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A great game

The good:

The graphics are better than the Playstation version. The sounds are great. The gameplay is good to use on the dreamcast controller. The Music is the same as the Playstation. The Dinosaurus are awesome. Regina is HOT and cool. Gail is a cool character with altitude. Rick is funny and cool.

The bad:

Not that much ammo. You only can hold 10 items. Hard to control when you are shooting the enemies.


This is a very good to play on the dreamcast. It's way better than the Playstation version. The T-Rex is kinda easy to kill, they just need to fix that a bit. It's kinda scary and it is hard. Dino Crisis fans might say this game is not great but I think it is a great game.

Graphics 5/5
Sounds 5/5
Gameplay 4.5/5
Music 4.5/5
Characters 5/5
Controls 5/5
Overall 5/5 (100%)


Dino Crisis vs Resident Evil 3:Nemesis

The good:

Well Dino Crisis has Ok graphics not the best weve seen though. The audio is not good!!! Some of the dino's sound good,though. The scare factor for this game is euunnh!How it scare you is just by suprising,That's all!!And the enemy A.I. is brutal!! The graphics for Resident Evil 3 are great!! The audio will creep you out! The voice-overs sound pretty good. The scare factor for this game is good! You will be starring at a zombie and you will think "Wooo! Thats freaky" and sometimes it will really surprise you because the zombies are everywhere!!

The bad:

Both games(mostly Resident Evil) have bad camera angles!!


Hey! Today I have Dino Crisis vs Resident Evil 3:Nemesis. Both games can be scary but Resident Evil is very freaky!! Both graphics are overall pretty good(for it's time) Overall then I choose Resident Evil,no dought in my mind! So go buy it or play it!!

Freak 2345 <<<<<<<<:


Dino Bullets


The United States of America has just found out that
a major Researcher Doctor Kirk was sighted at a energy
Resource project (In its final stages) Now you Regena
Must infiltrate the facility and retrieve Doctor Kirk
This is a volunteer mission so I hope you are ready
for an intense mission.

This game is a resident evil/silent hill clone but it
has dinosaurs... not to appealing?

I beg to differ this game unlike the silent hill or
Resident evil this game is a fast pace battle system
that can keep you guessing. Interested?
I never liked the Resident Evils because of a few
reasons one those moans and gro...


dino crisis

The good:

i like the puzzles and silent hill type action

The bad:

limited movements


i cannot figure a few things out .i cannot open big shutters "from here" it says ,or cant pass threw energy port "unsafe to pass"it says ,and where do i find dr.kirks prints to forge id card with 31415 passcode?thank you in advance if you can help me with this problem. oh ya! why wont my guy move and let me fix generator with t-rex lying on floor,what do i need to do ? thanks again




As you might expect,dino crisis bears a strong resemblence to resident evil,though there are a number of significant differences.Tougher enemies,more challenging puzzles and more exceptional graphics are the major points;the game also excels in story,music and even voice acting


Dino Crisis

The good:

This game has awsome graphics makes you jump out of your seat and it's actually got a great plot to it. I give this a 4.6 because it was right up there and you can never get tired of it, as long as you know how to play. If you don't have this game, i would suggest you get it, now!


BADASS graphics!!!

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