Digimon World 3 Cheats

Admin Center
How to get in:
First you must have goten the badge from the second city, when you come out your friend will take you back to the main lobby. An announcement will be made that it will take alittle longer to get back to the real world, after that you go searching and you go to the two people that want to become digimon you talk to them and then go away and go to the auction get that item if you have the money. Then you go back and you will see that the two people have become digimon, and they will say that you have to find etemon to get the costumes, you go back to were etemon gave you the mask{other side of the underground path}. You will see a man he will be telling you to leave him alone, after that go back to the main lobby and talk to your friend. She will tell you that that guy really is etemon that he was just dressed up like him. So now you go back to him and he gives you the costumes, and now you can enter the admin center.