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1 way of becoming good at Digimon W3
Git Gud.
This game, I'm warning you, is time consuming. If you're playing this, you honestly have a lot of time on your hands. For a noob, it can feel like forever to get to Lv. 20 with your mons. After playing it and coming back to this constantly, I'll tell you. No. It's easy. I can do it under a day. Just know your stuff, but I ain't gonna spoil the surprises. Here's some baby steps to actually get into this game well so you actually can have fun with it.
1. When choosing you stater pack. Don't give a damn. It doesn't matter. Patamon is like a Support, Renamon is like a Mage, Agumon is a powerful fighter and Kumamon is tank. Choose 1 and go!
2. Read how to use menus. Like Status > See Digivolve and set digivolve so you can begin a battle with that digi-evolution so scrubs like you don't waste a turn and get annihilated. >:[
3. GRIND! The biggest/time consuming thing about this game. Beggining at Lv. 1. Take your time in the Park. Walk around all over, fight digimon. Get a couple of levels (Like to Lv. 3) and go back to the Gatomon to heal and Guardromon to save. Then waltz into Wire Forest East for more grinding.
"The stronger the digimon, the quicker you beat them, the easier to grind."
4. Don't be afraid to use Techniques. Spam them up front. They kill quicker and save you from running back to heal from taken damage, but watch your MP.
5. Grind. Did I mention this?
6. Reaching Lv. 5 for your Digimon will grant Champion Lv. chain Digi-evolution. (Like Agumon to Greymon) Using the Digi-evolution will actually increase it's Skill Lv. (They don't get stronger) and every 5 or even 10 Skill Lv's. will grant Tech's to use.
7. Getting your Rookie to Lv. 5 grants Champion Digimon, Rookie to Lv. 20 grants Ultimate Digimon, Rookie to Lv 40 grants Mega Digimon. (Agumon - Greymon - Metalgreymon - Wargreymon) Get it?
8. The super supreme grinding fishing rod. Buy a Bamboo Spear, beat Dokugumon (Spider Digimon that appears near a bunch of webs, you'll know) till it drops Spider Web, in Divermon's Lake you can talk to a Divermon to obtain Red Snapper item. Got to an old man in South Cape to get them infused and then you use this item to grind anywhere there's water.
9. Did I mention grind, cause that's important. Like you can get to Lv. 20 before your first gym. Cause I did! Just realize when stuff get's to easy and you start 1-2 shot-ing everything and your not getting anywhere with you Levels. Save, then go somewhere harder.
Finally 10. Know your crap. -.- Use Walkthroughs, other tips and tricks to get by.
3 important tips for begginers
1.When you start the game don't go to Plug Cape until you've got at least 2 champion level digimon on your team because there are some Triceramon who are
Ultimates! My brother did the wrong thing and got annihilated easily.

2.After battling Seiryu city leader don't head strait for the gondola unless
you've got strong ultimates. My brother only just beat the leaders Apemon with his Angemon. (His Kumamon and Guilmon got KO'd.) I'm not letting my brother on the gondola until he's stronger.

3.To get extra easy exp and levels verse some Musyamon with digimon you want to gain levels. You will get an odd 155 exp!
3 tips for Beginners.
Look Out!
At the start of the game Kumamon (from PACK C) can't use it's Technique.
Don't go further then Central Park befor your Digimon are at level 5 (when they learn Champion).Fight a battel or two then go back to Asuka Inn, rest and save then go and battel again.
It's a good Idear to start with a pack containing
Patamon (A or C) because you will not have to battel MagnaAngemon and his Gate of Destiny Technique.He can wipe out your battling digimon in one move!!!
Good luck!
Amaterasu City
When you defeated all bosses in Amaterasu, & you get all coloured pass from them, go to Amaterasu city. The leader Chuck leads the army and reprogram the Knightmons. Go to Amaterasu Admin Center and defeat all the AoA guards. Make it through the Master Room. Defeat the Royal Knights. They use a Knightmon to battle with you,& beware the Knightmon's Beserk Sword. Just defeat him with normal attacks, & its better if you equipped Multi Crest with it. Next defeat the MAGAMI President a.k.a Chief Officer. You will have no time to heal between these 2 battles. After you defeat Chief Officer, Nick and Lisa came & arrest him. Soon the Destromon is terminated. Find and talk to Lisa and Nick. They tells you the Keith has gone to Qing Long to cure the Oinkmons. Go to Qing Long and talk to him, and later go up the stairs and talk to the female operator. Go back to Sieryu and talk to the sleeping Airdramon. It seems it can't hear what you talking. If you re-enter the tower, you will find Airdramon had gone somewhere else. Go back to Qing Long and you will find everyone is back to normal! Go back to Amaterasu city and you will find you can go through Amaterasu El Dorado and Wedge's Shop to Black Market and Heavy Armory. Here is a tip, go to the Black Market And not Heavy Armory because its item are completly useless. This is because you can buy best weapons from the normal armory. The Black Market sells HP Chip, MP chips and all other stat chips. Make sure you have enough money to buy those chips if you want because its expensive. Here is an advice. Explore all locations in both server & level-up to your wanted level. Just stay away from Amaterasu Admin Center until you want to finish the game. Both Lord Megadeath and Galacticmon are powerful enemys, so if you wanted to end the game, make sure you are freshly saved and fully prepared to end the game.
attack and defense power
have you realized that digimons attack and defence power doesn't stop at 999. just because thats the number it shows doesnt mean thats the stat. you can keep training, using weapons/armour and they still get more powerful. think about it...
Attack twice in a row sometimes
To attack twice in a row u need to tap x really fast and hard. (This mostly works with basic attacks NOT techs and you need strong digimon.)
Beat Galacticmon
Galacticmon is really strong. Destroy his tail with thunder attacks. If you have Gallentmon's final purification, Galaticmon's tail will go down easily. Right before you kill the tail make your weakest Digimon out.
Beating Galacticmon
When you get to the satillite make sure you have a lot of Life disks to revive your dudes and you can just try to beat him with 1 lvl 70 digimon and 2 lvl 20 digimons.
Best pack for begginers
If you're a begginer the pack you should choose is pack B (Monmon, Agumon and Renamon.) because Monmon can digivolve to ExVeemon who can learn healing techniques. Agumon can digivolve to MetalGreymon who has Destructive powers! Renamon can digivolve to Stingmon who can DNA digivolve with ExVeemon to create Paildramon! Also Greymon and Hookmon can DNA digivolve to create Agunimon!
best team to start out with
the best team to start out with is Kotemon Patamon and Renamon. That is the team I started out with and I beat the game easily
Buy and Sell
Hi!... Here go a tip for easy bits. go to el dorado, go downstairs and go to the passage, then you are in a (the) water tunel, go to the next door and theres a man selling things, buy that and next go sell to the stores. (you buy that items for 100-2000 bits and sell in the stores for 11000 bits!)This is very good i tell, i play this game for 30h!
Capping off
Sometimes your d-mon will cap off for a few fights and not gain level at all. Don't worry because after gaining another level they will grow faster.
Defeat Galacticmon
First get Monmon to Lv. 50 or something. Then go to Item shop and buy about 100 or something ultra charges. Then go to Galacticmon and attack him with Cannondramon's Dynamo Cannon constantly and heal him when it is needed. This took for long time but it worked.
Digimon 2003 or 3 for PaL version
you know after you beat Galacticmon you have to go beat the champion but before tha. You have to beat 5 other guys spread all over digimonworld.
To do that you need the five special weapons. like Invincable, Super Nova etc. Because I didn't get those weapons and got stuck. So I hope this is a warning for all you playing digimon.
Digimon Finishers
Imperialdramon = Mega Crusher
Imperialdramon (Fighter Mode)= Giga Crusher
Imperialdramon ( Paladin Mode) = Omega Sword
Black Wargreymon = Terra Destroyer
Wargreymon = Terra Force
Omnimon T-Sword
Metal Garrumon = Metal Wolf Claw
Gallantmon = Final Purification,Royal Joust,Shield Of the Joust (Differrent Finishers Differs On How you Train Gallantmon)
Cannondramon = DynamoCannon
ExVeenom = Veelaser
StingMon = Freezing Anttena
Digimon World 2003
After you defeat the final battle, if you have the NSTC mode, wait until the end credits go by to enter a new Amaterasu, if you are living in Europe you can proceed the game without having to wait for the end credits go by. When you come back to the digital world, you are in a new Amaterasu server and you are restricted to the East and Central sectors. Look for a card to get pass Wedge in the shop by 1. Talking to everybody. 2. Cardbattle. 3. Talk to Wedge first. 4. Go to the Underground path and head for El Doroado. 5. Head towards the Auction house, but right next to the corner boxes, have Junior stand in front of the boxes. Keep hitting the *X* button until you recieve a card. This card will allow you to go pass Wedge. Once you have the card, go back to Wedges shop.
Not all of them, but here, you can find some evolutions of your Digimons:

>> Giulmon:
Growlmon / WarGrowlmon / Gallantmon / Stingmon / Kabuterimon / Angemon [and others]
>> Veemon:
X-V-mon [eXVeemon] / Stingmon / Imperialdramon [In their three forms] [and others]
Greymon / MetalGreymon / WarGreymon / SkullGreymon / BlackWarGreymon [and others]
Grizzmon [Grizzlymon] / Kyubimon / Digitamamon / GrapLeomon [and others]
Dinohumon / Kyukimon / GuardiAngemon /
Sakuyamon / Kyubimon / Taomon
Angemon / MagnaAngemon / Seraphimon / Shakkoumon

I hope you like this guide, to select the combo of 3 Digimons, at the beginning of the game...

DNA Digivolves=As Partner
If U See A DNA Digivolve, See If U Can Get The 2 Digimons On 1 Partner, Train To Level 40 (Both) , Now U Have A Super DNA Digivole As Normal Digivole
DNA DV To GranKuwagamon
Dna Digivolve Imperialdramon and Kabuterimon to get GranKuwagamon.
Easy "BIT"(Money) + Moderately Good Exp
-Be between at least lvls 13-17 before you try this cheat(depending on
your digimon).
-Have 2 digimon between the lvls specified above.
-Have at least 5 Life Disks.
-Have defeated the Suzaku Leader.
-Have Submarinemon.
-In the Suzaku UG Underground) Lake (past the Renamon that was blocking a
path before you defeated the Suzaku Leader).
-Only Shogunmon(at the time).
What To Do
-Defeat Shogunmons.
Reason Why
-Shogunmon will give you 101exp, sometimes gives you the item Chaos Wave
(used to confuse enemies, but may also make your digimon confused), and
Shogunmon will give you 490BIT each time.
-Shogunmon sometimes uses an attack from their lower undigivoled form
(gekomon) called confuse gas, which sometimes will last for around 5-6
Easy 5epic Weapons
The way eassiest to get the weapons you got to have: Agumon,Guilmon or Veemon for Invincible.And for Eternally Patamon or Renamon.
and last Punisment for Monmon, Super Nova for kumamon and Muramasa for Kotmon. It is best to get get the stong digimon pack (Renamon,Agumon and Monmon)then you only got two digimon left to traing to lvl 45 and get there special weapons.(Kumamon and Kotemon)
Easy beat Bulbmon 1st time
I easily beat Bulbmon the 1st time with a level 15-25 ExVeemon. Bulbmon will flee when he's health is in the red area. NOTE: I did it with ExVeemon alone and Bulbmon does take heaps of health off but never mind that just keep attacking him with a basic attack.
Easy exp
Make sure you have "triple fire"ability.Go to amaterasu snow mountain and freeze mountain.You will encounter strong vikemons.You can KO them with triple fire easy as pie!!
easy EXP and cards no money needed for cards
First get a fishing rod. For those of u that don't know how to get one you buy a bamboo spear, get the red snapper and get spider web from Dokugumon. Note: it takes time so piss Dokugumon off. Take the items to the old man in shell beach. NOW go fishing try to land on the yellow if u succeed u will verse Cardmon. Use all of ur digimon in battle and u will get easy EXP and easy cards. (Thank u Cardmon!)
Easy levels for Greymon onwards
To get Greymon/SkullGreymon/MetalGreymon up levels you need to battle Seadramon twice you should get 58 exp and in two battles you have a level!
Easy money
To get easy money choose who you are going to train first out of-Veemon Guilmon and Agumon. Then you can go to the auctions and buy the stuff as normal but you can then sell the stuff you aren't going to use and buy more useful stuff like charges, Life Plugs and life disk not to mention (if you are far enough in) chips to boost your Digimon's stats <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
You can also do this with Renamon and Patamon. I prefer dropping Patamon as i usually use Pack A or B and you can get more money to help you get on your feet at the start of your game!
Easy to Begin
If you're stating a new game or your your first time you chould choose you team. Then just choose one or 2 digimon you like and train them
and the other one you leave at the lab or with piximon and that way you can train you digimon mutch easier. I hope it works good luck.
Enter Digimon Arena
In the PAL Version beat Galacticmon then go to Qing Long City. You'll need all five Epic Items to fight the Leader. Defeat him, then defeat the other three Leaders. There's one in Tyranno Valley, and there are two in Protocol Ruins. Now, go to Amaterasu Vity and enter the Admin Centre. Enter the Arena Front Desk, and talk to the girl down the stairs. The platform will go down, and you'll be in the Digimon Arena, where you'll fight your final opponent - the World Champion.
Evolution Levels
Here are the levels that go in for the Digivolution Levels in DW3.

1 - 4 = Rookie
5 - 19 = Champion
20 = 39 = Ultimate
40 = 99 = Mega
Excelent techniques for Hookmon
My Hookmon is my strongest digimon stronger than MetalGreymon and ExVeemon. So I'm going to share some of his best attacks! "Big Shot" Big Shot is like wing/bug and fish buster but it does BIG damage on all Digimon. "Fish Buster" As i just said fish buster is like the others but does BIG damage on marine digimon. (Divermon, Betamon, Crabmon ect.) Last but not least his finisher CAPTAIN CANNON!! My favourite! Captain Cannon is where he shoots a cannon ball from the cannon on his arm.

