovers
 - An M-Change monster partner with stored levels, a level 160+ M-Change 
scroll, and an M-Change weight if it’s a fist or bow monster.

However, we don’t need to discuss unlocking the last tier of a character, 
leveling to 9999 or leveling weapon mastery as we have already covered those. 
Also this section will discuss some necessary specialists, Skill level 
mastery and Maxing Specialists, so this section will be divided as follows:

   1. Necessary Specialists
   2. Item Perfection
   3. Storing levels/Getting 25 lovers
   4. Skill level mastery
   5. M-Change monsters
   6. Maxing stat and dual-stat specialists

In the Necessary Specialists part of the section, I’ll be going through the 
entire list of specialists and seeing how each one could possibly benefit an 
uber character.

In the Item Perfection part of the section, I will first be talking about the 
basics of perfecting items. Then I will be discussing new things in Disgaea 
2: DHD that affect Item Perfection, for example, level spheres and something 
new involving the Fortune Teller mystery gate.

In the Storing levels/Getting 25 lovers part of the section, I will mostly be 
talking about storing levels and how to do it. Getting 25 lovers has already 
been discussed, but since you can get these lovers easily from storing 
levels, it is included in this section as a new technique of spawning lovers.

The M-Change monsters part of the section will discuss a lot. First, it will 
go through all of the different monsters, their abilities and stats. Then it 
will go through all of the ways in which you can make this monster the best 
M-Change monster for you. It will discuss storing levels, magi-change scrolls 
and weights, and lovers.

Skill level mastery will be a basic part of this section as compared with the 
other parts, as there are only a few techniques to talk about involving 
leveling them. Though short, this is still an important section.

Finally, we have the Maxing stat and dual-stat specialists part of the 
section. This part will be one of the most confusing and difficult to follow 
parts of this entire guide, as it is not a part of the game most people 
encounter. Nevertheless, it details the different techniques in which you can 
level these stat specialists.

1. Necessary Specialists (NSL)

Let us once more look at the list of specialists not including stat and dual-
stat specialists, teachers and mediators since they are discussed under 
Maxing specialists. Unless otherwise stated, all of these specialists have a 
max of 100:

Status ailment-inflicting

   Amnesiac – Adds amnesia chance to melee attacks
   Alchemist – Adds poison chance to melee attacks
   Hypnotist – Adds sleep chance to melee attacks
   Witch Doctor – Adds paralyze chance to melee attacks
   Gangster – Adds deprave chance to melee attacks

You could max all of these specialists and give them to your uber character 
so that you’ll be inflicting different status ailments left and right, but 
since it is an uber character, the enemies would probably just die before the 
ailments would really be a benefit. The only specialist here that would 
benefit an uber character is the Gangster specialist. Give 100 Gangsters to a 
non-uber character, attack your level 1 uber character and he will stay level 
1 for that stage no matter who they attack as long as the ailment is still in 
effect. This benefits characters whose ability is affected by attacking 
higher-leveled characters like Adell. You could just level this character to 
level 9998 if you only plan on attacking level 9999.

Status ailment-protection

   Psychologist – Resists amnesia
   Medicine Man – Resists paralysis
   Coffee Maker – Resists sleep
   Pharmacist – Resists poison
   Social Worker – Resists deprave

Again, you could max all of these specialists and give them to an uber 
character, but there would be no real benefit since your character would just 
OHKO everything before an enemy could land a status ailment-inflicting hit on 
it. These specialists, however, could benefit an uber character if you plan 
on using him to solo stages like in Item World where there are a lot of 
enemies that can gang up on you and therefore attack you. It could also 
benefit you if your plan on beating UPX involves having you take a hit from 
them and they use Prinny Dance, though if you do have a plan like this, it’s 
better just to change your plan.

