Digimon World 2 Tips

Early Omnimon
If you want Omnimon BEFORE you go to the 3 domains to get the 3 rings, here's what you do:

1. Get the following digimon:
18 greymon
4 metalgreymon (Get 1 at BIOS domain & get 3 at DATA domain)
1 megadramon (trade at digimon centre)
2. After you get metalgreymon from BIOS and megadramon by trading, train them to the max. (EL27)
3. DNA them to get greymon (EL11)
4. Train him to EL21 to get metalgreymon and then to EL31 to get wargreymon. (after this he can go till EL32)
5. -OPTIONAL- DNA wargreymon EL32 with metalgreymon (trained to EL25)
6. -IF STEP 5 IS DONE- repeat step 4 (only now max EL is 37)

If done correctly you have a wargreymon (with step 5 and 6: EL37 and without step 5 and 6: EL32)

7. DNA 2 greymons to get EL1 Agumon DP1
8. train Agumon to EL11
9. Digivolve agumon to greymon then you can DNA him immediately with another greymon. (always the 1 with the most DP first)
10. repeat step 9 till you have a greymon with DP17, and train him till EL12
11. Now train your 2 metalgreymons to EL25
12. DNA (greymon DP17 first) with a metalgreymon EL25 for a EL1 agumon DP18
13. train him to get greymon at EL11 and skullgreymon at EL21
14. When that skullgreymon is EL27, DNA him with your last metalgreymon EL25 (again, the 1 with most DP first, in this case skullgreymon) to get greymon EL11 with DP19
15. train that greymon to EL21 skullgreymon and EL31 machinedramon and last to its max EL (EL32)

If done correctly you have an EL32 Machinedramon and either an EL32 (without step 5 and 6) or an EL37 (with step 5 and 6) wargreymon

16. DNA machinedramon with wargreymon (machinedramon first) to get EL21 metalgreymon with 20DP
17. Train him to EL31 to get Omnimon.

If you didn't do step 5 and 6, his max EL is 37 but if you did his max EL is 43.