Hope you got some ideas on Hookmon's attacks! If I get anymore I'll update this!
ExVeemon signature attack
To get ExVeemons signature attack which is Veelaser get ExVeemon to level 60 and snap he's learnt Veelaser. I got my ExVeemon by getting Hookmon to level 20 you don't need Veemon!
For getting Best Training results
So you're training your digimon and the results are all XXX...What do you do?
For starters, try to use your O or X and the directional pad!Here's a list to do it:
Attack: press X when the digimon punch the punchbag.
Defence: press O or X at the exact time when the balls hit.
Yoga: press ^ and X or O non stop until your digimon flys.
Wisdom: press < and O non stop.
Jump Rope: press X before the rope reach the lowest part of the circle.
Fire T: press X when the two fireballs meet each other.
Thunder T: press O or X and ^ non stop.
Water T: press X and ^ non stop
Ice T: press X and ^ non stop
Wind T: press X and > non stop
Machine T: press X when the missiles are about to hit.
Dark T: press X and > non stop

One more thing before you try 5 or 10 TP first do 1 TP cause it'll be like giving your digimon a warmup.
By press X or O , the chances of getting it right will be like 60%.Well that's all then.
Gain experience easily for new digimons!
Got a new digimon in your team and you have progressed in the story so far that enemies are very strong for your new digimon? And still want to level up your new digimon?

Don't worry here is the tip for you-

Put your new inexperienced digimon in the slot 1 so that when battle starts, he will face enemies first.When your newbie digimon & that though enemy are face to face, quickly switch your newbie digimon with you strong digimon! And kill that enemy. After battle is over and if your newbie digimon wasn't defeated in the battle, he will get some experience too!

Do this until your newbie digimon is strong, and you'll be okay.
Gallantmon and Other Really Strong Cards
In the north sector battle the man who is in the top of ice mountain he will give you a booster 14a which usually contains strong, rare cards.
Go Over Fire Dungeon!
Here is a trick to help you cross over Fire Dungeon without being hit by fire traps. To do this just stay to the right until you reach the Fire Master. You will most likely have to fight some monsters, but you dodge all of the deadly fire traps in the process.
Good deck Ideas
Ok, It took me quite a while to get these cards, but it might be easier for you if you have more experience than me with this. But anyways, these are my folders:

-White Deck-
x4 Summon Angemon
x2 Gold Aura
x2 Protect Aura
x3 White Power
x2 Control Parts
x3 Freeze Bug
x4 Eclipse Undo
x2 Vicious Hacking
x3 Scramble Up
x2 GuardiAngemon (55/55)
x2 Wargreymon (52/52)
x4 Seraphimon (46/50)
x4 PaildramonII (33/33)
x3 Angewoman (31/33)

-Blue Power-
x2 Gold Aura
x2 Control Parts
x4 Freeze Bug
x4 Eclipse Undo
x3 Blue Power
x2 Beast Energy
x2 Vicious Hacking
x4 Scramble Up
x3 Cannondramon (55/55)
x3 Sakuyamon (50/50)
x2 Vikemon (45/43)
x1 MetalSeadramon (42/38)
x1 Preciomon (35/35)
x3 MegaSeadramon (32/32)
x4 Armormon (30/30)

-Power Deck-
x2 Gold Aura
x4 Protect Aura
x2 Control Parts
x3 Freeze Bug
x3 Beast Energy
x2 Fire Cannon
x1 Charge Terminal
x3 Protect Armor
x3 Assault Armor
x1 BK Wargreymon (60/55)
x4 BK Imperialdramon (50/40)
x1 BK Megagargomon (47/37)
x1 BK Seraphimon (46/36)
x2 BK KingNumemon (43/30)
x1 HiAndromon (42/35)
x1 Boltmon (39/32)
x2 Puppetmon (36/30)
x4 Shakkoumon (32/34)

*Note: I beat all Divermon on Duel Island in Asuka Server and all the Etemon on Duel Island in Amateratsu Server with my White Deck, so I definitely recommend it to more advanced duelists. Also, my Power Up deck was previously made, so it hasn't been properly tested, but I think it's good enough to try out if using the idea.

If you want anymore deck ideas email me at AnimeFreak@mugglenet.com and I'll respond when I can.
How to beat the digimon on the gondola
If you have a well trained Renamon while on the gondola, use its thunder gemini to finish off that monster, its its weak point
How to get Agunimon
You will need to first get agumon's champion form"Greymon" The Get monmon's Champion form Wich is "Hookmon" Then DNA digivolve them and you will get a digimon spirt named agunimon he looks so coool.
How to get KendoGarurumon
First you have to have kumamon and guilmon to a level 5 then get growlmon and grizzmon to DNA digivolve then you get a digimon that looks like a white version of metalgarurumon but his real name is kendogarurumon
How to get omnimon with agumon?
1)get metalmamemon with agumon to level 40toget metalgarurumon.
2)get agumon to level 40 to get wargreymon
3)get metalgarurumon and wargreymon tp level 40 and u will get omnimon.
How to get perfect training always
It's simple. Save before you train. If you don't get a perfect run, then restart your game and try again, do this every time, as it eventually can be a very big difference in stats, around 200-300.
How to get SaberLeomon Card
First of all, make sure you already had Asuka trophy (defeat KingDivermon in AS Duel Island) and Sun trophy (defeat KingEtemon in AM Duel Island).
Go to Kulon Mine (Amaterasu), go to Digmon Hole near the Kulon Pit Entrance. In the Circuit Board go down twice, walk down a little bit then you can find Numemon (Green) on the right side.
Talk to him, then he will challenge you right on! Make sure you prepare you deck before talking to him.!
He uses Green Folder..
In 1st phase He will have saberleomon, 2 Green force, 2 champion digimon, and 1 ultimate.
In 2nd phase he will have saberleomon, 2 scramble up, 2 beast energy, and 1 terminal charge. I dont know the 3rd phase, cause I beat him in 2nd phase ^^
Tips : make sure your deck contain A LOT of Vicious hacking, Control Parts, and Chaos Viruses. Eclipse Undo is useless!
And the good news is he doesn't use Freeze Bug!
GL ^^
*Sorry for bad english XD
How to get the 15 Legendary Cards
NOTE: You must have the Asuka Card Trophy to get any of them.

Beat the Bk Agumon, Numemon or Tamer in question in a Card Battle, to receive that specific card. You can only get one of each.

BK Agumons (Circuitboard):

[ ] Fortune Gate - AS Noise Desert (top hole)
[ ] Anti-Power - AS Freeze Mountain (top left hole)
[ ] Misery Gate - AM Freeze Mountain (top left hole)
[ ] Delete Matrix - AM Plug Cape (near entrance)
[ ] Desired Access - AS South Badlands (middle hole)


Numemons (Circuitboard):

[ ] MarineAngemon - AM North Badlands W. (high hole)
[ ] SaberLeomon - AM Boot Mountain (far left hole)
[ ] Rosemon II - AS Freeze Mt. (top right hole)
[ ] Gryphonmon - AM Freeze Mt. (top right hole)
[ ] Creepymon - AS Snow Mountain (hole left of inn)


Asuka Server Tamers (Overworld)

[ ] Wild Aura - Tamer Mitch (Wire Forest Entrance - Requires 2277 total Charisma)
[ ] Tidal Wave - Tamer Bob (Kicking Forest - Requires 2277 total Charisma)
[ ] Volcanic Cannon - Tamer Jessica (Tranquil Swamp - Requires 2277 total Charisma)
[ ] Sacred Spear - Tamer Nakano (Mirage Tower - Requires ~2400 total Charisma)
[ ] Darkness Gale - Tamer Mitaka (Kulon Pit - Requires ~2400 total Charisma)
How to Get Veemon
To get Veemon you first have to talk to the DRI guy and he will ask you to get Veemon's DDNA from Piaeldramon who will be in the Bulk swamp.To get the guy to ask you this you will need to get a digimon at level 40 but do this before you move onto the next world or you will miss your chance.GOOD LUCK!!!
ID Cards
The Silver ID Card is earned by beating the Seiryu Leader. This allows you to train in all Tolerances at Leomon's Gym except for Dark and Machine.

The Gold ID Card is located in AM Kicking Forest. You'll need to take Digmon through the Circuit Boards to get there. This allows you to Super Tran some Stats at all Gyms.

The Platinum ID Card is held by BK-WarGreymon in the AM Sewers. He is standing where Datamon was on Asuka Server. Defeat him ot earn the Card. You can now Super-Train any Stat at any Gym.
IMBA card deck built!!
White deck
4x Summon Angemon
2x Gold Aura
4x Control Parts
4x Eclipse Undo
4x Deceive Cloak
4x Chaos Virus
4x Vicious Hacking
2x Absolute Barrier
2x Charge Terminal
2x Program Charge
4x Angemon
4x Your Strongest brown monster (Mine is 4x BK Imperialdramon)

I defeat King Divermon in 1st try, and King Etemon in 2nd try!!

Note : You can change Angemon with Devimon along with The Summon PG card <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Imperialdramon PM/Omnimon Veemon, Agumon, and Guilmon
~Veemon lvl 5.
~ExVeemon to lvl 30
~Veemon Lvl 20, Stingmon Lvl 5
Imperialdramon DM:
~Veemon Lvl 40, Paildramon Lvl 50
Imperialdramon FM:
~Imperialdramon DM Lvl 99
Imperialdramon PM:
~Imperialdramon FM/Omnimon lvl 40

~MetalGreymon lvl 99.
~Greymon lvl 40
~Paildramon lvl 35, 200 Def

~MetalMamemon Lvl 40, Mach 140
~Paildramon Lvl 20, Machine 100

~Agumon Lvl 20
~MetalGreymon Lvl 30, Ice 320
~Agumon Lvl 40
~Wargreymon Lvl 30, Speed 260
~ExVeemon/Stingmon Lvl 5
Imperialdramon DM:
~Paildramon Lvl 50
Imperialdramon FM:
~Imperialdramon DM Lvl 99
Imperialdramon PM:
~Imperialdramon FM/Omnimon Lvl 40

How to get Omnimon
~You should already have WarGreymon so you don't need to worry about him.

~MetalMamemon Lvl 40
~WarGreymon Lvl 10

~Guilmon Lvl 40, Gallantmon Lvl 20/ wind 300
~Guilmon Lvl 5, Growlmon Lvl 30/ lightning 80
~ExVeemon/Stingmon Lvl 5
Imperialdramon DM:
~Paildramon Lvl 50
Imperialdramon FM:
~Imperialdramon DM lvl 99
Imperialdramon PM:
~Imperialdramon FM/ Omnimon Lvl 40

~MetalMamemon Lvl 40, Machine 190
~Growlmon Lvl 20, Defense 100

~MetalGreymon Lvl 99
~Greymon lvl 40
~Gallantmon Lvl 30, Fire 280
~Guilmon lvl 40
Improve Monmon's performance against water type digimons.
Monmon evolves to Hookmon. Hookmon have attack called ' Fish Blaster ' that really damages water types. You can improve this by upgrading monmon's water strength.
Instant Death Moves
Learned by: Magna-Angemon

Learned by: Myostismon, Digitamamon

Learned by: Hi-Andromon (Non-Playable)

Learned by: GranKuwagamon

Learned by: Beelzemon, Imperialdramon-Paladin)

Kicking tree boots.
Go to Plug Cape, Asuka server. Talk to the kid next to the trees. He will tell you about a lost card. You can find his lost card in the Asuka city Inn, next to the cleaning lady. Keep hitting th *X* button over and over until, you recieve the lost card. Then go back to Plug Cape and give the kid his lost card, he will tell you about Veemon.

Go back to Asuka City, and look inside of Lamp Chop, talk to the waitress there and she will tell you about seeing Veemon at Wind Prarie.

Before going there, you might want to stop at the Forest Inn, and next to where you can save at, the lady will talk about Veemon.

Hint: Make sure that you talk to two ladies in the game before going to Wind Prarie. Its neccessary because you won't have any problems finding Veemon in the Kicking Forest.

Now, we are ready to go to Wind Prarie. Looking right of your TV screen, walk over to the entrance of the Kicking Forrest to see Veemon. Play hide-in-seek with him.

Note: Never leave the Kicking Forrest. The chances are finding Veemon is very very difficult.

Once, you are in the Kicking Forrest, go to the left side of your TV screen and place Junior as if you couldn't see him and keep hitting the *X* button over and over until he comes out. Once you find him, he will give you the kicking boots, to get Cardmon.
Map Glitch (PAL version)
Defeat Galacticmon in the PAL version. Talk to a few people in Amaterasu Server and you will soon learn that the place is being rebuilt. Only Central Sector and East Sector are currently completed, apparently. However, check your Map. South Sector, North Sector, West Sector and all the areas in them are still there somehow.
Never lose (unless you're a weakling)
if you buy lots of life chips and life disks, you only need one strong digimon. just keep on reviving the strong one and stock up often.
Nice Deck + Acces to the Heavy Armory of Asuka
A nice deck is one that has ALL STRONG BROWN DIGIMONS. This is because the brown digimons, even the mega digimons, do not need any kind of element to summon. Also, I recommend several trade Charges, Gold auras and Vicious hacking. Trust me, my deck has tons of Brown Mega, Ultras and Champions and I don't have any problem beating the yellow crusier duelists.

Now for the heavy armory, you need the Silver ID, which is given to you by the Suzaku leader after you beat him. Now go to Asuka, and acquire and "El Dorado ID", then go down stairs, buy the item in the auction, and go to the Smits shop. Now you can buy items like the Sweindshander, for Kotemon.
Notice to Agumon fans!
If you're an Agumon fan and you're trying to Digivolve to MetalGreymon then you should read this! For me getting Agumon to level 20 is soooo hard!!!! Because my Agumon took ages to get from level 17 to 20!!!!!! It took 2 days before he Digivolved to MetalGreymon!!!!

Hope this gave you an idea on how hard it is but NEVER GIVE UP!!!!
power digimon
to get power digimon before u even think about fighting a boss get some ultamates and megas on your side u will now be unbetable do this before going into the west sector if u have any problems with this just contact me and ill tell u wat to do
The 2 ways to get the running shoes
There are 2 ways to get them:

1) Talk to the kid kicking a tree, who can be found in the Shell Beach.Plug Cape (I forget what it's called)

To get there go top-left in Central Park. Talk to the guy and he'll ask if you can find his Gabumon card for him.

Go to the Asuka city Inn and press X on the shelves where a woman is standing.

Talk to the kid now and he'll tell you someone in town should know where he is.

Go to the Lamb Chop in Asuka city and talk to one of the people there, she will say she's seen Veemon in the Wind Prairie recently.

Go to the Wind Prairie and look by the entrance to the Kicking Woods, you'll see Veemon. If you talk to him he will ask you to play a game with him, accept his challenge.

Now, you have to press X by every tree in Kicking Forest, eventually you'll find the one Veemon is hiding in, and he'll give you the shoes.

NOTE: Don't leave the Kicking woods or you'll have to start from the person in the Lamb Chop again.

