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for hardcore fans...


Ok All you digimon fans are glad Number 2 is out right? I know I am. After playing Number 1 I was interested in what changes they would make in number 2. I will tell you in this review so read on please

Game play:Its great especially the new 3on3 battlescreen. Also the trouble of raising your digimon(poop,feed,etc..) could be a plus or minus depending on your opinion of number 1. Although the digi-beetle does take the fun out of walking around but if you like vehicles then you will like this nifty little addition.

I give gameplay a 9 out of 10

Sound/Audio-The music was great but what really...


Digimon World : Two


Although I love this Game, I must give it a lower Score than the first Digimon World : One. The redundancy destroys this Score completely. If it weren't for the good Characters and more RPGish features, it would have been dropped further.

The way the Game goes, you join a Guard Team that suits your personality, and then you have a series of Missions to complete. Task after task, you simply do what is told of you. Most of it is destroying Boss Digimon in the Domains. Domains are like giant 3D mazes you travel through using your Digi-Beetle. The Digi-Beetle is a Tank you can upgrade throughout...


Worst piece of blasted crap i have ever seen in this universe...

The good:

Ok lets start off with the good....

- Plenty of Digimons for digifreaks out there to raise and find.

Ok on to the bad...

The bad:

The bad points of this game are plenty...

Slow loading process.. Everytime the digimon attacks you have to stare at it for 3 seconds before they shoot their blasted power.

Main character is running in place.

The crappiest story i have seen before....

Digibeetle sucks

Absolutely the worst level up system i have ever seen. What, you need to reset your level back to 1 before you can advance other 20 level...


This is probably the worst digimon game i have played. Compared to the previous one i think this game is like a **** in terms of battle and graphics.

This game has slow and boring battles and leveling up requires you to DNA digivolve which will return your Digimon's level back to 1.

In conclusion this is just a cicular piece of plastic with a hole placed in a beutifuly decorated box.


It's okay

The good:

This game is better than the second.You don't have to clean up their poop,feed them,or make them sleep.When you pimp out that digi-beetle into it's final form..it looks good.If you have a Game Shark,try to use it on the digimon,and get more money to "Pimp out your ride"!
The Digimon keep their regular attacks,amd this is one of those long games you wanna play all day!!

The bad:

Too long..Everytime I get close to an area,there;'s a catch..always a freakin' catch.Either a mine,or a bug,or a stupid elecrospore!!When I was playing it the other day when I was in one of those long and tedious dungeons..I started to think..then I ran into an elecrospore.When the digimon max out,the DNA digivolution disturbs me....alot!Catching digimon is tedious work too.The gameshark will be needed if you wanna get through those dungeons fast!!


It's okay..But you REALLY have to be one of those huge digimon fans to play this one..It's better than the first one!!


worst digimon game ever.

The good:

has more digimon than digimon world 1. digimon don't die any more. can have up to 3 digimon in your party.

The bad:

when your digimon level reached max you have to dna digivolve again and again. all of the digimon can have the same move. All you do is ride that dig beattel (spelling) and battle the bad guy.


if you want to play it just rent if you like it buy. It fun at a while but it get boring after you play for hour. if you want to play digimon game you do not want to play this game. Also the bad thing about this that you alway need to dna digivolve and it getting boring after you do over and over here why you have to train over again. Then dna digivolve again. The good thing is that little kid about 9-11 will love this game. little kid alway love to train.


digimon world 2 is the bomb

The good:

the good about this game is the graphics, the digimon, being able to upgrade ur digibeetle parts, and also being able to buy stuff like gifts and HP-disks. another good thing about is that u get to catch different digimon

The bad:

the bad is that it takes to long for the game to load, the music gets boring after a while, and all the glitches like some of the words are spelled wrong, and the digimon dont speak english


any way this game is cool. so if i were you i would buy this game because its fun and its a pretty hard only if u have sucky digimon. and plus maybe some of your favorite digimon are in here like imperialdramon or flamdramon or maybe even raidramon.but you know what i found out was that you can get the amazing piedmon, machinedramon, venomyotismon, puppetmon, and metaletemon

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