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Side-Quest FAQ

I.About Side-Quest.
II.Card battle Side-Quests.
III.Other Side-Quest.
IV.Partner Side-Quest.

I.About Side-Quest.
Side-Quests is a quests that maybe we needed for something,my word is "No body can end Digimon World 3 without Side-Quests",cause Side-Quests are important in our 'Digital' lives.

II.Card battle Side-Quests.
Tree boots.
Tree boots are needed to kick the 'Kicking tree' to obtain boosters from Cardmon.Other Informations is in Yellow Cruiser.

First,go to Plug cape,you will see a boy is kicking a tree...he will tell you about Tree boots if you find his Gabumon card.
Go to Asuka Inn 1F,check around the cupboards that Fussy Fredda is cleaning press X,until you find Gabumon card.
Go back to the kid,he will say you got to get friends with Veemon,he tells you ask about Veemon at Lamb Chop,ask the waitress there,then go to Kicking forest,at the journey you will see Veemon at the wind prarie,ask him and go play Hide and Seek with him.
When you enter,don't get close to the exit or else you character will give up,go to bunch of trees at south of you and press X at every tree.
You will find Veemon,if you fail,you can ask the Waitress again to play with Veemon.

Etemons Mic (Available at Amaterasu only).
When you fight at AM's Duel Island,when you reach the-4th Etemon,he says that BK Agumon took his Mic and feel not like playing.Nah,your job is to find BK Agumon and grab the Mic.

Go to the hole at Asuka Jungle Grave where you fight Zanbamon at the 1st time,summon Digmon and go to Circuit board and search him,after you find him he will say that the BK Kingz had it,fight a Card battle with him(nb:at the 1st phase,he will use 4 Vicious Hacking so becareful.)after you win,he will tell where BK Kingz is.
Go to the hole beside Panjyamon's Gym(AM)and search him,when you find him he will challange you a Card battle again.
Beat him you will get the mic and kick his but!
No go to the 4th Etemon then he will say that he already make a new one(What a wasteful quest).

Legendary PG/DG cards.
There are rumors that Legend PG/DG Cards is hidden in Digimon Online and no boosters contains it,the tamer that has it is only BK Agumon and Numemons(BK Group)find them at the Circuit Board and grab those cards!!

-Fortune Gate(PG)
Location:Noise Desert(AS)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 01

Location:Boot Mountain(AS)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 02

-Misery Gate(PG)
Location:Boot Mountain(AM)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 03

-Delete Matrix(PG)
Locationlug Cape(AM)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 04

-Desire Access(PG)
Location:South Badlands(AS)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 05

-Marine Angemon(DG)
Location:North Badlands W(AM)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 01

-Saber Leomon(DG)
Location:Boot Mountain(AM)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 02

-Rosemon II(DG)
Location:Freeze Mountain(AS)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 03

Location:Freeze Mountain(AM)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 04

Location:Snow Mountain(AS)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 05

Super PG Cards.
Super PG Cards is a PG Card that is so powerful,but weak againts own element.
Tamers at Asuka server gives you those cards.
But you got to make AM server back to normal and have 2.500+ Charm points.

Tidal Wave.
Locationwned by tamer Bob,Kicking forest
Booster gived:R-Booster 05a
Descriptionut all non-blue Digimon to trash

Volcanic Cannon.
Locationwned by tamer Jessica,Tranquil Swamp
Booster gived:R-Booster 06a
Description:60 damage to all non-red Digimon

Wield Aura.
Locationwned by tamer Mitch,Wire forest entrance
Booster gived:R-Booster 04a
Description:AP and HP+50 to all Green Digimon

Sacred Spear.
Locationwned by tamer Nakano,Mirage Tower
Booster gived:R-Booster 09a
Descriptionut all non-white Digimon to trash

Darkness Gale.
Locationwned by tamer Mitaka,Kulon pit
Booster gived:R-Booster 10 (WOW!)
Descriptionut all oponents non Black cards to trash

III.Other Side-Quest.
Fishing Pole.
Fishing Pole is needed to fish a Cardmon or battle with marine Digimons.

Go to Shell Beach,ask Tai Wong Kang there,he will make you a Fishing Pole if you have:
-String(Spider Web-Dokugumons often drops it)
-Pole(Bamboo Spear-Buy it for 150 BITS at Smith's)
-Hook(Red Snapper-Help Divermon at Divermon's lake)
Then go back to Tai Wong Kang and...ARRUUMMPPAAA!!
You obtained that Fishing Pole!!

IV.Partner Side-Quest.
DRI Agents.
DRI(Digital Research Investigators)Agents are spreaded at Asuka server by orders of Dr.Kadomatsu,if you have the DDNA(Digital DNA)the agents need,they will give you a new partner.

Agent location:Seiryu city,down the ladder
Level span:30-45
DDNA holder:War Growlmon
Location:Right at the Jungle Shrine

Agent location:Central park,above Leo gym
Level span:45-60
DDNA holder:Taomon
Location:North Badland W,path to Pelche Oasis

Agent location:Tyranno Valley,2nd ladder go right
Level span:30-45
DDNA holder:Metal Greymon
Location:Bulk Swamp,near South station

Agent locationrotocol ruins,at the dead end
Level span:N/A,need Byakko badge and 1 Digimon at your party
DDNA holderaildramon
Location:Bulk Bridge dock,go up

Agent location:Central park,near the dock
Level span:30-45
DDNA holder:Magna Angemon
Location:South Badlands coast cliff

Agent location:Mobius desert,near the bench
Level span:60-90
DDNA holder:Grap Leomon
Location:Ether Jungle,secret spot

Agent location:Mobius desert,between the cactus
Level span:60-90
DDNA holder:Armormon
Locationuel Island,at the platfrom

Agent Location:Mobius desert,at the Tri-pillers
Level span:60-90
DDNA holder:Kyukimon
Location:Suzaku UG Lake

Nah,that's all of my Side-Quest FAQ,thank you for reading it and your atention.

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