2) When you reach the Amaterasu server talk to the guy you need to find the Gabumon card for and if you don't already have the kicking boots he'll just give them to you.
The Best Team
It can learn Omnimon if you have Metalgarurumon and War Greymon at level 40

It learns Impaildramon PM whose finisher is mostly a one hit K.O.

It learns lots of healing techniques
The Epic Items Important Note and Whereabouts
Important Note: If you ever find a hint where it says you need ALL digimon ALL at level 45, well, you don't. When you start a game, choose the powerfull pack (Monmon, Agumon, Renamon) as they are the powerfullist and easiest digimon in the game. If you get the powerfull pack the only other digimon you NEED to get is Kotemon and Kumamon but you can get the other digimon if you really want to! Also, all locations are in AM sever! Most Important Notice: DON'T SELL ANY OF THESE ITEMS, ONCE SOLD YOU CAN'T GET THEM BACK!

The following is recomended done in order as written.
GROUP 1: Agumon, Guilmon and Veemon

One of those digimon need to be level 45. (thats good considering these digimon are hard to level up)

First: you need the Old Claw from MasterTyrannomon. He'll give you it if you beat him. (you don't need to be level 45 at that point but at a good level to beat him)

Second: Buy saber fang from Mirage Tower and then give Shadramon both Old Claw and Saber Fang and he will give you Vanquish. Note: Shandramon can be found in different places based on what digimon (Agumon, Guilmon, Veemon) are at level 45.

Agumon: Sewers, Dum Dum Fact.
Guilmon: Shell Beach
Veemon: Protocal Forrest

At this point you should have Vanquish. And luckily, Depthmon is found at the same place for all digimon. Now you need to go to either, 'Bai Hu' or 'Xuan Wu' city and buy Venom Fang. And then go to the seabed in Pheonix Bay as if you were going to Shell Beach. You can't miss him. He should be in one of the first few screens in the seabed. Give him Venom Fang and Vanquish and you'll end up with 'Destruction'.

Now that you have Destruction, buy Belial Fang at Amaterasu City and take both these items to MetalEtemon and he'll give you the Epic Item, Invincabilty!

GROUP 2: Renamon and Patamon

One of those digimon need to be level 45. (thats better as they are easier to level up)

First: you need the Old Wand from Pharoahmon. He'll give you it if you beat him. (you don't need to be level 45 at that point but at a good level to beat him)

Second: Buy Khakkhara from Mirage Tower and then give Ponchomon both Old Wand and Khakkhara and he will give you Twinkle. Note: Ponchomon can be found in different places based on what digimon (Renamon, Patamon) are at level 45.

Renamon: Mirage Tower
Patamon: Protocol Ruins

At this point you should have Twinkle. Now you need to go to either, 'Bai Hu' or 'Xuan Wu' city and buy Crystal Rod. And then find Kongoumon and give him Crystal Rod and Twinkle and you'll end up with 'Immaculate'.

Renamon: Legendary Gym
Patamon: Kulon Mine

Now that you have Immaculate, buy Millenium at Amaterasu City and take both these items to MetalEtemon and he'll give you the Epic Item, Eteranlly!

Look up the rest yourself, this was only to tell you that you don't need all digimon at level 45 to get these items. But one more note: Kumamon, Monmon and Kotemon are all individual groups. Good look finding them out...
The right way to find Veemon
All other ways to find Veemon are rubbish and no help when trying to find him. So here is the right way to do it.

I had one strong digimon at level 25 and two other digimon at level 1. I went to protocol ruins and spoke to the dri guy and he then said he would give me something special if i found paildramon. I then went to exchange my 2 level 1 digimons for my level 30 and level 31 digimons. then went to bulk bridge and defeted paildramon (I found it easiest to beat him using Agumon at level 25 digivolved as Growlmon and had multi-crest equipted which lets you attack 3 times, I beat him in 2 turns) I went back to the dri guy and got veemon.
No need to thank me.
Third Byakko Badge Quest
South Cape, Asuka server.

When you enter South Cape, there should be a training gym and a nearby lake. Before you go underwater to South Badland, search and explore here for awhile and if you wish, train.

Next, if you feel confident and have enough life plug, counter-crest, super charges, etc, go to the end of South Cape and call up Submarimon and head towards South Badland.

This area may be a little bit tricky so make sure your rookie digimon are at least near level 30.

When you leave South Cape you should arrive at South Badland. Once you are there you will run into Nick who you had seen at Divermon's Lake. If you like talk to him for a bit then proceed onward.

Once you leave Nick, you should find your way to Pelche Oasis. Rest and Save here. Then talk to Lisa by the strange wheel.

After you talk to Lisa, behind Guardromon there is an entrance, go and take it and you should be heading toward Byakko City. There you should run into Numemon, where he will try to stop you. But ignore him and proceed to the entrance of the city.

Search, save and rest here if possible. Then go and find the fake leader. Talk to the people to learn anything new. Once you talk to the fake leader, you will be capture, and put into prison. So don't worry! Junior doesn't get hurt.

When you wake up, you will be in prison, so talk to anyone down here and then look for that helpful Numemon and he will help you escape.

From there go to the Mirage Tower to find the real third city leader. Save and rest here. And talk to everyone, then battle the city leader.
Tips to Defeat the Two Final Bosses
Just decided to be stupid and go with a fairly weak party (Agumon lv. 52, Veemon lv. 40, Renamon lv. 38) to go attempt to defeat the two bosses at the end of the game. It would seem that it actually worked, so here's what I did:

Believe it or not, but for both Lord Megadeath and Galacticmon, I mainly used my Agumon (lv. 52/53...leveled up after Megadeath was defeated)in both battles. For Fujinmon, use BlackWarGreymon, whose Terra Destroyer should bring him down in 3 hits. Next one, you have to switch to Galantmon and use Final Purification, which should kill him in one hit, I believe. For Raijinmon, switch back to BWG, and with one hit of Terra Destroyer, almost all his HP is drained. Just attack normally, which is rather self-explanitory.

Now for Galacticmon: You should've brought lots of recovery items just to be on the safe side. Again, for the tail, since it takes a lot of damage, Galantmon's Final Purification I believe is the strongest form of attack. DO NOT try to DNA DV to Omnimon. He hardly does any more damage than the Finishers, and it's about 100 more MP. Just be patient and heal when necesary. Then there's the cannon that goes boom in your face. For that, heal, and switch back to BWG. It mimics one of your moves (for me it was Giga Fire) and uses that most of the time. Another warning- he can counter now! Also, there will be times when he remains idle, and you can attack him freely, doing massive damage to him. He'll then do a large counter of that. Still, a digi with +4000 HP (like Agumon at Lv. 53) should be able to tollerate it. Just hang in, use finishers until your MP runs out, which is very likely to happen, and just keep on going at it. As long as you can recover, you'll be able to beat him moderately quickly.
Tons of exp.
All you need is and auto fire controller, a rubber band, tape, and a small heavy object (like a paper weight or stapler) Make SURE you can defeat the enemies in Asuka City Central Park with ONE attack!!!
First, go to Asuka City Central Park. Go to the upper right hand corner next to the gym. second, program auto fire for X. Press down the X button and tape it well (it shouldn't make auto fire work). Attach the rubber band to your stearing button, (The circular one on the bottom of the controller). Last, set your heavy object on the X button. Now you can go watch tv take a nap or whatever you want because it is battling and gaining exp. on its own. Make sure every few hours you check on it.
When you go to the mobius deset that seems like it goes on forever but thats not how you do it.You have to go left.What i mean is that when you go to the mobius desert you start out at the top right corner.When your at a corner you have to go to the corner on the left.What im trying to say is when your at the top right corner you have to go to the tope left corner.When your at the bottom right corner you have to go to the bottom left corner and keep doing that and eventully you will get there.
Tricky guilmons hiding place
I found out that when the tricky guilmon gives you the blue card for the gandola it dosent work
now tho find him go to the Inn thets in the Wire Forest and down the ladder go tho the basement where the bakemon fan is stending and continue the way untill you get to the guilmon talk to him
and he will give you the card for the gandola (IT WILL WORK THIS TIME) now when you are on the gandola going to South Sector you will have to goght someone GET YOUR DIGIMON(S) WELL PREPARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unplayabe characters
These Digimon don't appear as playable characters:
The official name is KendoGarrurumon!
No, you can't get this digimon by obtaining all 8 other Digimon.
No, you can't get this digimon by obtaining all 8 other Digimon.
-Kaseidramon Zeta Mode
VERY easy EXP and levels
Go fishing at Divermon's Lake catch a Divermon. Use a Digimon that can deliver heaps of damage like my Hookmon. If you decide to use Hookmon your in buisness! Attack Divermon with Big Shot then if he still has more HP use Fish Buster. He should be knocked out. You should get 118 EXP and for Hookmon a level!!

Thanks to this Hookmon is my strongest Digimon stronger than MetalGreymon and ExVeemon!!!!!!!
Way Easy Agumon Levels In His First Levels
In the beginning of the game get the pack with kumamon. Get him anywhere to level 5 so he evolves to grizzmon. Get grizzmon to level 20. He should now know the techniques lightening slash and whirlwind (pay no attention to whirlwind). He should also have a lot of HP and ba able to load the technique lightening slash. Turn on the battle digivolved form of Grizzmon it is Kyugimon (a yellow nine-tailed fox that specializes in thunder and ice techniques). Now make sure Kyugimon is at level 5 or higher so it knows its first thunder technique.
Now go to Asuka city and if you have not already get an El Dorado ID Card. Make sure you always have 2000 bit for an AUCTION. After the Seiryu Leader fight and you go to the gondola and it says all the invalid stuff, go to Asuka City and beat that Egotistical Showoff Jerky Final Digimon Kunemon Summoner Keith (beware of his Tyrannomon it is really strong. But it is his strongest Digimon). Now go in there after you gloat at his face. Go to the inn stay the night save and take the underground tunnel out of there and go to the cargo tower. A guy is blocking it. Now go to El Dorado and take the water tunnel to the tower. But first before you ever fight Seiryu Leader make sure you can go to the back of Smith's Shop.
To do this after you beat mastertyrannomon and before you beat Seiryu Leader go to Smith's Shop in Asuka City. Talk to the guy in the white coat (Mr. Smith) show him th E.D. ID and he lets you into the back. Don't buy anything yet.
Now after Seiryu Leader take the water tunnel in E.D. to get to an AUCTION led by Mr. Smith. Remember the money I said save well bid it to him to get a Guilmon exclusive shield. Sell it for 11000 bit!!! All AUCTION stuff sells for that much!
From the pawn shop buy 2 dark rings. From the Heavy Armory in the back buy a DARK CLOAK/MAIL either one is fine. Also buy a wing helmet.
Now for the hard part where Kumamon comes in handy. Go to Tyranno valley go up 2 ladders and go right, down to the big open space at the end and talk to the guy his name is DRI Johann. He Says he needs help finding agumon Digital DNA. He says if you get him some from MetalGreymon he will add Agumon to your team.
Now if you haven't gotten to South Sector yet heres what you got to do. First, go to East Station it says you need the blue card. ??? (whatever you named him) will say "born from a blue card, I think thats a Guilmon." So off to Asuka city and go to the inn second floor. A Guilmon is on a bunk talk to him and he says his cousin might have it. Now off to Asuka forest Inn. Where the beds are is a Guilmon, he says his friend in Seiryu has it. Now in Seiryu Inn a 'TRICKY' Guilmon gives it to you. Go to East Station and try it out, after trying ??? says that its an 8lue card at closer inspection. Now back at Seiryu City outside the Seiryu tower a guilmon says his friend knows where T.G. is but just go to the Forest Inn and in the basement T.G. gives the real one. Now go to the E.S. and it accepts. Get on the gondola and in the ride you have to fight a Bulbmon but when its HP is really low it runs away, and use electric attacks.
Now in south sector go out of South Station andbefore the plank of wood turn left to see a MetalGreymon fight him and beat him hopefully. When you beat him you get a Agumon DDNA. Take it back to that DRI Agent in Tyranno Valley. He will give you the promised Agumon. Now equip Agumon with the armor you got at the heavy armory. Now put him in first on your team. Once you can get padt Zanbamon go through Pheonix Bay and Ether Forest to get to South Plug. Walk around the beach and get into a lot of battles. When you get into a battle switch Agumon with Kyubimon and use the 2 thunder attacks (thunder slash and thunder ???) Agumon should get a lot of EXP and level up fast when he can turn on his battle digivolve Greymon. He should get a whole lot of TP points. Theres a gym on South Plug, but save up the TP. When he has a whole lot go to the gym and train his attack, defense, speed, ice resistance, and most importantly his dark resistance. If you do that later he will be able to turn into SkullGreymon and then the famous BlackWarGreymon.
Weird digivolution to Digitamon
This weird thing happened to my brother. My brother has a level 50 Angemon and a level 2 Angewomon. He was in Central Park he encountered a Kunemon he attacked ordinarily and only gained 6 EXP and.....WHAM! no one went up a level but Angewomon could digivolve into Digitamon!!!! If you try it and it doesn't work it must've been an illusion.......
Yellow Cruiser Cards
When you first visit Yellow Cruiser, they sell expensive and powerful cards right? My advice: Don't buy them even if you have the money as that will only waste your money. Save the money for equipments instead. The cards are not needed in the beginning and until much later in the game. These cards can be gotten by beating the Trooper in AM Central Park in a Card Battle.


Back to top
Get Guilemon
Go to sieru city (the 1nd city with the leader). Talk to the DRI agent. Get a Submariemon. Go to Sazuku city. on the entrance of the city in Phonix Bay summon submariemon. there are 2 ways, 1 to shell beach and the other to ether jungle. if you go to the jungle under water you'll be in a secret spot. ( you must have submariemon to get there. )
"how to get myotismon,devimon, metal garurumon,and rosemon "
to get myotismon get devimon to level 50
to get devimon get sakuyamon to level 10
to get rosemon get a level 40 angewoman
300 BITS
ok in the Underground Path in Asuka City (go down the ladder in the inn and enter), head to the right and enter the Asuka Sewers. you should be able to find a treasure box which contains 300 BITS.
300 BITS remix
here's how to get yet another 300 BITS. OK now make sure you have a Card Folder now go to Plug Cape (north of Central Park) and you will see a boy kicking a tree. he asks you to find his lost Gabumon card. now head to Asuka inn and go down the ladder and search where the lady is standing you will find the card. if you search another time, Junior will say there's nothing left but search there a few more times to get 300 BITS.
3x300BITs= 900BITs
When you give the Gabumon card back to the kid, go back to Asuka Inn and check if there is anything left. It will say there's nothing left, try a couple more times and you will find 300 BITs leave and then go back. Again it will say there's nothing left. Try a couple more times and you will find another 300 BITs. If you hadn't already got the 300 BITs in the Asuka Sewers then go there and push x on the red and yellow box.
A good folder those who don't have Legendary Cards
Just take this cards on your folder. Ah, a tip: It's OK to have only Champions on a folder, cause they sustain their own Power.

