Digimon World 3 Cheats

Well im not gonna do the whole DIGIMON 3 logo cuz that takes to long so i'll just put up a table of contents to start it out.

Table of Contents

1.The point of the game

a.The beggining
b.Outside of Asuka City
c.The Wire Forests
d.Proctol Forest/Ruins
e.Diverman's Lake, Wind Prairie, and Seiryu City
f.The Kicking Forest and Tyranno Valley
g.Back to Seiryu City and the Card Key Drama
h.East Station
i.Bulk Swamp, Tranquil Swamp,and Bios Swamp
j.Jungle Graveyard and the Mask of the "Ghost"
k.Phoenix Bay
l.Suzaku City
m.Ether Jungle
(to be continued)

3.Digivolution (including Blast and DNA)

4.Boss Stratagies

5.Side Quests

6.Cards and Cardmon Locations

7.Enemy List

8.Tamer Information

1.The Games Point
The point of this game is that a young boy names Junior (or w/e you wanna name him) and you go into the digimon's world by going on digimon online. Along with your friend Teddy and a girl named Ivy that is later called a guy named Kila. X Button is to confirm messages and to do action signs like move on to the next snene or jump down from a cliff. Triangle means to cancel things. Of course start brings up the menu and you can use the analog for this game. Thats it now onto the walkthrough.


a.The beginning
You start out in a city in the real world that no one really cares about the name right now so lets move on. You wait for your freind Teddy and a girl named Ivy to finish what they were doing and then the main character and Ivy get in a fight and blah blah blah then Teddy breaks them up. You then end up in the login station in the real world and you all are regestering into the digital world. There is the Character's name and selecting a package. I chose Kotemon's crew first then Kumamon's gang. Thats the hardest to start out with because Kumamon can't even use its special. I will be guiding you with Monmon's group. Anyway heres the list of the three crews.

Package A-Defence-Kotemon,Renamon,and Patamon
Package B-Offensive-Monmon,Agumon,and Renamon
Package C-Fast+Off.-Kumamon,Guilamon,and Patamon

Alright now that thats done Lets Continue. You'll be far ahead of your friends and will leave them to hurry and goto the digital dimension. a Video Cutscene will happen and then you will appear in a room with four warp pads. No they don't take you no where so just screw the lady and leave the room. Head up to the desk with the two ladies. The one in the middle has your digimon so talk to her twice. Talking to people twice will get you into a card or digimon battle. Once you leave Lobby you will be battled by an old man named Genji. Hes real easy just two hits and hes gone. So after that goto the INN and see the ladder to the left, go down it. Go through the door to the south and you will be in the underground path. Go right first and head down the other ladder and go through the door. Keep going until you get the 300 bits/Money. Hurry for you your not poor. Then go back to the Underground Path. Then head through the door on the other side. Go into the Big Yellow building. Thats the Yellow Crusier. It's where you will get your first Folders (which are for the card battles). Talk to the Blue digimon,Divermon, to get the Folders. Then talk to the kids that arent dueling right now and listin to them. Leave after that. Goto the buildings that are RIGHT next to the INN. Go talk to Gargomon/the green digimon. He is the ARMORY. Buy only armor since you dont really need weapons right now. Two Hide Helmets and Two Bucklers. I'll Tell you why later . Well you are done now so you can leave this town.

b.Outside of Asuka City