Elemental affinity

   Aeronaut – Increases affinity with wind
   Cryophile – Increases affinity with water/ice
   Firefighter – Increases affinity with fire

Elemental specialists are very helpful for any mage, not just an uber mage. 
Note that a unit’s elemental affinity cannot exceed 2. You could give them to 
your Gatekeeper Killer too if you’re using an Angel mage. At lowest, you’ll 
get a damage boost of 1.33 (1.5 -> 2). At highest, you’ll get a damage boost 
of 3 (0.5 -> 1.5). You definitely need to collect one each of these for your 
elemental mages.

HL/Mana/Exp increasers

   Broker – Increases HL per kill, Max: 300
   Mentor – Increases skill EXP gain, Max: 300
   Manager – Increases Mana per kill, Max: 300
   Armsmaster – Increases weapon mastery rate, Max: 1900

The ones here that are necessary for an uber character are Armsmasters and 
Mentors. Armsmasters are useful up to the point that you have maxed out the 
level of the desired weapon mastery of your uber character. Mentors are 
useful up to the point that you have maxed out the level of the desired 
skill/s of your uber character. Brokers and Managers are useful during the 
early stages of post-game where it is hard to get HL and Mana, though it 
doesn’t need to be given to your uber character.


   Professionals – Adds critical chance to melee attacks
   Lovers – Boosts character’s innate ability and stats, Max: 25
   Bailiff – Its level dictates the floor a court gate is located, Max: 64
   Collector – Raises the rarity of an item, Max: 255

Professionals are a definite must for any damage-inflicting uber character as 
it boosts damage. Lovers are also a definite must; it boosts your unit’s 
stats and its innate ability. Bailiffs are only needed for collecting 
Felonies and even then, you’d be putting them in Subpoenas rather than your 
uber character’s equipment. Collectors are useful if your uber character 
utilizes Cosmos Muscles or Universal Orbs, i.e., HP, SP, RES-based uber 
characters. This is because these items are R39 and therefore you cannot 
steal another from its Item God, meaning you get these items purely from 
stealing or from the bonus list and it would be a hassle trying to find these 
items with the same rarity.
2. Item Perfection (IPF)

There is already an FAQ on perfecting items on the Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories 
FAQ section so this part of the section will just deal with the basics of 
perfecting items as well as any Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days-exclusive concepts 
that affect perfecting items. Remember that before you perfect an item that 
you spawn lovers on it first. It will be annoying when you perfect an item, 
and then at some point after, you spawn a lover on it which you cannot get 
off, wasting one POP space on your perfected item.

First of all, there are 4 things that affect the stats of an item. They are 
heavily considered when trying to perfect an item:

   a. Item Level
   b. Bosses killed
   c. Item Assembly chicken
   d. Item’s specialists

a. Item Level

When you proceed through the floors of an item, you’ll notice that a variable 
called “Lv” increases. This is the level of an item, and as you have seen, it 
is increased by 1 for every floor you encounter in the Item World. The higher 
the level of an item, the stronger it becomes. The level of an item maxes at 
200. Now you may wonder how you can get an item’s level to 200 when a 
legendary item only has 100 floors to clear. It’s actually simple; there are 
several events that can increase an item’s level:

 - Level spheres – A concept new to the PSP port of Disgaea 2. Sometimes when 
progressing through the Item World, you may have been notified by a shining, 
blue sphere on the current floor. This sphere can be carried just like many 
other objects, but the special thing about this sphere, is that if a 
character is carrying it by the time you clear the floor (either by defeating 
all enemies or running through it), the level of the item increases by 5.

 - Ambush – Sometimes when going in mystery gates, you will encounter 7 a 
stage with 7 enemies in a circle. When you talk to one of them, a battle 
initiates with the base panel being at the center of these enemies. One enemy 
is stronger than the rest (the one by itself). When you defeat all of these 
enemies, the item’s level increases by 3. If you don’t beat them in 2 turns, 
they will run away so you need to kill them fast. One tip I can suggest here 
if you have characters with low HIT, is that you should talk to the strongest 
of the 7 and do it behind his back, so that when the battle starts, he is 
facing away from the base panel increasing your chance of landing a hit 
against him.