4 Vicious hacking
1 Protect aura
1 gold aura
4 Summon angemon/Devimon
3 Digimon charge
1 PG charge
1 Ecoly cycle
1 Revival Charge
3 Chaos virus
1 Fire Cannon
4 Angemon/devimon
4 growlmon
4 greymon
4 Raremon
4 BKImperialdramon
Also, here is my e-mail if someone have some questions about anything:
a good start
at first ur weak but u can change that go to the first inn go down the ladder go down to the door if u went to the lamb chop go back go to the other door go riht there is a ladder go down it and go to the door go in get the box u get 300 bid go get dagger and some charges get some more money and have some fun!good luck!
A Mini-Walkthrough for the F-weapons
If you're worried about finding the A-Digivolved digimons, here's how you get in:
Shadramon: Located in AM. shell beach. Makes vanquish with old (given by M-tyrannomon at the very begginning) and saber fang. He says that is a logical bad guy, but it's only hiding his kindness and love. Learns psychic wave (Sp.) and is fire type. Looks like a winged pig...
Ponchomon (??????!): Located in AM. protocol ruins, where you find the V-mon's DRI agent. Makes Twinkle with old wand (given by Pharahomon)It's a music lover, he even dances while making the Weapon. Actually, I think it's shadramon in a disguise because what it says at the end...
Flamedramon: Located at the AM. Mirage tower. Makes ??? with rusty rifle (given by Zanbamon) and cluster cannon. No Data avaible.
I think it's other for the rusty katana, but I can't find it.

If you want to ask something or you have problems, contact me by this e-mail: josdanielsolano11@latinmail.com
Admin Center
How to get in:
First you must have goten the badge from the second city, when you come out your friend will take you back to the main lobby. An announcement will be made that it will take alittle longer to get back to the real world, after that you go searching and you go to the two people that want to become digimon you talk to them and then go away and go to the auction get that item if you have the money. Then you go back and you will see that the two people have become digimon, and they will say that you have to find etemon to get the costumes, you go back to were etemon gave you the mask{other side of the underground path}. You will see a man he will be telling you to leave him alone, after that go back to the main lobby and talk to your friend. She will tell you that that guy really is etemon that he was just dressed up like him. So now you go back to him and he gives you the costumes, and now you can enter the admin center.
Get Powerful Pack. Agumon can digivolve into Greymon at level 5 and get Greymon to level 50 with a dark tolorence of 130 or over to get Skullgreymon. Get Skullgreymon to level 99 to get Blackwargreymon and get him with Megagargomon to level 99 to get Diaboromon. Get Agumon to level 20 for Metalgreymon. Get Agumon to level 40 for Wargreymon. Get Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon to level 40 for Omnimon. Get Omnimon and Imperialdramon Fighter Mode to level 40 to get Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. DNA Digivolve them to get Ancient Greymon.
All the Bk Bosses!
*******************All in AM**********************
BK WarGreymon: Same spot as Datamon.
BK KingNumemon: Same spot as WaruMonzaemon.
BK Seraphimon: Same spot as Zanbamon in Jungle Shrine.
BK Imperialdramon: Same spot as Mastertyrannomon
BK MegaGargomon: Same spot as Phroramon.
BK Wargrowlmon: Same spot as Hi-Andromon.
Armormon DDNA
You must first speak with one of the DRI in Mobius desert, there are two here, one asks for ARmormom DDNA, so its that one. AFter wards, head of to divermons lake, here, you can go to Deul Island, ( that card battle island) by heading on to the platform on the lake. Once on Duel island, head up the stepa dn then directly toyour left, and down another ramp, Armormon is on a small platform here. Just speak woth him to battle and get is DDNA.
Attack twicely more powerfully.....
To get ur digimon attack twicely more powerfully,
equip a counter crest and search crest....u will get ur digimon more powerfully than use to....
Attack two times occationally...
To be able to attack for two times in a battle, you need to make your Digimon's speed high, and your Digimon's Charm high too.
Battling Mitch and Bob.
After you beat the King Divermon for the first time in Duel Island, It lets you battle Mitch and Bob ( Mitch is in the forest entrance and Bob is in the Kicking Forest ). Bob's Airdramon can be hard to attack since he evades alot, so be careful.
To get beelzamon dna digivole malomyotismon and gallantmon or get them to level 40 to have beelzamon.
best place to level up
the best place is jungle shine in amerstau because if you fight neumon there you can gain 299 exp per battle
Best way for an easy match
When starting the game choose the pack with kumamon, guilmon & patamon. Train patamon till it reaches level 52 so that you can get Seraphimon and others very powerful. Seraphimon can learn "Giga Heal" and can even load it if Seraphimon is at level 99. "Giga Heal" is good because it can heal all your allies by at least 2500hp. It is very useful because kumamon has lot of hp if trained to level 45.
Blast Digivolving
To blast digivolve to the next form, first get like 50 power charges. Then, go to the seabed in Kicking Forest after you get Submarimon. Then, fight and don't attack, just heal your digimon. It takes about 20 minutes but it's worth it. trust me i have been playing this game for 35 hours.
Blast Digivolving
By taking damage, the Digimon's Blast Gauge will increase. When it is full, the Digimon will digivolve automatically. What your Digimon digivolves into depends on the type of Digimon and the level it is at.
Blocking/Evading Gallantmon Card
To block you actually have to press square before and at the momment the opponent attacks that's how I block and the X button thing doesn't work at all. And the easyiest way to get the Gallantmon card is to battle the guy in snow mountain. And when you open his boosters you'll get gallantmon that's how I got two of mine
Card battle tactics & (My)folders
Hi!I want to tell you guys about Card Battle,maybe my help can make you a King 5/7 times(If you don't beleive,its allright,but this is true).

First,i will put on my tactics&opinion's:
-Avoiding Freeze Bug's:
If at the loading phase,use a PG Card that can terror opponents deck(Darkness Gale,Security Hall,Illegal Access,Vicious Hacking,etc.),when you put on the Card,yes sir s/he will take the Freeze Bug out,then USE ANOTHER TERRORIZE CARDS!Sure do s/he ain't got no Freeze bugs again so,thats the 'booby-traps'!

-Avoiding Anti-Power:
First,sure do is allready with Freeze Bugs,but here's another way.
Make a folder of Brown Cards(Boltmon,BK Serpahimon,etc.)even Brown Cards have many weaknesses(With Blazing Chaos)But your opponent will be more weaker!

-Avoiding with Legendary PG cards:
There are 5 L-Cards(Darkness Gale,Wield Aura,Volcanic Cannon,Tidal Wave&Sacred Spear.)
There are 3 that is avoidable,(Volcanic Cannon,Tidal Wave&Sacred Spear.)To avoid them,use a SAME COLOR folder!This is effective if you duel with Etemon's&Divermon's(So if the Etemon is a White master,create a White folder).
But,Wield Aura&Darkness Gale,you will need some thing:
-Wield Aura(AP&HP +50 to all NATURE Digimon):
This PG Card can be blocked with an "Tricky Absolute barrier",first,do my Avoid Freeze Bug tactic&use a Absloute barrier(Sure after s/he use Wield Aura).

This PG Card is very i hated,feels i want to tear off that card!!Ooops,sorry!I'am so revenged with that card...Use this trick,hope you can beat that card!First,you need 2 Freeze Bug at your deck(i mean,when the drawing phase GOT to have 2 Freeze Bugs)So,when s/he uses it,use 2 Freeze Bugs.

[Opinion]on't to be spirited when fighting a strong folder,just calm down...

Now i will give you my folders&hints to play with it:

Ragnarok(Fire folder):
Elclipse Undo x2
Gold Aura x1
Protect Aura x1
Vicious Hacking x1
Control parts x1
Fire Cannon x2
Deceive Cloak x2
Trade Charge x1
Digimon Charge x1
Security Hall x1
Gallantmon x1
War Growlmon x3
Greymon x3
Growlmon x3
Agumon x4
Veemon x4
BK Seraphimon x1
BK King Numemon x1
BK War Growlmon x1
Boltmon x1
HiAndromon x1
Puppetmon x1

Execution(Gaea folder):
Power Super Metal x2
Security Hall x1
Vicious Hacking x1
*Anti-Power x1
Gold Aura x1
Control Parts x1
Deceive Cloak x2
Charge Terminal x2
Trade Charge x1
Digimon Charge x1
Elclipse Undo x2
Chaos Virus x1
Summon Devimon x1
Protect Aura x1
BK Seraphimon x1
BK War Growlmon x1
BK King Numemon x1
HiAndromon x1
Boltmon x3
Datamon x3
Monzaemon x3
Girmon x1
Shakkoumon x3
Meteormon x1
Digitamamon x1
Vademon x1

7-Matrix(My BEST folder):
*Tidal Wave x1
*Sacred Spear x1
*Darkness Gale x1
*Volcanic Cannon x1
*Delete Matrix x1
Absolute Barrier x3
Security Hall x1
Protect Aura x2
Gold Aura x3
Imperialdramon Paladin Mode x2
*Rosemon II x1
*Creepymon x1
*Gryphonmon x1
*Saber Leomon x1
BK War Greymon x2
Gallantmon x2
Omegamon I x1
Omegamon II x1
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode x2
Agumon x3
Patamon x3
Monmon x3
Demi Devimon x3

Nah,thats all of it,thanks for your attention.

Copyright (c) Hell fire Phoenix 2002

Change Names
To change the name of your digimon, just go to the shaman house(where sepikmon lives)in AS Server and you will find Baronmon there.talk to him twice.NOTE: Only available after you helped sepikmon find his mask and got submarinomon
cheats for exp.
ok if you dna digivolve and beat the digimon you get full experience for both digimon
Clues about Digimon Battle and raising Digimon
"Types of Attacks"
Use physical, magic and support techniques are needed.

"Attack Attributes"
Attack opponents with opposing attributes and use ally attributes.

"Technique Effects"
Effectiveness of poison, paralysis and other differ with Digimon.

"Status Ailments"
Status ailments except "curse" by Cardmon will go away after battle.

"DNA Digivolve"
Combine two Digimon into one. After DNA digivolve, the two will switch.

"EXP Distribution"
All Digimon that appeared in battle will receive EXP.

Digimon can be trained at a gym by using TP (Training Points).

"Digivolution Skills"
Digivolved from skills will increase as you gain EXP.

Crest Recover
Get Digi-Egg of Sincerity and go to Asuka brigde. When you reach Asuka sewer, go until at the end and you will be in Control Room. Defeat Datamon and you will get Crest Recover. If you not get this thing, try until you get this important thing because in any battle, you health will added every damage you get. So good luck!
defeat galacticmon
when u go up the stairs to fight galacticmon do not and i mean do not put a weak digimon first and make sure your strentgh speed and defence are very high and dont take him lightly he is more powerful than you can imagine i underestimated him and i nearly payed the price put out all your strongest digimon and their strongest digivolves

p.s if anyone knows what were and how to get the five strongest epic items please tell me because im stuck
For Agumon: Go to Bulk Bridge dock,go underwater and search for him.
For Guilmon: Go to Shell Beach dock,go underwater and search for him.
For Veemon: Go to Lake of Ice dock near Kulon Mine,go underwater and search for him.
to find depthmon go to asuka first seabed and you should see him.note in order to him appear you must first do these steps step one get guilmon,agumon or veemon to level 45 depending on what digimon you have,step 2 next have old claw and saber fang with you, step 3 meet shadramon he is found at these places one sewers amat west with agumon,shell beach amat.central with guilmon and protcool forest amat.east with veemon if you have old claw and saber fang he will make vanquish,step 3 next buy venom fang and go to askua first seabed and you should see him and if you have vanquish and venom fang he will make destruction.note you must follow these steps in order to make him appear, and you must have agumon guilmon or veemon at level 40 to make these steps work.
Digimon World 2003
Mobius Desert: Looking down at the tv screen: Start at the top right corner, go to the top left corner, the bottom left, top left, bottom, then finally top left. In Amaterasu, make sure you go twice top left.
Digitamamon Rules
When you get Digitamamon, you can DNA digivolve with WarGrowlmon to get MegaGargomon.
But if you train him, he will learn the following move : hypno gas, soul snaper, and hypno nebula.
The end, Digitamamon never give you any digivolution like the other, so I never put him in my team ... if I'm wrong please tel me
I got a digitamon from patamon and kumamon. To get a digitamon from patamon get him to level 10 and keep on training strength try and get angemon to level 18. To get digitamon from Kumamon get him to level 12 and grizzmon to level 29 and train spirit only. Trust me I have been playing this game for 30 hours.

Trust me my guilmon is on lv.48 and I got renamon, agumon, kumamon, patamon.
digivolve into megagargomon
alright 2 do this u have 2 get a level 99 metalgarurumon 2 get metalgarurumon get a level 40 metalmamimon and train up your rookie at the gym like it tells u in the digimon lab but different rookies have 2 train up different things so talk 2 the women at the digimon lab or if u dont train up at the gym them just train ure rookie 2 level 40

p.s if anyone knows how 2 get the five strongest epic items please email me at driggeruk@yahoo.com
cause im kinda stuck

all rookies digivolve to their champion at lv......5

all rookies digivolve to ultimate at lv. 20 exept veemon whon digivolves to his true ultimate when stingmon is at lv.5 and veemon is lv.20

all rookies digivolve to their mega at lv.40 except veemon who has to be at lv.40 and have paildramon at lv. 50 in order to digivolve to its true mega imperaldramon.....
digivolving guide
This should be simple to read........


veemon-----Exveemon,veemon lv.5
veemon-----paildramon,veemon lv.20 +stingmon lv.5
veemon-----imperialdramon,veemon lv. 40 + paildramon lv.50

renamon----kyubimon,renamon lv.5
renamon----taomon, renamon lv.20
renamon----sakuyamon,renamon lv.40

kumamon----grizzmon,kumamon lv.5
kumamon----grapleomon,kumamon lv.20
kumamon----marsmon,kumamon lv.40

patamon----angemon,patamon lv.5
patamon----maganagemon,patamon lv.20
patamon----seraphimon,patamon lv. 40

monmon-----hookamon,monmon lv.5
monmon-----armormon,monmom lv.20

guilmon----growlmon,guilmon lv.5
guilmon---- wargrowlmon,guilmon,20
guilmon----gallantmon,guilmon lv.40

agumon-----greymon,agumon lv.5
agumon-----metalgreymon,agumon lv.20
agumon-----wargreymon,agumopn lv.40
dna dv
this is how to get a digimon who looks like a metalgarurumon but is silver in colour with purple stripes .first get the maniac pack with guilmon and kumamon get both of them to lv 5 and then put guilmon in first place. when a battle starts dv to growlmon and then go to tag and choose grizzmon and choose dna dv you'll become the guy and you'll do an attack like metal wolf claw but it will be purple.
DNA Digivolve : Megagargomon
The following two digimon will give you Megagargomon.

