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Digimon World review
May give Pokemon a run for its money

The good:

-Amazing graphics for the PS1
-Great battle system
-Huge difficulty
-Good storyline
-Exceptional player interaction

The bad:

-Stiff animation
-Quite glitchy in some areas
-Can get repetitive


Digimon World is an RPG style game which is heavily based off the Tamagotchi games; you are a boy whom, after playing Tamagotchi with your friends, comes home to notice that your Tamagotchi is glowing. A Koromon appears on it, and you get sucked into the Tamagotchi. Waking up, you find yourself in Digimon World.

The core doctrine of Digimon World is raising and caring for your Digimon. You need to feed it when it's hungry, give it medicine when it's sick, take it to the bathroom when it needs to let rip, and a plethora of other motherly chores. Depending on the care and love you give to your Digimon, over a period of time it will "Digivolve" to a stronger creature.

Another core doctrine of Digimon World is battling. The battle system is fairly easy to use, with your player yelling out different commands to your Digimon to execute on the enemy. The commands increase depending on how many brains the Digimon has. If a Digimon can learn it, and the enemy performs it in battle, your Digimon may have a chance to learn a technique, valuable abilities that increase your Digimon's damage, or to simply increase your Digimon's stats while in battle.

To complete the game, the player needs to recruit certain Digimon to join the home world, known as File City. Digimon have turned feral due to an evil presence in the Digital World and you must recruit them to join the city so that together, the evil can be vanquished. Recruiting Digimon opens up new areas in File City, such as shops, meat farms, item banks, and more. Sometimes you'll have to engage in a battle to recruit Digimon, while at other times, need to perform a task or give it an item. However, not all Digimon in the wild can be recruited.

The soundtrack of Digimon World is very happy-going, and the battle music is sure to get you pumped in killing that Goburimon, or the Vermillimon blocking your path. If the player manages to recruit Giromon, they may listen to the soundtrack in the restaurant, however it tends to crash the game. If you're using a PAL version of the game, this isn't the case.

The 2-player system of Digimon World, if you've saved your Digimon's battle data at the keychain in Jijimon's house, pits a Digimon of you and your friend's choice against each other, in three areas of your choosing. Depending on the amount of Digimon you and your friend have saved as battle data, you may pick from either a 1-vs-1, 3-vs-3, or a 5-vs-5 type match. The 2-player system proves to be very fun, and a whole lot of enjoyment.

While the controversial battle between Pokemon and Digimon is raging on, fans of the animé and the Tamagotchi series will definitely enjoy this game. Although the game is underrated, its sure to get you to play hours on end.

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