 - Fortune teller – Another mystery gate event that you can encounter is one 
where there is a single geomancer in the room. When you talk to this 
geomancer, he tells you your “luck”. If he says “Great luck”, the item’s 
level will increase by 10. If he says “Good luck”, the item’s level will 
increase by 3 and if he says “Bad luck”, the item’s level will decrease by 3. 
Talking to him repeatedly will annoy him and if you do it enough, he will 
force a battle against you. Defeat him for an extra 3 levels on your item.

b. Bosses killed

When you exit an item after killing at least 1 boss, the item will say 
something along the lines of “Item General/King/God killed”. You will then 
get a giant boost to the item’s stat for each one killed. So in order to max 
the stats of an item to its fullest, you need to kill every boss. However, 
you can kill a boss twice. This is known as double-killing. What you do is 
kill an Item Boss when you encounter it, gency out of the item. Go back in, 
kill it and proceed to the dimension gate.

You cannot get more bonuses by repeatedly killing an Item Boss because a boss 
is considered defeated if at least 1 floor is cleared when you kill it. The 
first time you kill it, the floor before you encounter it was cleared. The 
second time you kill it, that Item Boss stage is considered cleared.

c. Item Assembly chicken

Some of the bills you can pass at the Item Assembly chicken are “More stat 
growth” bills and “A little more stat growth” bills. What you want to do is 
choose the stat you are perfecting the item for. So if you are perfecting an 
item for ATK, choose the “More ATK growth” bill every time you encounter it.

Now you want to pass these bills as soon as possible. That is, on the 10th, 
20th and 30th floor. The reason behind this is that these bills affect how 
much of a stat increase you get when you kill Item Bosses. So every time you 
encounter an Item Boss, you want to be sure that you have as many of these 
bills passed as possible, so pass them all as early as you can.

d. Item’s specialists

Having specialists on an item also affects how much of a stat increase you 
get when you kill Item Bosses. The more stat specialists you have on an item, 
the more that stat will increase when you kill the boss. Having 6 Gladiators 
on an item will boost an item’s ATK when you kill a boss more than if you had 
say 2 Gladiators. Dual-stat specialists do not affect an item’s stat when you 
kill an Item Boss. What you want to do is fill up your item full of the 
specialist you need before you kill a boss (so clear the item of different 
specialists before the 10th floor).

For legendary items, this means that by the 10th floor, you should have 6 of 
your chosen specialist on the item. Remember that when you kill Item Kings or 
Item Gods, the POP space of an item increases by 1. So after you kill the 
first Item King the first time (30th floor), put another specialist in the 
item. When you double-kill the same King (30th floor), put another specialist 
in the item.

I recommend following the tactic provided by Dark_Cecil’s FAQ/Walkthrough.

3. Storing levels/Getting 25 lovers (SLL)

Dark_Cecil already has a good section for this, though if I may add, this is 
a good place to get lovers. Simply have all the R40 equipment you wish to 
perfect on your chosen uber unit, store 186k levels and hopefully you would 
have spawned lovers on all your equipment already. Remember to swap a piece 
of equipment for another one when it has already spawned a lover as you will 
only get 24 lovers from 4 legendary equipment and not the max, 25. If you do 
not get 25 lovers by the end of this, you can do the stage 1-2 for easy 

When you ARE done with storing levels, reincarnate into the Male Warrior 
again (you should have been using a Male Warrior if you were following 
Dark_Cecil’s walkthrough). Allocate bonus points into every stat equally. 
Level until your unit’s HP is at least 1.12M and the other stats are at least 
280k without equipment, then reincarnate into the class of your choice. After 
that, you can level up to 9999.