Digitamamom and WarGrowlmon.

The more i get the more i'll post.
DNA digivolve into Pheonixmon
First, get a Taomon and a Magnaangemon.

Then, you can DNA digivolve into Pheonixmon.
DNA DV guide
Paildramon = Exveemon + Stingmon
Agnimon = Greymon + Hookmon
or Kyubimon + Dinohumon
M. argomon = Wargrowlmon + Digitamamon
Blade Garurumon = Grizzmon + Growlmon
Ancient Greymon (!!) = Imperialdramon PM + Diablomon
DNA DV To GranKuwagamon
Dna Digivolve Imperialdramon and Kabuterimon to get GranKuwagamon.
Duel Island
To beat the Divermon at Duel Island, make sure you have good cards. To get good cards first get the El Dorado ID card then go to the auction bid the BITs, if you have it, then go to the armory in Smith's Shop and sell the Divine Barrier. (That's what I think it's called.) You will get 11000 BITs. If you haven't gotten the 300 BITs in the sewers and next to the lady in the Inn get that then go to Yellow Cruiser and buy Seraphimon and then go train but make sure you have all the cards at Yellow Cruiser before you go and try to beat the Suzaku Leader. ( She's the lady in Suzaku Hall. DON'T TALK TO HER! because if you do, she's gonna battle you the first time you press x next to her.) Trust me that was my mistake. This has nothing to do with the cheat, but after you get in to Admin Center, and the game master asks you to help her, when you go to Yellow Cruiser, the screen says level 5,6,7,8 but they are tougher than the Divermon at Duel Island. It should say level 99. ( And the Divermon at Duel Island, their screen says level 22, 24, 26 and so on.)
DV and more
MetalGarurumon + WarGreymon = Omnimon. How to get MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon. MetalGarurumon: MetalMamemon 40.lv-99.lv and you need 160 - ...Machine Tolerance. WarGreymon:Agumon 40.lv.
To get MetalMamemon just train guilmon.

SkullGreymon is good digimon. His special attack Dark Shot is good.Train SkullGreymon to 99.lv and you get BlackWargreymon. BKWargreymon's Tera Destroyer is Great.

Gallantmon blast DV is Imperialdramon.

Digitalmon:Just train patamon. WarGrowlmon:Guilmon 20.lv. WarGrowlmon + Digitamon = Megagargomon.

Evade: When enemy attack start hold x and then release x and hold o.

The digi-egg of Sincerity is in Bios Swamp.
The digi-egg of Knowledge is in AM Server UG Lake

To get Fishing Pole you need spider web, bambo spear and Red Snapper. And go talk to old man in the Shell Beach.
DV and more
MetalMamemon:Just train guilmon.
MetalGarurumon:Train MetalMamemon to 40.lv-99.lv, and you need 170-... machine tolerance.
WarGreymon:Agumon 40.lv.

MetalGrurumon + WarGreymon = Omnimon
SkullGreymon:Just train agumon. SkullGereymon's Dark Shot is good special attack.
BlackWarGreymon:Train SkullGreymon to 99.lv and you get BKWarGreymon.
Angewomon:Just train patamon
Rosemon:Train angewomon to 40.lv.
Gallantmon:Train guilmon to 40.lv.
Gallantmon's blast DV is Imperialdramon.
Evade:When enemy attack hold x then release x and hold o.
Fishing Pole:Get bamboo spear, spider web, Red Snapper then go to Shell Beach and talk to old man. Bamboo you can buy is asuka city.
Digi-Egg Sincerty:Is in Bios Swamp.You need TNT Ball.
Digi-Egg Knowledge:Is in AM server UG lake but first you need Red ID Pass.
Where you need to go after you beat Game Master.
1)Bayakko City. Somewhere in Bayakko city you find General.Talk to him.
2)Suzaku city. Talk with Patamon.
3)Network Maze.
4)AM Server.
Good Luck!
Easy Bit
Go to Suzaku UG lake. Fight the ShogunGekomons there. They are quite easy and give 490 bit.
Easy exp for beginners
If you fight Trysaramons you will get 30 exp thay are in Plug cape and Tranno Vally they are strong though so you better have some champion levels on your side.
Easy levelling at the beggining
The tip for easy levelling is simple and effective, it can make digivolutions with no moves 1 hit.

Firstly choose a digimon to level, and go to that starting area after finding the 300 bits in the inn and sewers. get it up 2 levels which is pretty easy at the start, then train with 10 tp on strength, buy it a weapon and it becomes strong.

It may take more training for certain digimon
Easy Start
To get an Easy start on the game and in stead of getting beat up by Kunemon and Tapirmon you can boost your Digimon. Get cash from the sewers which is accesable through the underground passage,. And you can get cash in the shelf next to the woman in the INN who likes cleaning. That's a total of 600 BIT. Buy weapons from the Black Market or from the regular market. Or you can stock up on power charges. The choice is yours
Epic Weapons List or Armor Digimon Weapons
There are five weapons to get in Digimon World 3 and Digimon World 2003.

In world 3, make sure you get all required weapons before the final battle. And in Digimon World 2003, make sure you fight Galacticmon before, continution at the tournament.

All eight digimon, must have their rookie levels over 45. Champions, Ultimates, and Mega level digimon do not count, as the *original level* only the rookie level counts.

Level 1 Epic Weapons:

(There are five weapons to complete the first set of level 1 weapons.)

Old Claw, can be found in Tyranno Valley,Asuka server after defeating MasterTyranoo.

Rusty Gloves can be found in the Control Room, Asuka City, underground, after defeating Datamon.

Old Wand can be found in the Protocol Ruins in Asuka East Sector, after defeating Pharoahmon.

Rusty Katana can be found in the Catacomb, Asuka South Sector after defeating Zanbamon.

This completes the first level of weapons.

Note: Do not sell these weapons once you defeated these digimons. You will need these weapons to combine with Level 2.

Level 2 Epic Weapons.

Note: Here are the digimon that are needed for each weapon. It actually does matter what digimon is first, when you place them in order.

If Kotemon is first, look for the Digimon Kabukimon, in Ether Jungle, Amaterasu South Sector. You must buy the weapon called Onimaru, can be found in the cities, or check Mirage Tower, they usually have good weapons.

Give him the Onimaru and Rusty Katana, he will combine these two weapons and make Kotetsu.

If Monmon is first, look for the Digimon Shurimon, in Zhu Que Underground Lake, Amaterasu South Sector. Buy Cluster Cannon, can be found in the cities or Mirage Tower, and give Shurimon Cluster Cannon and Rusty Rifle, he will combine these and make Justice.

If Kumamon is first, look for the digimon Nohemon, in the Catacomb, Amaterasu South Sector. Buy Kaiser Fist, and give Nohemon Kaiser Fist and Rusty Gloves, he will combine these and make Zodiac.

If Agumon or Guilmon or Veemon is first, look for the digimon Shadramon, buy Saber Fang and give it to Shadramon and also give him Saber Fang and Old Claw, he will combine these and make Vanquish.

Agumon location: Sewers, Amaterasu West Sector
Guilmon location: Shell Beach, Amaterasu Central Sector.
Veemon location: Protocol FOrest, Amaterasu East Sector.

If Patamon or Renamon is first, look for the digmon Ponchomon, buy Khakkhara, and give them to Ponchomon and he will combine Khakkhara and Old Wand to make Twinkle.

Patamon location: Protocol Ruins, Amaterasu East Sector
Renamon location: Mirage Tower, Amaterasu West sector.

This completes level 2 weapons,

Which are Kotetsu, Justice, Zodiac, Vanquish, and Twinkle.

Level 3 Epic Weapons

If Kotemon is first, look for the digimon Yashamon, in the Secret Room, Amaterasu West Sector. Make sure you have the weapons Kotetsu and Tenjinmaru, give them to Yashamon and he will make Masamune.

If Monmon is first, look for the digimon Sagitarimon, in the Mobius Desert, Amaterasu West Sector. Make sure you have the weapons Justice, and Laser Cannon. Give them to Sagitarimon and he will make Judgment.

If Kumamon is first, look for the digimon Seehomon, he can be found in the seabeds, try looking in Central Park Seabed, Asuka sector, (next to the DRI Agent for Patamon). Make sure you have Zodiac and Tempest Arm. Give them to Seehomon and he will combine them to make Prominence.

If Agumon or Guilmon or Veemon is first look for Depthmon in South Sector seabeds, before going into the city in south sector, go to the seabed, and make sure you have Venom Fang and Vanquish, give them to Depthmon and he will make Destruction.

Note: In this case, you will be able to find Depthmon in the seabeds, for all three digimons.

If Patamon and Renamon is first, look for the digimon Kongoumon. Make sure you have the weapons:Twinkle and Crystal Rod, give them to Kongoumon and he will combine these and make Immaculate.

Patamon location is Kulon Mine, North Sector, Amaterasu Server.

Renamon Location is Legendary Gym, Amaterasu, North Sector.

This completes level 3 weapons which are Masamune, Judgment, Prominence, Destruction and Immaculate.

Level 4 Epic Weapons

Once you have these weapons, go and talk to MetalEtemon in, North Sector, Kulon Mine. He will give you the last set of 5 weapons after you give him the weapons that required to make these weapons.

Note: For digimon world 2003, the real city leaders of Amaterasu will not battle you, unless you have these weapons made by MetalEtemon. So, do not sell these weapons, because you cannot buy these special made weapons.

Before going to see MetalEtemon, make sure you have the Belial Fang, (you can buy this at Amaterasu City) and Destruction (already made). Give them to MetalEtemon and he will combine them to make Invincible.

Once you have Invincible, make sure you have Millenium and Immaculate, give them to MetalEtemon and he will make Eternally.

Once you have Invincible, Eternally, make sure you have Raijin Fist and Prominence, give them to MetalEtemon and he will make Super Nova.

Once you have Invincible, Eternally, Super Nova, make sure you have Suijin Cannon and Judgment give them to MetalEtemon and he will make Punishment.

Once you have Invincible, Eternally, Super Nova, and Punishment, make sure you have Fuujin Blade and Masamune, give them to MetelEtemon and he will make Muramasa.

This completes level 4 epic weapons.
The final 5 epic weapons are Invincible, Eternally, Super Nova, Punishment, and Muramasa.

Good Luck. This is one of the most time consuming games. Why? Because there are eight digimon in the game and in order to get these five epic weapons, you must have all eight digimon rookies, over the original level 45 or higher.

Credit is giving to bandai and the Official Perfect game guide book...
Evasion Technique
When an enemy Digimon is about to attack press the X button to evade the attack. You need to have a good timing or else the attack will be successful.
EXP super cheats.
This cheat will be much better if you got those Digimon's from DRI Agents:
First,make sure you have a perfect Digimon(Mine are lv.99 Taomon),then take your 2 Newbie Digimon's with 1 perfect,then put the Digimon that you wish to lvl-up at the first line.
Then fight a strong Digimon(Just choose the Digimon that your strongest Digimon can defeat).
Then you'll get the Newbie Digimon got out first,don't DO anything,just tag it to your strongest Digimon and beat it,once it's defeated,your 'lvl.1' Digimon will get the same amount of EXP with the strong(I take my Guilmon(lvl.1)&my Taomon(lvl.99)to Bug maze and fight with B-Minotaurumon and my Guilmon gets 250 EXP and level up until lvl.7!And he get's 40 TP!.
Gain submarimon

once u can see the women in phoenix bay whos luking 4 a cat? go 2 bios swamp by going down at THE bulk bridge look behind the white thing and junior will say sumat bout a bomb i think, well go to baronmon we a TNT ball from triceramon (half hour job) in tyranno valley and e will make u a chip go an blow up wall find blue digiegg and go2 platform and press x
gameshark cheats
Must have gameshark
Maxbit: 80048554E0FF
Renamon max level: 8004A3940063

Monmon max level: 800494240063

Agumon max level: 800498000063

Guilmon max level: 80049FB80063

Katemon max level: 80048C6C0063

Kumamaon max level: 800490480063

I have some more..... but I'll Keep them to my self
Get all Digimon
The DRI location is:
Beat the first leader:
Guilmon:Seriyu City,Lv30-Lv45
Agumon:Tyranno Valley,Lv30-Lv45
Beat the second leader:
Patamon:Cental Park,Lv45-Lv60
Renamon:Cental Park,Lv45-Lv60
Kotemon:Moubius Desert,Lv60-Lv90
Monmon:Moubius Desert,Lv60-Lv90
Kumamon:Moubius Desert,Lv60-Lv90
Beat the third leader:
Veemon:In the Ruins,under Lv30,must have one digimon with you.

Guilmon DRI agentown the ladder.

Agumon DRI agent:After the second ladder,go right.

Patamon DRI agent:Near the dock.

Renamon DRI agentn top of the gym.

Kotemon DRI agent:In the first screen,you should find a DRI agent by the three Pillers.That's Kotemon's DRI agent.

Monmon DRI agent:From the first screen,go down-leftx3,then go down-right,you should find a DRI agent.That's monmon's DRI agent.

Kumamon DRI agent:From the first screen,go Up-left and down-left.You should see a DRI agent.That's Kumamon's DRI agent.

