Discworld 2: Mortality Bytes review
Not too easy, nor too difficult. Just right.

The good:

The problems that you have to work through in the game are tricky, but not infuriating. Sometimes there is a need to travel from the garden over to the docks, for example, because problems need solving on many levels. In this way they are complex, but never too complicated.

There are differences in time and there is much personality that along with the Pratchett philosophies, add much to the game, as if the problems themselves weren't enough to hold interest, (which they certainly are, of course).

The game has a personality about it that makes the whole thing feel very much alive. It's not just a game, though it is and a great one at that, it's also real.


It has that same comic humour that Discworld fans have grown accustomed to. It's hilarious, but that's not the best bit. Because it's a game, it's important that it be substantial, interesting and fun.

As you solve the problems in the game, you are rewarded with humour and fun new twists, (as well as new problems, of course). The problems and solutions trickle together as you work your way through the game, and you get to know the characters that you've no doubt read about, (even if you haven't, you'll be intrigued,) like Casanova the Dwarf and the Wizards and their super brain machine.

Discworld 2 has much better playability than the first one. The controls are both easy to learn (and to use) and feel very natural.

The world is silly, but it works. Very much the Terry Pratchett way and it just makes sense that Eric Idle narrates.

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