Digital: A Love Story


[edit] Background

Digital: A Love Story is a game set in 1988, where, you received your own Amie computer, complete with a modem. Using these tools, you set out in search of an adventure in the BBS's, little did you realize what you are actually in for.

Some of the things you will be doing in this game include uncovering a conspiracy, commit telecommunications fraud, and also hacking the Gibson.

[edit] Game Play

Game play is pretty straight forward: The game consists of nothing more than a GUI desktop interface, so using it is no different than using a Windows or Mac or Linux computer, since all you have to do is click on the applications there in order to play the game. Some applications and BBS's will require you to type, but it's nothing much, really.

[edit] Features

A complete GUI interface, designed to look like the Amiga Workbench interface.

An authentic feeling of the online scene in the late 80's.

An easy-to-learn and use game interface.

[edit] Hardware Info

A modern PC running Windows XP should be fine.

[edit] PC Hardware Info

A modern PC running Windows XP should be fine.

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Release Dates
  • North America: Feb 28, 2010