Veemon DRI agent:At the start,go left all the way,when you reach the point where you turn left to get to the tall tower,go up instead.You should find Veemon's DRI agent.
get BladeGarurumon
Simply raise a guilmon and kumamon until they can DNA Digivolve! Yes IT'S THAT SIMPLE!!!
get diaboroman
to get diaboromon,first you must get blackwargreymon and grandkuwagamon.
then dna them
Get Diaboromon
First of all you need to have Skullgreymon, to get him you need to get Greymon level 50 and train dark tolerance then when you have Skullgreymon train him to level 99 to get Blackwargreymon get Grandkuwagamon then put bouth of them lv99 and get Diaboromon i am not sure if you need Grandkuwagamon.
Get DigimonS!!!
To get Paildramon ýou have Exveemon and stingmon to level 5 and veemon to level 20

To get omnimon you wil have metalgarurumon and wargreymon to level 40

to get metalgarurumon sculd you have wargreymon to level 10-20 ater that you have metalmamemon and trian him to level 40 and you wil have metalgarurumon

to get Bk wargreymon sculd you trian skullgreymon to level 99

all of them is right i have a Agumon there can digivolv to bk wargreymon and metalgarurumon and last omnimon but omnimon are rally hard to trian after level 60

my frend have a veemon there can digivolv to imperaildra (dragonmod)mon and paildramon and imperialdramon (fight mode) Get imperialdramon (dragon mode) in level 99 and you get imerialdramon

Get fishing rod
1st. talk to oldman in Shell beach
2nd. go to divermon lake and talk to one divermon that near the dock
3rd. get bamboo spear and spider web then talk to oldman again

(you can get it if the oldman talking about fishing rod at first step)
get running shoes
after u hav defeated the dark boss in asuka server but b4 u defeat bulbmon (2). u can go to protocol ruins and veemon will be there talk 2 him. and this time u got to find him in the protocol forest, find him and he should giv u the shoes all u hav to do is keep pressing x and u will find him. see its as simple as that. to use the shoes just keep holding down o as u move.
Get through Mobius Desert
In order to get through the desert, you must go to the upper left, and that should lead you to the bottom section of the next screen. from there go to the left, and just keep on going to the left. you should end up in Mirage tower.
Getting forms
as long as u have the required stats for the digimon u an get them.like to get stingmon with guilmon my guilmon was at lv.19 when i got stingmon.and it says nothing in the guide about getting stingmon with guilmon but with growlmon.
getting Kotemon, Monmon, and Kumamon
you can find their DRI agents in Mobius Desert
then you must get DDNA from :
Kyikimon (Suzaku UG lake)
Hookmon (Duel ISland)
and Grapleomon (Bulk Bridge)
Getting to Card Battle Island
Once you're able to summon submarimon head of to divermons lake. Theres a platform on teh actula lake, here you can summmon Sumbmarimon, theres only one way to go so fallow it to the very end. When you Reach the end, and rise to the top, you'llbe at This Famous Card Battle Island, ya know the one everyone hyped up.
Good Cards
Beat people in north sector and you will get some Boosters which have very good cards in it.
good cards,strong weapons,and infinite bits
only works with gameshark First enter the code 80048554e0ff and 8004855605f5 to get infinite bits.Then buy good cards. (The best cards are in yellow cruiser both servers.) Buy strong weapons.
To get him just get a digitamomon and train him to level50
great weapon for monmon
beat the green kuwagamon in east wire forest and usually you will get a chainsaw weapon
Have All 8 Partner Digimon
Use these GameShark codes to get all partner Digimon.When you start game with these codes,you will find all partner Digimon at Digimon Lab!

Have Kotemon
30048C48 0003

Have Kumamon
30049024 0004

Have Monmon
30049400 0005

Have Agumon
300497DC 0006

Have Veemon
30049BB8 0007

Have Guilmon
30049F94 0008

Have Renamon
3004A370 0009

Have Patamon
3004A74C 000A
Right before you're about to get hit in battle, press and hold X or down and X at the same time(it doesn't work too well with techniques)! note: you have to do it just right for it to work!
Hint : DNA DV to Imperialdramon PM
Imperialdramon PM => Imperialdramon + Seraphimon
Hint : make weak digimon into powerful digimon....
just load tech from Marsmon called "Misshukikou" (56 MP) this tech can triple your power then you can add Counter Crest (from Tuskmon) and Multi Crest (from Clockmon). then when battling just use "Misshukikou",if your enemy attacking (physical attack) your digimon will counter with 3x damage of your enemy give. if your enemy fail to attack you or use magic tech just use fight.
This trick will kill any enemy (except Boss) with one hit.
This trick workl best if your digimon have high HP and low Defense
This Is How To Get Easy Exp.Frist get the Exp.- Adaptor Then Go To Jungle Shrine And Fight A Bunch of times.Each time you will recive random numbers in betwine 221-278.
Hint: Recommended Digimon:

Get Guilmon and Renamon. When they digivolve to Mega level, they will be a strong team (Gallantmon and Sakuyamon).
when your in some place always stay away from the side grass that you cant walk on,etc.always pick a pack with renamon because when your at the beach there are gizamon and there weak against litning.
How to Beat the digimon quickly
When you're in the Dum Dum Factory, the digimon there easily get beaten by electric attacks. So to get experience and bits quickly, use a electrial attack ( Kyubimon or Taomon works well )
How to defeat Galacticmon!
Before defeating Galacmon, be ready by getting all of your Digimon to level 50 or higher!

Note- to get good Digimon to defeat Galacticmon, follow these steps:

Veemon L55 - Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
Imperialdramon Fighter Mode
Imperialdramon Beast Mode

Agumon L55 - Diaboromon
BK WarGreymon

Guilmon L55 - Omnimon


How to digivolve into Wargreymon
In order to digivolve into wargreymon you must have already aquired the other digivolutions greymon and metalgreymon. Have both of them at a lvl 50 or higher then get your rookie digimon up to a lvl 40. it mite be different if you have a different digimon then agumon. so if you have a guilmon instead of a agumon you'll get them at a different lvl.
how to fight black wargreymon
here a secret boss.
name : BK wargreymon
place : amaterasu server,in amaterasu sewer
(same place with datamon)
items : when you defeat him you will get
silver ID Card
(when you fight him becarefull with giga destroyer its very strong you knou!
how to find bulbmon
after you beat the game master go to suzaku city there will be a earthquake.After that go inside the susaku city,inside the suzaku hall.Ask the patamon there then go to the ether jungle.A girl will say the suzaku leader is inside the catacomb(near zanbamon).Then go there you will see a big hole talk to the leader and she will allow you to go in.

dont go to far and always stick to the wall(i mean near the wall)
HOW TO GET 33633125 EXP.

enter this code to get 33633125 EXP.

80042738 02EE
80042738 03E7

How to get ALL digimon!
Well, sorry if this has been posted before, but couldn't find anything.

Digimon-Place-Level Range

Veemon-Tyranno Valley-Up to 20
Agumon-Tyranno Valley-30-45
Guilmon-Seiryu City-30-45
Patamon-Tyranno Valley-45-60
Renamon-Seiryu City-45-60
Kotemon-Mobius Desert-60-90
Kumamon-Mobius Desert-60-90
Monmon-Mobius Desert-60-90
how to get an ultamet wepon so strong as to fight the four digimon sovrin
go to the badlands find mamothmon and defeat him until you get a counter crest then for guilmon an d agumon equip evil fang with the counter crest and what ever damage you recive you do the same number no matter what
How to get EXP for level 1 digimons to level 5
Firs you must go to protocol forest at east sector and then find the tree with webs and two big spider eegs then go round and round until you battle a dokugemon if you win your level 1 digimon will be level two do this until your digimons get level 5
How to Get Guilemon
In order to get Guilmon you have to be able to get to the ether jungle. First you must go to sieryu city and talk to the man that is looking for war guilemon. He will say you somthing about getting DDNA in order to get guilmon as a partner. Then go to the ether jungle and talk to warguilmon and ask him for the DDNA. he says the only way to get it is to defeat him. then you must fight him and beat him. he is hard so i advise you be a high lvl. once you beat him he will give up and give you the DDNA. go back to seiryu city and talk to the man and he will give you guilmon. if you have three digimon in your group he will be sent to a digimon lab for you to pick up when ever you want.
How to get Imperialdramon
First - Imperialdramon Dragon Mode/Imperialdramon
How to get:
Simply get a veemon from the DRI agents and raise him to Lv. 40

Next - Imperialdramon Fighter Mode/FM
How to get:
Just get Imperialdramon to Lv.99 and you have Imperialdramon FM

Lastly - Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
How to get:
First, get a MetalGarurumon and raise him till he learns Greymon, then raise Greymon all the way to WarGreymon and each of them to Lv. 40. Then you get Omnimon. Raise Omnimon to Lv. 40 and Imperialdramon to Lv. 40 and you get Imperialdramon Paladin Mode!

P.S. - Veemon can digiole 3 more times - Imperialdramon Jomart Mode, Kaizeidramon, and Kaizeidramon Zeta Mode. I'm not sure exactly how to get them but I'll try hard to find out and post again!

By the way, if anyone who has gotten lopmon or impmon on the game as extras, can you please email me how @ mahalogirl93@yahoo.com I have all 8 partners, but the game won't let me have them!
How to get new partners(complete)
Here i right the completed guide for DRI agents:

Agent location:Seiryu city,down the ladder.
Level span:30-45.
DDNA needed:Guilmon's DDNA.
DDNA holder:War Growlmon.
Location:Ether jungle,right at the Shrine.

Agent locationrotocol ruins,at the dead end.
Level span:N/A(Needed Byakko badge & 1 Digimon).
DDNA needed:Veemon's DDNA.
DDNA holderaildramon.
Location:Bulk bridge dock,go up.

Agent location:Tyranno valley.
Level span:30-45.
DDNA needed:Agumon's DDNA.
DDNA holder:Metal Greymon.
Location:Bulk swamp,near south station.

Agent location:Central park,near the dock.
Level span:30-45.
DDNA neededatamon's DDNA.
DDNA holder:Magna Angemon.
Location:From South badlands dock you can see him.

Agent location:Central park,above Leo Gym.
Level span:45-60.
DDNA needed:Renamon's DDNA.
DDNA holder:Taomon.
Location:North badland W,the path to Pelche oasis.

Agent location:Mobius desert,near the bench.
Level span:60-90.
DDNA needed:Kumamon's DDNA.
DDNA holder:Grap Leomon.
Location:Bulk bridge.

Agent location:Mobius desert,in the 3 piller's.
Level span:60-90.
DDNA needed:Kotemon's DDNA.
DDNA holder:Kyukimon.
Location:Suzaku UG lake.

Agent location:Mobius desert,near the bench.
Level span:60-90.
DDNA needed:Monmon's DDNA.
DDNA holder:Armourmon.
Locationuel island,summon Submarinemon from Divermon's lake.

Haah...that's all of it.
Oh yeah!If you guys want some hints/guide's for ANY Digimon game(1,2,CB,Tamers,3)E-mail me at mickeygolanz@yahoo.com
How To Get Out Of Mobius Desert
Follow these directions to get out of Mobius Desert. Go down, then right and keep repeating you are at Noize Desert.
how to get skullgreymon & BK wargreymon
first u must have agumon from the beginning or from ddna wargreymon. then gain exp and make agumon to level 20, but spend the training point
only to dark tolerance(train him at gym in south cape), and before your agumon reach level 20, your agumon can digivolve to SKULLGREYMON, now you must gain exp for skullgreymon to level 99 (viuh it takes long time man! P,get more exp in jungle shrine kill numemon for 220 exp or musyamon for 150 exp or another place). after your skullgreymon reach lv 99...automaticaly you get BK wargreymon!!))
How to get the Digimental of Reabillity
If your confused *_* with how to get the Digi-Egg(Digimental)of Reabillity,try this one:
First,go to Phoenix bay and go to where a girl is standing.She'll say when she's going to look for a cat,she saw the crest of Reabillity behind the Shrine at the BIOS swamp(not Jungle Shrine).
So,go to the BIOS Swamp(from Bulk bridge go right)and find the Shrine theres a 'blue'thing at the wall,is it the crest?WRONG!!thats not the crest,thats just a scar,acctually go behind the Shrine,and press X!If it works,'Junior' will say something.Then head to Sepikmon and talk to him,listen to him and go to Protocol Ruins go inside,at the Serpent statue go left until you find a ladder.Climb it and find Baronmon there,and talk to him,he says he need a TNT ball to evolve the ball to TNT chip(TNT ball=Triceramon drops that thing).Then go to the Shrine again,now your 'Junior' will Auto-move until the wall destroyed,then get inside,go down,and you will find the 'target' of this hint.
Then go to the any docks until a (!) shows up,then,press X then form a Secret cave Submarinemon will drive you to the destiny(To go to the west sector,go form Plug cape/South cape).
How to drive Submarinemonress triangle and direct button to accellerate,if you go too fast,the Submarine will sink(i mean,go down).
How to Get to Duel Island
To get to duel island, firs make sure you have the digi-egg of reliability. Then summon Submarimon at the dock on Divermon's Lake. Go to the only path that Submarimon can and you're at Duel's Island!
How to Get to Duel Island
To get to duel island, firs make sure you have the digi-egg of reliability. Then summon Submarimon at the dock on Divermon's Lake. Go to the only path that Submarimon can and you're at Duel's Island!
how to win fast with digitamamon...
ok...if you have a digitamamon.train it till lever 50 i think.it will learn the following move:hypno gas,soul snaper,and hypno nebula.
(this wont work on the boss)
first,attack your enermy with hypno gas/nebula.
your enemy should sleep.then attach it with soul snaper.your enemy will die after that(if it didn't evade)
my one did so....
but,just try.
Ledgendary GYM
the ledgendary gym is north sector....to get there u have to have the digi-egg of knowledge once there og to lake of ice and go to the end and you will find a cave ...go in the cave and go all the way down and you will find flamedramon head of ledgendary gym....
level 2 weapons
Kotemon:rusty katana n onimaru.ether jungle.Kabukimon makes kotetsu

Life plug
Before battleing the last boss make sure you have 20 -40 life plug because it heal your hp and mp by havled it cost 1200 bit per life plug
Malo Myotismon
First,get a Venom Myotismon or Sakuyamon.
Then,take Venom Myotismon & Sakuyamon to lv.99.
Fill they're Blast Cauge to full power and they will Special Digivolve to Malo Myotismon.
Here,i will give you hints of Malo Myotismon.
Type:Machine Bat Digimon
Original Tech(In-game):Melting Blood
Effect's:Blast a powerful Darkness power
MP required:250 Magic Points
Once you enter mobius desert go down to the next desert, then left,then up,go back down, and left,down left and you're there
Mirage Tower
At the mobius go go down lef for 2 time and go up left for three or four time and you will find mirage tower
Mirage Tower
go to mobius desert go down (3 times) then go left (3 times again).
And you be at Mirage Tower.

