Digimon World 3 Tips

Easy "BIT"(Money) + Moderately Good Exp
-Be between at least lvls 13-17 before you try this cheat(depending on
your digimon).
-Have 2 digimon between the lvls specified above.
-Have at least 5 Life Disks.
-Have defeated the Suzaku Leader.
-Have Submarinemon.
-In the Suzaku UG Underground) Lake (past the Renamon that was blocking a
path before you defeated the Suzaku Leader).
-Only Shogunmon(at the time).
What To Do
-Defeat Shogunmons.
Reason Why
-Shogunmon will give you 101exp, sometimes gives you the item Chaos Wave
(used to confuse enemies, but may also make your digimon confused), and
Shogunmon will give you 490BIT each time.
-Shogunmon sometimes uses an attack from their lower undigivoled form
(gekomon) called confuse gas, which sometimes will last for around 5-6