Digimon World 3 Tips

For getting Best Training results
So you're training your digimon and the results are all XXX...What do you do?
For starters, try to use your O or X and the directional pad!Here's a list to do it:
Attack: press X when the digimon punch the punchbag.
Defence: press O or X at the exact time when the balls hit.
Yoga: press ^ and X or O non stop until your digimon flys.
Wisdom: press < and O non stop.
Jump Rope: press X before the rope reach the lowest part of the circle.
Fire T: press X when the two fireballs meet each other.
Thunder T: press O or X and ^ non stop.
Water T: press X and ^ non stop
Ice T: press X and ^ non stop
Wind T: press X and > non stop
Machine T: press X when the missiles are about to hit.
Dark T: press X and > non stop

One more thing before you try 5 or 10 TP first do 1 TP cause it'll be like giving your digimon a warmup.
By press X or O , the chances of getting it right will be like 60%.Well that's all then.