Mobius Desert
To get through Mobius Desert go south then east and repeat this.
Mobius Desert
In Mobius desert, going four times in one direction is like not going in the direction at all. So to get to the Mirage tower from the beginning, go up-left a total of three times and down-left a total of two times, although I dont know if you must end going up-left.
To find MonMon Dri Guy in Mobius Desert go Down x2 then Left x1 you'll find him between a pair of Cactus.Then in Divermon's lake take Submarimon to Duel Island and you should find Armormon the Ultimate form of Monmon. Defeat him and you have acuired Monmon's DDNA.
Go to amaterasu server. Once there go to the Kulon Pit entrance....don't go inside. There should be a hole somewhere around there. Dig in the hole. Search all dead-ends near the entrance of the underground (where the Kulon Pit hole that you just went in is). You will see numemon and you have to card battle him. When you beat him...he will give you a Special Card, forgot which card it is though. If Numemon is not there than your digimon must be at a certain lvl or you have to give Etemon's mic back to Etemon first.
The easiest way to get Omnimon is through Kotemon.
Train Kotemon to level 5 to get Dinohumon, get Dinohumon to a Skill level of 20 to get Greymon. Train Greymon to level 50 to get Metalgreymon and train it to level 99 to Wargreymon. If you use Agumon, you will have to wait till he is level 40 which is very tedious. Get Kotemon to level 20 to get Kyukimon then get it toa Skill level of 20 to get Metalmamemon. Train Metalmamemon to level 40 to get Metalgarurumon. If you use Agumon you will have to let Wargreymon be level 10 to get Metalmamamon. Train Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon to level 40 to get Omnimon.
to get omnimon dna digivole wargreymon and metalgarurumon or get them to level 40 to have omnimon
One hit to kill you enemy with Soul Snatcher
First, got Myotismon with any partner, train until Lv.80 and he will learn SOUL SNATCHER than Upload this for another DV.
(Note 1 : Use it if you tired clicking or need hurry)
(Note 2 : Train Myotismon to Lv.90 or more if you want Upload this at DigimonLab)
(Note 3 : Not work for Snimon with red skin, Rockmon and Boss)
Thanks and please tell me if I miss for something.
permenent digivolve for dna digimon
for paildramon you need exveemon and stingmon skill 5 each on 1 digimon and your rookie level 20

for wolfmon you need greymon and grizzmon on 1 digimon.

for agnimon you need kyubimon and dinohumon on seperate digimon then you put one in battle and tag the other and select dna

for omnimon you need on 1 digimon wargreymon and matalgarurumon at skill 40 each

for imperialdramon pm you need imperialdramon fm and omnimon on 1 digimon at skill 40 each.

if i hear of other ill update this
When you're battling the GameMaster, when she uses her Persiamon, DNA or digivolve your digimon while tapping L1, L2, R1 and R2. Her attack will not de-digivolve your digimon.
Play tip
Battle with the same digimon till he gets to his digivolve level. Then when he does train another and so on and so on. Also set it so you will start with there digivolve and train it till it get it's first attack.
Put the cruse by Cardmon away
You have to rest at a inn to put the cruse by Cardmon away.
rare kimeramon card
To get a kimeramon card go to ameratsu server zhu qhue city and defeat the guard on the right of the pillar beat him and he will give you a booster 10a in there you should sometimes get a Kimeramon card
Real way to find Numemon in DumDum Factory
Almost everything was right with that other tip but the only thing "monsterdigi" didn't know was that there is a patern in the duct rooms. 1st go to duct room1,then 4,then 2,then 3.when you come out, go towards the operating room and see numemon go in the operating room.Go in and fight Hi-Andromon and go to the dungeon like door. Find your way to the sewers and look for Warumonzaemon. Fight him and numemon will appear when you beat him. He will appear to be Kail's brother.That's all.If you want to ask me questions,go to www.kinderstart.com/filteredmail/html and email me there but register first.I have answers to different questions that you want to know.Right now,I'm gong to fight a very strong digimon which is the overall leader.I have been playing for 5 months.I have completed all partners that all of them have completed their digivolves.Don't ask me questions that has the answer in this site.Good luck on your journeys digi-tamers.Follow the tips on this site which I have did.Some of them don't work so choose carefully.If your only a new tamer, email me for advice and hints of the game.
real way to get to the Mobius Tower
When you first get into the mobius desert go down,down,left,down,left. You should be there.
To get rosemon have angewomen to level 40 to have rosemon
Sakuyamon crimson mode
I know it sounds weird but it can happen.At least it did for me.All u have to do is get Gallantmon Crimson mode and Sakuyamon with the same digimon and get them to LV. 40 and u will get Sakuyamon Crimson mode.
EX. for me I got Renamon and at LV.38 she digivolved to Gallantmon and at LV.40 Sakuyamon.I got the item Grony and equiped it to her and leveled her up 1 LV. to LV.41 and she got Gallantmon Crimson mode then I leveled Renamon to LV.42 and she got the digivultion Sakuyamon Crimson mode.I was surprised as anything.It might have been a glitch because I started a new game and saved it to a different block because I didnt want to lose her but it wouldnt work again.She is the most powerful digimon in the game if u can get her.
Save some money
Ok in the inns it's like so many bits per digimon well a solution for all you penny pintchers. If there is one around deposit all your digimon sept one in your digimon storage slot ya'know with piximon and then go to the inn and sleep it might sound stupid but on average you could save up to hundreds of thousands of bits
Sepkimon & Zanbamon
Okay enter that building and run off, then go to the town across the bridge. Talk to gatomon{not the one at the cash register}, and then head back to that house. Then the voice should tell you that he has losted his mask, and he says if you can get it back he will give you something to help you beat Zanbamo. Okay now your going to have to look for Baronmon. Now go to Protocol Woods and head into the ruins, and go to the left side and follow the path to a ladder climb up the ladder and talk to Baronmon. This wont be the right Baronmon, so now you should head towards the city. And go to Asuka City, and turn to the right before the gate and you should see a Baronmon. Talk to Baronmon and then head into the town, go to the underground passage and talk to the guys in the area nears the card center and near the tree. You should see a Etemon, talk to him and he will talk back and say hes Ashamed of Sepkimon. And then talk to him again and he will say Sepkimon has headed towards Divermon's lake, so now go to Divermon's lake. Now you must look around for a man that is hinding, talk to him and he will say that Etemon was doing all that stuff wearing Sepkimons mask. So now head towards the city once again and go talk to Etemon which should now be on the other side of the underground passage. Talk to him a couple times and then you get the mast back, now take it to the small hut in the south sector. Now Sepkimon will give a small herb that you can use against Zanbamon. Then now go back to battle Zanbamon and then you will be able to beat him.
There is a three way shortcut from bulkbridge to central park to kicking forest but you have to have the egg of relialbility to use the shortcut.
if your in central park go south by the old person standing by the hole walk down further you see a dock summon submarinemon and if you go right you come to kicking forest if you go left you come to bulk swamp.
Side-Quest FAQ

I.About Side-Quest.
II.Card battle Side-Quests.
III.Other Side-Quest.
IV.Partner Side-Quest.

I.About Side-Quest.
Side-Quests is a quests that maybe we needed for something,my word is "No body can end Digimon World 3 without Side-Quests",cause Side-Quests are important in our 'Digital' lives.

II.Card battle Side-Quests.
Tree boots.
Tree boots are needed to kick the 'Kicking tree' to obtain boosters from Cardmon.Other Informations is in Yellow Cruiser.

First,go to Plug cape,you will see a boy is kicking a tree...he will tell you about Tree boots if you find his Gabumon card.
Go to Asuka Inn 1F,check around the cupboards that Fussy Fredda is cleaning press X,until you find Gabumon card.
Go back to the kid,he will say you got to get friends with Veemon,he tells you ask about Veemon at Lamb Chop,ask the waitress there,then go to Kicking forest,at the journey you will see Veemon at the wind prarie,ask him and go play Hide and Seek with him.
When you enter,don't get close to the exit or else you character will give up,go to bunch of trees at south of you and press X at every tree.
You will find Veemon,if you fail,you can ask the Waitress again to play with Veemon.

Etemons Mic (Available at Amaterasu only).
When you fight at AM's Duel Island,when you reach the-4th Etemon,he says that BK Agumon took his Mic and feel not like playing.Nah,your job is to find BK Agumon and grab the Mic.

Go to the hole at Asuka Jungle Grave where you fight Zanbamon at the 1st time,summon Digmon and go to Circuit board and search him,after you find him he will say that the BK Kingz had it,fight a Card battle with him(nb:at the 1st phase,he will use 4 Vicious Hacking so becareful.)after you win,he will tell where BK Kingz is.
Go to the hole beside Panjyamon's Gym(AM)and search him,when you find him he will challange you a Card battle again.
Beat him you will get the mic and kick his but!
No go to the 4th Etemon then he will say that he already make a new one(What a wasteful quest).

Legendary PG/DG cards.
There are rumors that Legend PG/DG Cards is hidden in Digimon Online and no boosters contains it,the tamer that has it is only BK Agumon and Numemons(BK Group)find them at the Circuit Board and grab those cards!!

-Fortune Gate(PG)
Location:Noise Desert(AS)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 01

Location:Boot Mountain(AS)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 02

-Misery Gate(PG)
Location:Boot Mountain(AM)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 03

-Delete Matrix(PG)
Locationlug Cape(AM)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 04

-Desire Access(PG)
Location:South Badlands(AS)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 05

-Marine Angemon(DG)
Location:North Badlands W(AM)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 01

-Saber Leomon(DG)
Location:Boot Mountain(AM)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 02

-Rosemon II(DG)
Location:Freeze Mountain(AS)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 03

Location:Freeze Mountain(AM)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 04

Location:Snow Mountain(AS)
Booster dropped:R-Booster 05

Super PG Cards.
Super PG Cards is a PG Card that is so powerful,but weak againts own element.
Tamers at Asuka server gives you those cards.
But you got to make AM server back to normal and have 2.500+ Charm points.

Tidal Wave.
Locationwned by tamer Bob,Kicking forest
Booster gived:R-Booster 05a
Descriptionut all non-blue Digimon to trash

Volcanic Cannon.
Locationwned by tamer Jessica,Tranquil Swamp
Booster gived:R-Booster 06a
Description:60 damage to all non-red Digimon

Wield Aura.
Locationwned by tamer Mitch,Wire forest entrance
Booster gived:R-Booster 04a
Description:AP and HP+50 to all Green Digimon

Sacred Spear.
Locationwned by tamer Nakano,Mirage Tower
Booster gived:R-Booster 09a
Descriptionut all non-white Digimon to trash

Darkness Gale.
Locationwned by tamer Mitaka,Kulon pit
Booster gived:R-Booster 10 (WOW!)
Descriptionut all oponents non Black cards to trash

III.Other Side-Quest.
Fishing Pole.
Fishing Pole is needed to fish a Cardmon or battle with marine Digimons.

Go to Shell Beach,ask Tai Wong Kang there,he will make you a Fishing Pole if you have:
-String(Spider Web-Dokugumons often drops it)
-Pole(Bamboo Spear-Buy it for 150 BITS at Smith's)
-Hook(Red Snapper-Help Divermon at Divermon's lake)
Then go back to Tai Wong Kang and...ARRUUMMPPAAA!!
You obtained that Fishing Pole!!

IV.Partner Side-Quest.
DRI Agents.
DRI(Digital Research Investigators)Agents are spreaded at Asuka server by orders of Dr.Kadomatsu,if you have the DDNA(Digital DNA)the agents need,they will give you a new partner.

Agent location:Seiryu city,down the ladder
Level span:30-45
DDNA holder:War Growlmon
Location:Right at the Jungle Shrine

Agent location:Central park,above Leo gym
Level span:45-60
DDNA holder:Taomon
Location:North Badland W,path to Pelche Oasis

Agent location:Tyranno Valley,2nd ladder go right
Level span:30-45
DDNA holder:Metal Greymon
Location:Bulk Swamp,near South station

Agent locationrotocol ruins,at the dead end
Level span:N/A,need Byakko badge and 1 Digimon at your party
DDNA holderaildramon
Location:Bulk Bridge dock,go up

Agent location:Central park,near the dock
Level span:30-45
DDNA holder:Magna Angemon
Location:South Badlands coast cliff

Agent location:Mobius desert,near the bench
Level span:60-90
DDNA holder:Grap Leomon
Location:Ether Jungle,secret spot

Agent location:Mobius desert,between the cactus
Level span:60-90
DDNA holder:Armormon
Locationuel Island,at the platfrom

Agent Location:Mobius desert,at the Tri-pillers
Level span:60-90
DDNA holder:Kyukimon
Location:Suzaku UG Lake

Nah,that's all of my Side-Quest FAQ,thank you for reading it and your atention.

Hell fire Phoenix-thats me!I make this FAQ (Duh)
Yahoomail.com-For making me E-Mail that contacts Digimon fans
Bandai entertainment:For making such a game
My friends-Supporting me to make this FAQ
My Playstation-Helping me to find those FAQ
My Dad and Mom-For giving me nice facilities
And others that i can't say the names.

