Disciples III: Renaissance

  • Released on Dec 10, 2009
  • By Akella for PC

Disciples III: Renaissance Cheats

Disciples III: Renaissance cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for PC.


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Steam Achievements
UnlockableHow to unlock
SageSages believe that direct conflict does not always lead to victory.
QuackA Quack can heal various indispositions and light wounds.
TravelerThe Traveler is a hero who does not look into each nook and cranny, searching for secrets and treasure.
ExplorerAll true Explorers map the new lands they have discovered.
Wizard ApprenticeWizard Apprentices rely on the strength of their armies and only rarely use magic.
StrategistYou try to only engage in battle on your terms. But you also take a lot of pleasure from crushing your enemies.
DoctorYou are sickened by the sight of blood and do everything in your power to keep your followers healthy.
AbstainerEveryone knows that you are an Abstainer, because you are absolutely against the use of potions.
CuriousYou may explore a dungeon or two every now and then.
PauperAn empty purse does not necessarily translate into failure. Sometimes the war may be won by improvised means.
Conqueror of VillagesThe Conqueror of Villages does not seek to capture all surrounding lands.
StonemasonConstruction is not your favorite hobby. The amount of stone you have is not enough to build even a small town.
LonerSome heroes do not have much use for trusty sidekicks. They believe in their abilities only.
DestroyerA true Destroyer smites all his enemies, leaving only dead bodies in his wake.
Conqueror of CitiesThe Conqueror of Cities is a hero who is able to capture almost all known lands.
Life Mana CollectorYou have been able to collect some Life Magic.
HealerYou take excellent care of your followers. That's why they call you the Healer!
WizardWizards know the power of magic well, which is why they use spells quite often.
Great ExplorerOnly a hero who has visited every nook and cranny in the land can be called Great Explorer.
FatalistFatalists believe in Fate and do not try to resurrect fallen warriors.
Earth Mana CollectorYou have a meager amount of Earth Magic. You rarely use Earth Magic.
Fire Mana CollectorYou do not rely on Fire Magic in battle.
ArchmageThe Archmage can destroy enemies by using the most powerful spells.
Rich ManYour coffers are filled with gold. A wealthy state is a strong one.
AdventurerWhen you were young, you explored all the attics and cellars in the neighborhood. And now you are filled with desire to explore the rest of the world.
LeaderA true Leader is one who can unite several trusty heroes into a strong team.
Tomb RaiderReal Tomb Raiders love to explore all kinds of ancient and mystical ruins.
TasterA Taster knows a lot about potions. That is why he uses them in every major battle.
AbuserYou are addicted to various potions. Some people laugh at you behind your back.
ArchitectThe cities under the patronage of an Architect are flourishing. Architects construct buildings of all types.
BraveBrave heroes always rush into the heat of battle.
BuilderA Builder creates a well-rounded city. Builders are interested in many types of buildings.
CarefulA Careful hero is prudent. He studies his options thoroughly.
CommanderThe Commander is a great organizer, able to lead large armies of followers.
Conqueror of PeoplesIf you have captured all the surrounding lands, then you are the great Conqueror of Peoples.
CowardCowardly heroes always play it safe.
Earth Mana GuardianYou have collected a huge amount of Earth Magic. Nothing is impossible for you.
Earth Mana UserYou have enough Earth Magic to use it any time you need.
Fire Mana GuardianA true Fire Magic Guardian uses a lot of the infernal energy in all his undertakings.
Fire Mana UserThe Fire Magic you have collected can be used to great advantage.
InvincibleThe great Invincible hero loses only a few small battles, but wins all others.
Life Mana GuardianYou have a huge amount of Life Magic and your possibilities are endless.
Life Mana UserYou have an adequate amount of Life Magic.
MasonA Mason builds only those buildings that will help the war effort.
Master of DestiniesYou do not allow Fate to govern the lives of your followers. You rule over them yourself.
MercilessYou give no quarter to your enemies. You are Death incarnate.
Money-BagsYou are called Money-Bags behind your back. But you pay no mind to envious losers.
PacifistLearned men call him a Pacifist, but they do not say what the word means. In any case, he rarely draws his sword.
Quarry OwnerThe amount of stone you have is incredible. Only Quarry Owners have as much of this resource.
SolicitousIf your followers fall in battle, you try to get them back from the realm of Mortis.
Stone MerchantYou have collected a considerable amount of stone. It is enough to build any building.
Training DummyA general may win the war even if he loses a lot of battles. But his soldiers will call him Training Dummy.
VeteranА decent Veteran wins as many battles as he loses.
WalkerWalkers go straight to their destination and never turn off the road. They are not interested in exploration.
WandererReal Wanderers explore all the roads and paths they find.
WarriorThe true Warrior destroys his enemies mercilessly and no obstacle can stop him.
WayfarerSome heroes like to look for shortcuts and explore secret paths.