Digimon World 3 Cheats

To find Numemon in Dum Dum Factory
Numemon is really Lucky Mouse.(Kails bro)Go in the factory and you will see him.Go around and you will find him again.go around one more time and you will see him go in Duct Room 1.Go inside and you will find some bits but he is not there.go to the other duct rooms for maybe,2x.then go to the operating room and fight hi-andromon.If you win,the dungeon will open when you go in.(dungeon is located outside the other door.jump and the dungeon is near.)Numemon is in the dungeon.He will tell you important details to go to the next island.trust me.I have been playing for 30:50:37.all my digimons are level 99 with 99999exp.they're all mega stage know with complete techniques.(with all partners including terriermon,lopmon,impmon,beezlemon.)