Digimon World 2 Cheats

Get Vee-mon with 4DP and up. It will digivolve into Flamedramon (champion) at level 11, Raindramon (ultimate) at level 21, Imperialdramon (mega) at level 31.

Get a Pheonixmon and get its DP to 8 or higher. Next, go to Laser Domain with at least three Toy Planes or level B virus items and capture a Devidramon. Train it until its experience is maxed out. if it is maxed out at level 21 or higher, do not digivolve it. Head over to a place where they DNA Digivolve and merge the Pheonix first with Devidramon. You should get a Veemon. Train the Veemon and eventually it will pass through its Flamedramon stage, Raidramon stage, and Finally imperialdramon stage.