4. Skill level mastery (SLM)

For units you want to level the skill mastery of, this part of the section 
will deal with tactics regarding speeding up the process. Before you read on, 
make sure you that if you want to level a weapon skill that you have enough 
weapon mastery to use it. The “Collect legendary items & Excalibur” part of 
the first section shows how you can do that fast.

There are 2 good ways to level skill mastery. One is by finding an Item World 
stage with Attack+ panels, preferably +3 or +4 and spamming the skill on an 
ally monster which is immune to it. Bring ghost magi-change monsters to 
refill your SP when as it lowers. The other good way of leveling skill 
mastery is by doing it while performing some other process revolving running 
through Item World stages, for example, maxing specialists. It takes you 
roughly 2 and a half maxed specialists to get a skill to level 99 if you just 
kill one enemy per Item World stage.

When leveling magic, I recommend first reincarnating into a skull as your 
last reincarnation, have at least 24 skull lovers, level your spell to level 
99, then reincarnating into the desired class of your choice. Finally, level 
your skill back to level 99 as it would have lowered as a result of 

With star magic, you cannot use Attack+ panels without Invincibility panels 
as no one is immune to it. If you cannot be bothered with trying to find an 
Attack+ and Invincibility setup, just follow the second tactic for leveling 
skills, i.e., using the spell once per Item World stage when maxing 

5. M-Change monsters (MCM)

M-Change monsters can affect humans a lot. For one, they can increase some of 
the stats of the human. Secondly, they give their innate abilities to the 
human, so humans with Prinny as an m-change monster can be thrown to explode.

This part of the section will deal with the several things you can do to make 
your M-Change monster best-suited for your purposes. The following list 
details the different factors that affect your M-Change monsters:

   a. Storing levels/Getting 25 lovers
   b. M-Change Scroll
   c. M-Change Weight

a. Storing levels/Getting 25 lovers

It is the naked stats of a monster that affects the stats of a human. The 
stats a monster gets from equipment do not affect the human at all. The only 
way to get the highest naked stats is by following the “3. Storing 
levels/Getting 25 lovers” part of the section. At the final reincarnation, 
put all the bonus points towards the stat you are focusing on, on your uber 

Lovers affect how much of the monster’s stats are given to the human. With 0 
lovers, the monster will only give 30% of its stats to the human. Every lover 
will give an extra 2%, so at 25 lovers, you will get an extra 50% on top of 
the 30%, meaning 80% of the monster’s naked stats are transferred to the 

b. M-Change Scroll

When magi-changing, the human’s monster weapon will have the stats as 
described above (30% - 80% of the monster’s naked stats). By equipping the M-
Change Scroll onto the monster, the human’s monster weapon will retain his 
original weapon’s stats. The level of the scroll dictates how much of the 
human weapon’s stats are retained, with it being common knowledge that a 
level 160 scroll will let you retain 100% of the human’s original weapon 
stats. As you can see, it is easiest to level the scroll to 160 if it is 
legendary. Follow the “Item Perfection” part of this section to see the 
different ways you can level an item. Make sure that if you get to the Item 
God of the scroll that you steal another one off it (Reset for legendary).

c. M-Change Weight

The M-Change weight, no matter what its rarity or level is, have one special 
effect. When magi-changing, the monster weapon’s attack stats will change to 
the highest non-HP stat. So if you have a fist monster like Wood Golem with 
its highest stat being RES at 812k, magi-changing it onto a human will make 
the monster weapon’s ATK and SPD the same. The effect of the weight happens 
before the effect of the scroll, that is, the attack stats will copy the 
highest stat and then add the human’s original weapon’s stats on top of it.

It is recommended that at the monster’s final reincarnation that you put all 
the bonus points towards a stat that isn’t any of the weapon’s attack stats, 
so you can get the full benefit of the weight. For example, if you put all 
the bonus points towards HIT, the Wood Golem will get high ATK, SPD and HIT 
so it has high power AND high accuracy.

6. Maxing stat and dual-stat specialists (SDS)


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