Digimon World review
Amazing PSX Game

The good:

- Very fun gameplay and battles
- A great storyline
- The game will last for ages, good replay value
- The range of music isn't to bad
- Great graphics for the Playstation
- It is challenging at times
- A good range of playable and enemy Digimon

The bad:

- Some bad glitches, you can avoid them luckily
- There are a few frustrating parts of the game


Digimon World is one of my favourite games to ever come out on the Playstation 1, it has got great replay value, and anyone buying it now could still get great enjoyment out of playing it.


The gameplay for Digimon World is great. You can travel around the digital world, which is fairly large, with your partner Digimon, battling all kinds of Digimon along the way. It is not all easy though, you will need to train your Digimon in the gym and in battles so that it can become strong enough to win battles against some tough Digimon you could encounter. Next to File City is the Green Gym, where a lot of training will be done. There are multiple types of training, including Offence, Brains, Defence, Health Points, Magic Points and Speed, all of which involve a different activity to do to train these stats. Depending on the Digimon you have, some training activities will be more effective then others. The stats your Digimon has when it is time to evolve, affects what Digimon it will evolve in to, as well as care mistakes and battle experience.

The Digimon needs to be fed, use the toilet, and sleep, making the game a lot more realistic, but it can be annoying when your Digimon needs to use the toilet when you are out in the middle of nowhere. When this happens the Digimon poops on the ground, eww. If you do not feed your Digimon, it will end up dieing of hunger. Larger Digimon will need to eat more then others. When your Digimon is tired, if you do not let it rest or sleep then eventually it will end up dieing as well.

You have the ability to scold or praise your partner Digimon, if it does something good, like uses the toilet or takes medicine you should praise it, where as if it refuses to have the medicine or leaves its droppings somewhere where they should not be..

Depending on how well you train your Digimon, it can evolve in to many different things. You start with an egg once your past Digimon dies, and from there you get a baby, it evolves to an in training Digimon which evolves in to a Rookie, which then has a range of Champions to evolve to, and if you manage to train the champion well, there is a chance to get an Ultimate Digimon.

There are many other features in the gameplay, like fishing, controlling a shop and battling.


Battling is obviously a major part of the game. The battling is very fun and can be challenging. You can tell your Digimon what to do, or let it battle by itself and choose its next move. You can be strategic, and try and run away from the enemy to waste some time or to get a distance from it to hit it with a long ranged attack. You learn different battle techniques from the gym or from enemy Digimon. There are many different types of techniques, and certain Digimon can only use certain techniques. During battle you can use items to heal or boost your Digimon, or even revive it after it is knocked out.


The graphics are good for the Playstation, and if you like good graphics, this shouldn't annoy you to much, it isn't too detailed though. The animation is good, especially the battle techniques and evolution, which are always enjoyable to watch.


You are just a normal kid in Japan, who enjoys battling with your handheld Digimon against friends. You never expected what would come. You are sucked in to your Digimon and wake up in a strange land, the digital world. There are Digimon around you, including your own partner. You have been summoned here by Jijimon, to save the digital world. Digimon have been running wild, and losing their memories, nobody is sure of the cause. Your job is to go and find out what the cause is, and to calm some Digimon down along the way so that they can return back to File City.


Digimon is a great game, I would recommend it to any Digimon fan, it has long lasting value and entertainment, and very few negatives to worry about.

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