Disciples: Sacred Lands Cheats

Disciples: Sacred Lands cheats, and Codes for PC.

Older Cheats:

Disciples: Sacred Lands Cheats

Cheat Codes:
While playing a game, press [Enter], then enter any of the following codes:

5000 goldgivememoney
Recover healthmakemestronger
Invisible to opponentsplayhideandseek
In alliance with everyonewouldyou?
At war with everyoneiwanttokilleverybody
At peace with everyoneiloveallofyou
Instantly lose the quest/scenariowhataloseriam
Instantly win the quest/scenarionobodycanbeatme
Extra experience points; gain one more for next upgradeupgrademe
Build again before next turniwanttobuildagain
Reveal enemy/monster informationiwillkeepaneyeonyou
Hide entire mapwhoturnedoffthelights
Reveal entire mapnowicanseeyou
Move againletmemove
Revived killed units [Note: At least one unit must still be active]givemeanotherchance


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Ally with everyone
Type in WOULDYOU? -- ally with all opponents
Be Invisible
Type PLAYHIDEANDSEEK -- become invisible
Build again
Type in IWANTTOBUILDAGAIN -- build again
Declare war with everyone
Type in IWANTTOKILLEVERYBODY -- be at war with all
Get Experience

TYpe in UPGRADEME -- get exp points
Hide Map
Lose Insantly
Type in WHATALOSERIAM -- lose instantly
Make alliance
Type in ILOVEALLOFYOU -- make alliance
More gold!
Type in GIVEMEMONEY -- gold becomes 5000
Move again
Type in LETMEMOVE -- able to move again
Recover Health
Type in MAKEMESTRONGER -- recover health
Reveal Enemy
Type in IWILLKEEPANEYEONYOU -- reveal enemy info
Reveal Map
Type in NOWICANSEEYOU -- reveal map
Revives Units
Type in GIVEMEANOTHERCHANCE -- revives dead units
Win Instantly
Type in NOBODYCANBEATME -- win instantly