Copyright (c) Hell fire Phoenix 2002.
Bandai entertainment.

start as Champion/Ultimate/Mega
in the Status menu select a digimon then select Digivolutions then select a Digivolution and select Battle Digivlove On when you get into a battle your Digimon will start as the selected Digivolution. this is also the only way Digivolutions gain levels
Strong digi at start of the game
First get the starterpack with agumon in it (or just wait until agumon joins but then it won't be on the begin of the game anymore).Now train that little one until it has learned digivolve GreyMon (level 5)(you must set you greymon on autodigivolve) now get yourself a fishing-pole, if you don;t know how i will tell ya..
First you must have visited the yellow cruiser(you get cards here).now go to the shelbeach and talk to the fisher he will tell ya that you need 3 things and then he shall make you a fishingpole !?!?......
now go and buy bamboo spear(or something like that) now train your digi for a little while ultil your Graymon has a tech(you must set you greymon on autodigivolve)now go to the protocol forest and battle dugugumon until you have the item cald spiderweb(don't use it!?) nog go to the divermons lake and talk to the divermon in the water..
you will get a fishing hook, now return to the fishing guy, he will make ya a fishing plole...
Now return to divermonslake and go fishing in that lake (you will encounter divermon to battle) defeat them until greymon has skill level 40(he now will have digivolve skullgreymon)
put skullie in your team and trian him until he has skilllevel 99, he now will learn digivolve BlackWarGreyMon!?!?!?!?!?!?
You now have a powerfull ultimate!!! ?
but wait there is more to come!Go and battle tuskmon(i don't know were they are, i think tyranno valley)
when you have battled enough tuskmon you will retrieve a countercrest, equip it on you blackwargreymon....
now here is the tricky part, keep the defense as low as possible!?0_o
because if you are hit and you will retrieve 1000 damage you digi does counter and then the other one shall have 1000 damage!?0_o
but you still will need a lot of items if you want to train like this.......
now you have a very powerfull digi(i beat blackkingnumemon with this tric and blackwargrowlmon)
have fun!
Stronger Digimon
This is relatively easy, basically you go into battles and you earn TP {Training Points}. You use the TP's at the gym which can be located right when you get across the bridge from Asuka. You turn to your right side, and walk to the gym from the bridge. And when you are at the gym you can use the TP to get your digimon stronger.
The Digi-Egg is in the South Sector, you talk to Sepkimon in the his house and then you have to find Baronmon. Baronmon can be located in Protocol Ruins.[From the entrance you goto your left and keep following the bath until you see a ladder, you climb the ladder and see Baronmon. Make sure you have a TNT Ball, and then he will make you a bomb and then you goto the South Sector again and goto Bios Swamp and then goto the little shrine and you blow the wall up, which takes you to a path were you find the digi-egg.]
Super good to evade!!!!
ok when you see the ur enemy jump hold X but is RIGHT when they jump even when they are using tech...just like dophlmon, when he rise the head up just hold X then it will work TRUST ME!!!! IS COOL!!!!!!
the last digimon
the last digimon is bigger than earth! so i would get the pack that has monmon train him to level 60 or higher ur others 40 this guy is so strong u only take 100 power away but get as much power u can becuse he will use the strongest atack so i would get some mega charges if u can get 99 like i did becuse i had 100,000,56 bid have fun! with the bid!
When you defeat ``the world champion´´ and defeat ``voomon´´ go to master room in amateratsu city and you are transport to the legendary server ( in this server you fight with the sacred digimons).
When you defeat the 4 sacred digimons tehirs give a two options:

-keep up your digimons and end the game or:
-leave your digimon partners in the legendary sever and choose one sacred digimon ( the sacred digimons allow travel for all servers and sectors flying)

the best sacred digimon is zwlsemon because is very strong and fast


When you choose the two option the legendary server has attack for three digimons:
infermon, beelzemon and bk shakramon.

WIN.- You gained a new 8 partners and new weapon ( big bang universal)and begin new game in yamato city.
Lose.- The legendary server is destroyed and you are send to the real world and don,t remember this server.


Gabumon,ipmon, terriermon, armadilomon, hokmon, gatomon, tentomon and gomamon.


is very dificult open the legendary server you needed the eight acient parteners in the ultimate level (mega lv 99) and defeat all digimons in amateratsu asuka an yamato server
The real places to find the digimon
The man in the protocall ruins you talk to the man if you have 20 or less of total level he will tell you to fine the digimon at bulk bridge.

Talk to the man in the seiryu city down at the bottom of the clief he will make you find a wargrowlmon if your total level is between 30-45 to get guilmon

To get agumon is to go to the the man in the Tyranno Valley he will ask you if you can the ddna of agumon from a metalgreymon if your level is 30-45.

You will find a person on top of the leomon gym he will ask you for ddna for renamon from toamon a the North badland if your level is 45-60.

If you have over the limit store the digimon thats make you over then tald to the person and before you fight the digimon get him back in you team.
This is dedicated to all people who like Digimon but doesn't know the names...

When you DNA Digivolve to make the Fiery Man that shoots Fireballs with Blonde hair his name is...


Now this is for you people who call this guy BLADEGARURUMON when you are all from another planet for that isn't his name...


There is no BLADEGARURUMON in this game or alive at all.So do not even think about calling him that and saying that I am wrong because...SEASON 4 WHICH HAS THOSE DIGIMON HAS ALREADY CAME OUT AND HAS ENDED SO I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!

Thank you for reading, your lord and master, Omega X.Ba-Bye!
Finding Veemon
When you enter the forest go straight left at the side when you enter and go alittle big down then keep pressing X till you do find him.

When you fight him make sure you have 2 of those items that give you 5000 HP back or else you're dead.Also having Imperialdramon FM is good because his finisher is good.Not Imperialdramon PM because he does like half damage.
To Change Digimon Name
After Beat The Byakko Leader At Mirage Tower Go To Shaman House At Traquil Swamp Then Talk To Baronmon...
To Digivolve to Greymon
To get Greymon, you have to start of with the pack that has Agumon. From there raise your Agumon to level 5, once you got him to level 5 you can digivolve into Greymon in battle. To digivolve go to DV and select the next form of the digimon you have.
To find Numemon in Dum Dum Factory
Numemon is really Lucky Mouse.(Kails bro)Go in the factory and you will see him.Go around and you will find him again.go around one more time and you will see him go in Duct Room 1.Go inside and you will find some bits but he is not there.go to the other duct rooms for maybe,2x.then go to the operating room and fight hi-andromon.If you win,the dungeon will open when you go in.(dungeon is located outside the other door.jump and the dungeon is near.)Numemon is in the dungeon.He will tell you important details to go to the next island.trust me.I have been playing for 30:50:37.all my digimons are level 99 with 99999exp.they're all mega stage know with complete techniques.(with all partners including terriermon,lopmon,impmon,beezlemon.)
to get gallantmon or sakuyamon
ok to get gallantmon get wargrowlmon and get guilmon to level 40 and you will get a mega same for renamon except get renamon to level 40 and taomon will digivolve to sakuyamon
To get the legendary items.
To get legendary item's,defeat a legendary building's keeper,for example:
Jungle Shrine.
Boss:Zanbamon(He's the one that drops the legendary one's)
Legendary item:Rusty katana.
There,ALL the legendary item's there are "Rusty" things on it,or,the most legendary one buy it at Cargo tower's auction
to get to marge tower
if u want to get to marge tower go down down down left left and ur there!
Training and getting better cards.
Save before you are training at the gym or opening a booster pack and when your training fails or you don't get the card you want you can try again.
traning cheat
when you train right when it starts keep pushing o and you have a better chance of getting all correct
Tree Bo0ts
To get the tree bo0ts you have to first find the kid that is kicking the tree near the gym. Once you find him you see him kicking a tree, he will say that he is trying to find Cardmon. And he also will tell you that you need to get tree boats from veemon. Go to the Lamb Chop {near Asuka Inn} and talk to the lady, she will say veemon was headed towards wind praire. Go to the Wind Praire and head towards the kicking forest and you will find Veemon. Veemon will say if you play a game with him he will give you the Tree bo0ts. You agree to play the game, the game will be hide and go seek. You count to ten and then enter the forest. Search everywhere by pressing X but make sure you don't leave the forest. If you leave the forest you will have to go back to Lamb Chop in Asuka. When you find him he will give you tree bo0ts, and sometimes you can find an Agumon trying to help Veemon.
first of all get the bayyoko badge at mirage tower
thengo talk to dri ben at protocol ruins w 1
digimon and hell tell you to get a veemons ddna
go to the south sectors bulk bridge in the top right corner of the area pialdramon battle him and he will cough up the ddna and talk to the dri
you have veemon congrats also there is no level limit
veemon actual
For all you people who think there is no level limit you are wrong! But yes you do have to come with only one Digimon but it needs to be bellow level twenty and you have to have the byokko badge.This is only for veemon lovers
Well im not gonna do the whole DIGIMON 3 logo cuz that takes to long so i'll just put up a table of contents to start it out.

Table of Contents

1.The point of the game

a.The beggining
b.Outside of Asuka City
c.The Wire Forests
d.Proctol Forest/Ruins
e.Diverman's Lake, Wind Prairie, and Seiryu City
f.The Kicking Forest and Tyranno Valley
g.Back to Seiryu City and the Card Key Drama
h.East Station
i.Bulk Swamp, Tranquil Swamp,and Bios Swamp
j.Jungle Graveyard and the Mask of the "Ghost"
k.Phoenix Bay
l.Suzaku City
m.Ether Jungle
(to be continued)

3.Digivolution (including Blast and DNA)

4.Boss Stratagies

5.Side Quests

6.Cards and Cardmon Locations

7.Enemy List

8.Tamer Information

1.The Games Point
The point of this game is that a young boy names Junior (or w/e you wanna name him) and you go into the digimon's world by going on digimon online. Along with your friend Teddy and a girl named Ivy that is later called a guy named Kila. X Button is to confirm messages and to do action signs like move on to the next snene or jump down from a cliff. Triangle means to cancel things. Of course start brings up the menu and you can use the analog for this game. Thats it now onto the walkthrough.


a.The beginning
You start out in a city in the real world that no one really cares about the name right now so lets move on. You wait for your freind Teddy and a girl named Ivy to finish what they were doing and then the main character and Ivy get in a fight and blah blah blah then Teddy breaks them up. You then end up in the login station in the real world and you all are regestering into the digital world. There is the Character's name and selecting a package. I chose Kotemon's crew first then Kumamon's gang. Thats the hardest to start out with because Kumamon can't even use its special. I will be guiding you with Monmon's group. Anyway heres the list of the three crews.

Package A-Defence-Kotemon,Renamon,and Patamon
Package B-Offensive-Monmon,Agumon,and Renamon
Package C-Fast+Off.-Kumamon,Guilamon,and Patamon

Alright now that thats done Lets Continue. You'll be far ahead of your friends and will leave them to hurry and goto the digital dimension. a Video Cutscene will happen and then you will appear in a room with four warp pads. No they don't take you no where so just screw the lady and leave the room. Head up to the desk with the two ladies. The one in the middle has your digimon so talk to her twice. Talking to people twice will get you into a card or digimon battle. Once you leave Lobby you will be battled by an old man named Genji. Hes real easy just two hits and hes gone. So after that goto the INN and see the ladder to the left, go down it. Go through the door to the south and you will be in the underground path. Go right first and head down the other ladder and go through the door. Keep going until you get the 300 bits/Money. Hurry for you your not poor. Then go back to the Underground Path. Then head through the door on the other side. Go into the Big Yellow building. Thats the Yellow Crusier. It's where you will get your first Folders (which are for the card battles). Talk to the Blue digimon,Divermon, to get the Folders. Then talk to the kids that arent dueling right now and listin to them. Leave after that. Goto the buildings that are RIGHT next to the INN. Go talk to Gargomon/the green digimon. He is the ARMORY. Buy only armor since you dont really need weapons right now. Two Hide Helmets and Two Bucklers. I'll Tell you why later . Well you are done now so you can leave this town.

b.Outside of Asuka City
To get WarGrowlmon you must first start off with the powerful deck. Once you get your agumon to champion{first greymon then later growlmon}, get the growlmon to level 30 and above and you will be able to get WarGrowlmon.
to find wargrowlmons DDNA go to bulk swamp and battle wargrowlmon win then go back to his DRI person and talk to either the piximon or go back to asuka city and get guilmon
weak to strong
if you have a weak digimon swicth with a powerful digimon and there get the same amount of exsperince
Level 1 Weapons (obtain in Asuka Server)

Old Claw: Defeat MasterTyranno at Tyranno Valley.
Rusty Gloves: Defeat Datamon in the Control Room of Asuka City.
Rusty Rifle: Defeat HiAndromon at the Operation Room in the Dum Dum Factory.
Old Wand: Defeat Pharoahmon in the Protocol Ruins.
Rusty Katana: Defeat Zanbamon at Catacomb.

Level 2 Weapons (forge in Amaterasu Server)
***Your digimons must be at lv45 or higher***

Kotemon's Kotetsu: Buy the Onimaru at the Mirage Tower in the AM Server and go to the Ether Jungle. Kabukimon will forge it for you.
Monmon's Justice: Buy the Cluster Cannon at the Mirage Tower in the AM Server and go to the Zhu Que UG Lake. Shurimon will forge it for you.
Kumamon's Zordiac: Buy the Kaiser Fist at the Mirage Tower in the AM Server and go to the Catacomb. Nohemon will forge it for you.

Shadramon makes the Vanquish.
You need to buy Saber Fang at the Mirage Tower in the AM Server.

For Agumon, find Shadramon in the Sewers below the Dum Dum Factory.
For Guilmon, find Shadramon at the Shell Beach.
For Veemon, find Shadramon at the Protocol Forest.

Ponchomon makes the Twinkle.
You need to buy the Khakkhara in the Mirage Tower.

For Patamon, find Ponchomon in the Protocol Ruins.
For Renamon, find Ponchomon in the Mirage Tower.

Level 3 Weapons (forge in Amaterasu Server)
***Your digimons must be at lv45 or higher***

Kotemon's Masamune: Buy the Tenjinmaru at any city in the AM Server and go to Kurt's hideout, a.k.a., the Secret Room.
Yashamon will forge it for you.
Monmon's Judgment: Buy the Laser Cannon at any city in the AM Server and go to Mobius Desert. Sagitarimon will forge it for you.
Kumamon's Prominence: Buy the Tempest Arm at any city in the AM Server and go to various Seabed. Seehomon will forge it for you.

Depthmon makes the Destruction for Agumon, Guilmon, and Veemon.
Buy the Venom Fang and search for him at various Seabed.

Kongoumon makes the Immaculate.
Buy the Crystal Rod and

For Patamon: Look for Kongoumon in the Kulon Mine.
For Renamon: Look for Kongoumon in the Legendary Gym
Level 4 Weapons
MetalEtemon upgrades them to level 4 in either server. He is located in the Kulon Pit.

1. Belial Fang and Destruction combine to make Invincible.
2. Millenium and Immaculate combine to make Eternally.
3. Raijin Fist and Prominence combine to make Super Nova.
4. Suijin Cannon and Judgment combine to make Punishment.
5. Fuujin Blade and Masamune combine to make Muramasa.

It's very crucial that you make those weapons in the order that I've listed.

You need to have Invincible before you could make Eternally. And you need those two to get Super Nova and so on.
Where to find the digi-egg of knowledge
When you reach the amaterasu server you will need to make your way to the Zhu Que City in the south sector. You cannot use the gondala so you will need to swim to the city. The egg is located in the Zhu Que UG Lake so you must defeat the City leader to advance on. At the end of the UG lake the egg will lay.
Wolfmon Beast Mode
First of all, you need the maniac pack to begin with. When Kumamon and Guilmon both digivolve to their first champion form if they have the right amount of MP you can DNA digivolve them in battle. When you do (make sure this opponent is very tough) they will become the beast spirit form of Wolfmon.